Eva Longoria, an American actress, director and producer, rose to prominence with her role as Gabrielle Solis on the ABC television series Desperate Housewives. Later, she acted in several TV soaps and films, directing and producing some. She has earned many prestigious awards and a huge fan following with her multifaceted skills. Apart from her film career, Eva Longoria has also made her mark in the fashion industry. She is often considered a fashion icon for her exceptional style and fashion. She has worked with top fashion and apparel brands. She wears well-defined makeup that enhances her natural beauty without being too dramatic. But have you ever seen what Eva Longoria looks like without makeup? In this article, we will share her makeup-free photos with you. And let’s see how she looks in a natural look.

Eva Longoria Without Makeup with Images:

1. Street View:

Comfy in her sweats and Blouse, Longoria was pictured walking around in her natural self without any makeup and from the looks of it, it was evident that she is truly a beauty even without significant makeup on. Longoria had her flawless mane opened and with a soft liner above her lids, she looked graceful and well.

2. Comparison:

Here is a classic comparison between the made up and the no makeup Longoria where the one on the left is sans makeup. Comparing the two, we could tell she looked a bit pasty and clean faced than her usual decked up looks, but either way the flawlessness of the skin was evident. She looked silk skinned and perfect as she sat there with her shades up high.

3. Poolside Eva:

Here we see Eva Longoria having a day off to herself as she wrapped in a towel relaxed on the pool side. Surprisingly, after a long week of work, Longoria did look quite beautiful even though she had no makeup on herself. Throwing her hair in a bun, this woman not only rocked a clear face but flawless skin too.

4. Shady Moments:

Los Angeles airport saw the beautiful Longoria with her big shades on walking across to get her flight. Even though the shades had covered most of her pretty peepers, this woman looked as flawless as ever. Pairing her open hair with a white tee and black jeans, Longoria stepped out looking fit.

5. Fresh Face:

Backstage super model Karlie Kloss posed for a picture with Longoria where both of them had no makeup on and still looked fresh faced. Munching on something from the plate she holds, Longoria looked different than her made up self. Without the extensive black liners, she looked quite empty eyed but nevertheless beautiful. Still robbed up and awaiting hair and makeup for the show, these beauties indeed look stunning without makeup.

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6. Pretty Faced:

Here is yet another comparison between the two where the former picture shows a no makeup Longoria whereas the other side portrays Longoria with liners and bronzers. Once again on comparison, Longoria even though different looked quite chirpy and fresh faced. With no visible signs of makeup, she lacked dark eye bags and spots and freckles, one of the reasons why we can term her a true beauty.

7. Date Walk:

Forever a fashion statement, Longoria in all white looked stunning as she went out and about with her longtime boyfriend. The lady in white looked graceful with her attire and pairing the look with shades and open hair, she definitely made heads turn on the road. With a minimal amount of necessary makeup, this beauty once again stunned us.

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8. Walkabout:

Once again we see a makeup less Longoria on the streets and this time decked up in a warm jacket to beat the cold. Going all natural in her honey brown hair, the star looked her true self. Sans any makeup this star did rock the no makeup look quite well.

9. With The Girls:

Just like us girls, Longoria took to the social media to pose with her two friends, all three of them sporting no makeup faces. Longoria however, was as beautiful as ever.

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Eva Longoria, 48, without makeup photos are covered in this article, which showed you the natural beauty of the actress. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article useful.


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