There are several reason due to which a person can start to lose hairs. There can be various internal causes behind this. There can also be certain factors which can be due to age related problems of imbalances within the body. These can be treated with the extracts of evening Primrose which has anti oxidant properties.

Evening Primrose Oil for Hair:

Evening Primrose is a wildflower which is known to be effective in this problem. The benefits of using this oil is due to the fact that studies conducted in many known laboratories shows that this has high amounts of antioxidants and fatty acids. Usually, there are fruit extracts of olives and others which are known to have fatty acids and those of coconut as well. However, this flowering plant is quite well known for this property of it.

This therefore has also proven to be effective on hormonal imbalances for people who face thinning of hair due to this. So this is also suggested as a safe consumption supplement by any doctors. However, this should not be done without the recommended dosage because the body may not need this if at all the person is not loosing strands due to any internal causes. Causes behind the thinning can also be due to external factors like dirt and dirt or not keeping the head clean. Therefore this should be talked out with a doctor to know the problem before going for including this

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Evening Primrose Oil Hair Loss:

This is also rich in GLA or gamma linoleic acid content. This is also rich in omega 6 fatty acids which are known as a good treatment. This can stimulate growth and stop hair loss in women mainly who are suffering from hyperthyroidism and also from other age related imbalances like menopause or hypertension. This is also known to be an excellent free radical fighter which protects the hairs from damage from UVA and UVB rays resent in atmosphere.

How to Use Evening Primrose Oil for Hair Effectively:

It is not a good idea to consume this without any prescription even though this is natural and known to have no side effects. However, for people who are already under some other forms of medications or those people who suffer from anxiety or related thyroid or other problems, they should take the advice of their doctors that if it is the right thing to take the dosage. If the doctor says that they can and suggests the dosages, then this should be consumed. Usually, if a person is examined with imbalances, the proper dosage will be about 4 grams approximately every day. For other instances, it can be 6 grams to 8 grams but this should not be more that this dosage or it may be harmful.

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To apply this topically like any other oil, can be a good thing to do. Also, this will not have any major side effects rather this will give a relaxing massage when you mix this to your regular oils. This should however not be used with other topical medicines. Use this only by heating this up and then massage on the affected area. This can also be used without being heated and kept on for overnight applied for better results and continued usage.

This Primrose oil is widely available in Indian markets these days and can be purchased as an essential oil. If a person wants to make this useful they should put a few drops in their normal oil and use this daily for effective results. These are known to give benefits and consumption of this as a supplement should be done with supervision.


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