These nine months is one such time of your life that you will not forget in a hurry. Not only does it bring along a host of new experiences and feelings. But also makes you very cautious as an individual. Everything you eat, you wear, you do or even something that you apply goes through the scanner. So here we bring you a list of some essential oils to avoid during pregnancy.

Essential Oils To Avoid During Pregnancy:

Have a question on which essential oils to avoid during pregnancy? Read here to know the list of 9 essential oils to avoid during pregnancy.

1. Basil (Essential Oil):

To be avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Because excessive intake is known to increase heart rate and cause throat and mouth burning. It also leads to the secretion of blood in urine, shallow breathing, seizures and commas in extreme cases. Hence it is best that ladies avoid these essential oils when pregnant.

2. Cedarwood (Essential Oil):

To be avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding. During pregnancy, there is a release of a host of new hormones. The body and the expecting mother’s skin also becomes a little sensitive as compared to other times. Thus using cedarwood oil in such a situation may lead to skin sensitization. It is always safe to go for a skin test on your feet before you apply it directly onto your skin.

3. Fennel (Essential Oil):

Pregnant women might develop an allergy towards certain things when expecting and fennel tops the list of substances. That women become allergic to. A study has also shown how two infants developed nervous disorders. Because their mum drank tea with fennel oil in it. Hence, it is best avoided during pregnancy.

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4. Geranium (Essential Oil):

Best to avoid it during pregnancy because women are known to grow allergic to it. If you, however, intake it, keep it to low amounts because the side effects are not clearly known.

5. Ginger (Essential Oil):

Though ginger juice is considered beneficial for pregnant ladies. Ginger is an essential oil to avoid while pregnant. There is still a lot of debate among researchers on the effects of ginger as an essential oil during pregnancy. But it is advised to best avoid it. Taking risks during pregnancy can turn out to be harmful to your little angel.

6. Jasmine (Essential Oil):

Best avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Because it is known to induce toxicity in your child.

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7. Lemongrass (Essential Oil):

Although the use of lemongrass is advised normally as it is healthy and helps in treating a few medical ailments, it should be avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

8. Rose (Essential Oil):

Rose oil has an appealing smell and it is safe to use it during other times of the year when you are not expecting it. It is best to keep it on the shelf when you are having a baby developing inside of you. It is one of the essential oils to avoid during pregnancy.

9. Thyme (Essential Oil):

Should not be consumed when breastfeeding because it adversely affects the child.

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Though these oils are considered very good for your skin and health during other times, during pregnancy, it is best to avoid them because there is always the risk of the oil crossing over to the placenta and affecting your baby adversely. This induces a risk of toxicity in your baby. Though it is widely assumed that intake of these oils will induce miscarriage and birth defects in your child yet, there are few pieces of evidence to hold this statement true. This list features some of the essential oils to avoid in pregnancy however, it is best to consult your doctor before you decide on anything because he knows what is best for you and your child.


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