Are you inspired by the contemporary fashion world looks? Do you love modern trends and styles? For all those girls who don’t prefer too short hair or long length hair, the medium hair is a perfect choice. Many millennial’s today opt for these plush and graceful looks, and for them,the everyday hairstyles for medium hair are ideal.

With the perfect dose of grace and style, these casual yet chic daily hairstyles for medium hair can transform your looks. One doesn’t need to search for occasions to wear; these regular hairstyles makeovers are perfect for modern women who don’t want to settle for any less.

19 Easy and Quick Daily Routine Hairstyles for Medium Hair:

Here we go, we have compiled a quick list of step by step everyday simple routine regular and daily hairstyles for medium length hair for you to check out. Here are the trending ones with pictures.

1. Cascade Braid for Medium Hair:

This simple and elegant cascade braid hairstyle for medium length hair is quite mesmerizing and charming. Start taking hair from one side neatly in cascade braid effect, and mix it with shorter one other side. Keep the hair in wavy texture to give that fascinating look, and you are good to go. Be it for colleges or offices; this is pretty quick and stylish to do.

  • Girls and women with round and oval face shape can try this hairstyle.
  • This lovely look can be ideal for those with wavy hair texture.
  • Try this look for women in the 20s for the youthful and edgy look.

2. Knot Braid Hair Tie:

If you are in look for a quick innovative hairstyle, here is the one. This everyday hairstyles for shoulder length hair are one of our easy remedies for those boring days. Take hair from both sides and tie a knot as shown in the image above. Now continue doing that from both sides again till you reach a similar texture of hair. Secure with elastic and take it above for securing it within the hair, and you are good to go.

  • Women with oblong and oval face shapes can try this hairstyle.
  • This edgy-chic look can be perfect with super straight and silky hair
  • Try out this one for women in the 30s age group for a perfect style statement.

3. Side Braided Boho Hairstyle for Medium Hair:

We quite are in awe with this youthful and mesmerizing looks. Take hair from one side and start braiding it neatly. Bring it to the other side beneath and tie side pony with entire hair on one side. That is it; you are good to go. To enhance and elevate the same look, you can add colorful hair accessories too. Be it for parties or events; this can be a perfect deal.

  • Women with oval, diamond, and heart face shape can try this hairstyle.
  • This edgy and youthful style is ideal for curly and wavy hair texture.
  • Try this hairstyle for women of the 20s and the 30s age group.

4. Messy Hair Bun for Medium Length Hair:

If you have medium hair length and are thinking how to go about the stylish and edgy contemporary look, worry not, we have you sorted. As shown in the image above, leave a small section of hair on both sides and tie pony with the rest of the hair. Take the hair above and bring it down again by turning upside down. Now take the hair from both sides and secure together. Do the same procedure again with the section of hair, after which you can get this hairdo when you repeat the process.

  • Women with oval, diamond, and round face shape can try this everyday haircuts for medium hair.
  • This edgy look can be perfect if you have any hair texture, as it is quite versatile for everyone.
  • Women with the 30s and the 40s age groups can look fascinating and beautiful with this one.

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5. Half Braided Half Down Hairstyle for Medium Hair:

If you love a creative and intricate hairstyle pattern, this can be it. In this hairstyle, we are taking hair from both sides and braiding half of the hair. Once you secure the braid, you can leave the rest of the hair below and this overall gives a sleek and edgy look. Be it for cocktail events and gatherings or those special date nights; this can sort you out with your wardrobe.

  • Women with any face shape can try this easy and quick hairstyle.
  • Try this look for those who are in the mid to end of 20s age groups.
  • This hair makeover can be perfect if you have wavy or straight hair texture.

6. Professional Hair Bun:

Are you a working woman who are in search of a quick and professional hairstyle? This hair updo is one such – all you need to do is divide hair into three sections and make a braid. Once you finish the braid, take the full hair and twist it upside down as shown in the picture. Secure it well with bobby pins and you are good to go. We quite love this cute everyday hairstyles for medium hair.

  • Women with round, square, and diamond face shapes can try this hairstyle.
  • This look can appear youthful for women in the mid-30s to the 40s age group
  • For those with straight hair texture, this can be a quite amazing look.

7. Twisted Everyday Updos for Medium Length Hair:

Wake up the inner fashionista within you with this lovely twisted hairdo. Be it for parties or those high-end events; you can get sorted in this simple and yet elegant look. All you need to do is bring in twisted hair pony at first, and turn it into a knot. Adding further hair accessories can elevate the style statement effortlessly too.

  • Women with oblong, oval, and diamond face shapes can try this hairstyle.
  • This one can be quite good for those with wavy and smooth hair texture.
  • Women in any age group can quite try this look easily, and this can suit everyone.

8. Low Ponytail with Hair Knot:

You may have come across several hairstyle and ponytail ideas. But did you ever see such a lovely and unique look? This knotted pony looks quite mesmerizing and yet we tell that it is super easy. Firstly, tie a pony to the entire hair after leaving two sections on both ends. Now bring in both the sections and twist it around the low pony shown in the picture above. Do the same procedure both sides, twice and then you are done. Isn’t it super easy?

  • This gorgeous look can be stylish for those with any face shapes.
  • Women in the 40s age group can look stylish and edgy in this youthful look
  • Straight and smooth silky hair can be an apt and perfect match here.

9. Elegant Hair Knot for Medium Hair:

We have seen enough of hairdos and wondering why this new one? For those women who want a perfectly neat and chic, edgy look, this is the one. This can be ideal for both formal and party spaces, thus making it a versatile option. Take hair and tie with half hair up half down after twisting it from both sides. Now take the beneath hair again and tie as a complete pony with a twist. Roll around the hair into updo in a similar manner and you are done.

  • Women with round and oval face shape can try this look
  • Those with wavy hair textures can prefer this edgy and graceful style statement.
  • Try out this hair makeover if you are in the 30s age group for that instant youthful style.

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10. Donut Bun with Medium Length Hair:

Hey, how can we miss out on the gorgeous donut bun right? If you have the hair donut band ready, you can do this in a matter of a minute. Tie hair neatly into the elastic at first. Start twisting hair from the backside and bring it all together into the elastic. Now roll it back again and you are good to go in the perfect shape. What do you think of this vintage look?

  • Women with oval and oblong face shape can try this easy everyday updos for medium hair.
  • This edgy look can be ideal if you have a straight and wavy hair texture.
  • Try this look for women who are in the 40s and the 50s age group for elegant and timeless looks.

11. The Simple Bun:

You just need 5 minutes to style this look. This is the simplest of all everyday hairstyles. For obtaining this look, you will have to pull the hair as if you’re doing a low ponytail. Then put it behind your ear and establish it with a flexible band. Simple!

12. Quick And Simple Up do:

Stylists have decided to un complicate the updo hairstyle and give it a casual touch so that women can wear it day in day out. In this look then hair is put together at the back where it is established to form an updo. Women with medium length hair can wear this look without any trouble.

13. Puff:

This is an easy Asian hairstyle. It can be obtained in the following way. First pull and brush the whole hair backwards secure it with your hands. Then twist the front portion of the hair and twist. By taking the twisted portion to the front, a puff will be formed. Women with heart-shaped faces can sport this look.

14. Twisted High Bun:

So far, this is one of the coolest looks for round faced women with medium hair. It will provide the hair with additional volume as you twist this bun upwards. The bun will take a crown-like structure. You can use a number of crystal pins to enhance the beauty of this hairstyle.

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15. Neat Updo:

This tidy hairstyle can be worn every day. Here the hair looks well maintained and nourished. At weddings, the bride often sports this look. If you have chocolate color hair then it will be an advantage for you while styling this look.

16. Side Parted Wavy Hairstyle:

The wavy side-parted look is the perfect hairstyle if you’re willing to wear it every day. The hair is asymmetrically parted, so one part looks a bit more voluminous than the other. The hair is wavy in the middle toward the neck and curled at the bottom.

17. Straight Long Bob:

The straightened long bob looks very cute on oblong faces. This is an office look for women with medium length hair. Wear this hairstyle to impress everyone on the first day.

18. The Voluminous Ponytail:

If you have thick and voluminous medium length hair then you can carry this ponytail hairstyle easily. This everyday hairstyle is a simple look which can be attained by pulling the hair from the front and tying it at the back with the help of a plastic band. You can use a roller to add curls to the hair.

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19. Middle Parted Wavy Hairstyle:

This is one of the best hairstyles for having the casual everyday look. The medium hair is equally divided by parting the hair at the middle. Naturally wavy hair will be the best component for obtaining this look. Use a headband to finish off the look.

We hope you enjoyed giving a glance at these everyday hairstyles for medium hair length. They are super quick, easy and are perfect for the daily routine. Be it for offices, casual gatherings and outings or colleges, try them out, and we bet you can look elegant and stylish in no time.

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