These days with changes in lifestyles and cutthroat competition, kids have become more homebound and docile. They don’t go out or play in the sun and are more glued to their projects on the computers. Or if they have video game-loving parents then surely a gaming geek who rarely comes out of his gaming den!

When it comes to child or children a recent study revealed the fast growth of obese children due to the proper unhealthy food.

The constant chain of fast food centers is not helping at all. On the contrary, this world has become a fitness freak. With everyone trying to look their best fitness craze is taking over the world. However, the child obesity is not a matter of joke as it keeps proliferating every season, double than the earlier. This in turn might be the reason for an innumerable number of diseases. Keeping all in mind, here are some of the exercises a child should be aware of if he intends to keep his obesity in check.

But children must enjoy games and the outdoors. It is a part of growing up. Sunlight is literally, the most important catalyst for bone growth and Vitamin D.

15+ Best Outdoor Playing Games and Exercises for Kids:

The best thing about kids and exercise is that you don’t need to tell them it is exercise. Any activity that is fun is lapped up by all the kids. The more interactive and fun the activity the easier it is to convince them to try it. So here are a few activities that you could try out to keep their mind and body agile and active.

1. Soccer:

It has a lot of running involved. It is not just running but also tactics. So not only will the child have strong legs, she will also learn the tricks of maneuvering and strategy thus building some mental muscles.

2. Swimming:

One of the best overall sports for kids of all sizes and levels is swimming. Most living accommodations have their own swimming pool. Schools and clubs also have them and some schools are fairly competitive in it. Learning swimming will help speed their height gain and will control their weight gain. It is a life-saving activity so this will benefit the child for his entire lifetime.


3. Martial Arts and Yoga:

These not only increase a child’s agility and reflexes but also increase their concentration levels. This helps them in their studies as well. Children are more disciplined as they are put under the disciplined guidance of a teacher.

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4. Track:

Children love running. Get a group of little rowdies and make them run towards the finish line. You’ll be amazed at how easily they will adapt to it. Involve some freehand exercises as a warm-up and they won’t even know it’s a workout.

5. Biking:

Make cycling a group activity with the other same-aged kids in your colony. Try making it interesting by throwing in a witty treasure hunt. Children will soon look forward to getting out of the house with their bicycles.

6. Basketball:

The best exercise for height gaining and burning calories. From dribbling to maneuvering and learning the slam dunk everything about basketball is a lot of fun. Team games that are fast-paced such as these help build agility and reflexes in a child.

7. Dance:

Dancing is an amazing and holistic workout. While classical dances can become tad bit boring there are social dances like salsa, mambo and even swing. The bright costumes and the fast-paced movements make the body very agile. Kids can be far better dancers than adults since they can learn things faster and better.

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8. Skipping:

Boys and girls both like rope skipping as a game. The fascination of jumping the ropes with friends makes it a super fun workout. Try joining in with the kids and it’ll get you a good dose of endorphins too.

9. Horseback Riding:

Horse riding is fun for kids. It teaches them to be kind to animals and also gives them a lesson in partnership and patience. Horse riding also improves posture considerably.

10. Yoga:

You don’t have to give up your love for McDonald’s as long as you get your daily dose of yoga on time. yoga an ancient art of shedding pounds is a sure shot method to a perfect childhood. Every morning after a good night’s sleep, spread out your mat and spend an hour simply meditating and throwing some skillful yoga moves in it. Yoga is practiced worldwide and has been a proven method for almost all ages.

There are even DVDs and shows dedicated to yoga that might help you expand your knowledge. The best part is one might not immediately shade a bucket full of pounds but yoga definitely helps you keep your body healthy and fit so that you don’t miss out on the joys of childhood.

Exercises for Kids to Do at Home:

11. Plank:

Here is another exercise for the kids who are keen on staying fit and lean. Along with the abs and belly fat it also works to make your limbs stronger than ever. It starts with you lying on your front. Prop yourself up with your elbows or palms and straighten your body. Keeping the spine straight lift your body up and rest in on your toes so that a straight diagonal is achieved. Now suck in your stomach tight and hold that position for a while. With the due course of doing this you will notice how much stronger you’ve gotten since the first time you tried this.

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12. Jumping Jacks:

This is one of the best warm-up exercises of all time. Even though it may come off as simple and easy, the benefits one can avail of from this is always been underrated. Even though it will not actually help you fight your fat, it can definitely help you take a baby step towards that path. Start by standing straight with your feet together aligned and spine straight, hands on either side. Now jump and as you do lift both your hand up above your head and both expand both your feet simultaneously.

13. Jumping Rope:

Being a kid you are at your fittest moment and the best thing to spice up your workout session is the jumping rope which is a classic fun exercise not only for the kids but also for the older section. This is a great way to bust fat cells and remove them from the body. One needs a jumping rope and some great stamina. Start by holding both the edges of the rope and as you flick it up and above your head, jump just in time for the rope to cross you underneath.

14. Squats:

To deal with a huge buttock problem the best exercise is to do squats. The benefit of a proper squat is, the first thing it will do is take care of your spare tires and then shape and tone up your lower body muscles. Start by standing erect and then pretend there’s an imaginary chair and bend halfway. Keep the spine straight and hold the position as an ability and release then. The stinging feeling in your lower body muscles eases with practice.

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15. Toe Touch:

Toe touch exercises vary in different positions and all of them are important and worthwhile. The basic starts with standing straight with an erect spine and straight legs. Now slowly bend down while your lower body still maintains the stance and try to touch your feet without bending the legs. Once that is over you may spread the legs wide apart and using the opposite hand try touching the toe. Then there are toe crunches where you lie on your back and lifting your entire lower limbs up in the air reach out for the toes with your hands. This is a figure correctional technique that will take care of your fat immediately.

16. Twists:

The twist is another exercise where the kid stands straight and keeps the lower body still twists the waist in a whirling motion along with the hands. This is a good cure for body flexibility reducing probabilities of muscles stiffening and sudden spasms.

17. Old School:

The best exercise is to go old school. Buying them a bicycle so that they can ride to school and back, or a good job in the early morning hours can be beneficial to the child. Also due to their packed schedules very often the child gets locked up in their houses. Letting them loose, allotting a fixed time for their outdoor games such as soccer and cricket can also be a key to a happier and healthier child.

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Simple exercises can be enjoyed along with staying healthy and fit. Obesity is alarmingly increasing in number in children that lead to obese adults. These not only herald blood sugar, pressure and cholesterol-related diseases early but also ruin the confidence and self-esteem in a growing child. So be responsible for your children and let them play.


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