Top 9 Exercises For Normal Delivery

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Pregnancy is a difficult time for a mother. From nurturing the baby for nine months to wondering if you will undergo a normal delivery, this is probably the first time you have had so many questions all at once. You have kept your unborn child like he was a part of you for so long and now that it’s time for a healthy delivery, you can just wait. However, keeping on with these 9 exercises in your free time should most certainly allow you to gain an edge and deliver your baby normally without too much of the complications that follow otherwise.

Even though how your baby develops depends on how you diet, you can expect your child’s healthy growth as long as you continue carrying your posture well and maintaining the support that your muscles need. For further flexibility, indulge in these exercises, that not only helps increase your blood flow, but also benefits you with a comfortable delivery.

Instructions Before Exercising:

Although there is no hard and fast rule about how you should exercise, but keeping these instructions in mind should be advantageous for both you and your little one.

  • Always try and dress loose unless instructed by your physician otherwise
  • Keep the tempeture of where you are staying under control. It should neither be too cold nor too hot when you step outside.
  • Water is a must and you should always carry a bottle alongside when exercising
  • Wear comfortable shoes so that the risk of you slipping is absolutely minimal
  • Try to warm yourself up with stretching before you begin as this allows your muscles to gain more flexibility.
  • Your centre of gravity tends to change with your pregnancy. So, research well about that and usually leaning a little backwards should do.
  • Get rest before you exercise. A tired day and exercise on top of that won’t help anyone.
  • Make sure you are not standing or sitting down for too long as this causes pooling of blood, which leads to swelling in the lower limbs.

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Top 9 Pregnancy Exercises For Normal Delivery:

Now coming to the exercises that you need to indulge in to ensure a healthy normal delivery.

1. Pelvic Stretches:

exercise for normal delivery

If there is one of the best exercises for pregnancy, it is pelvic stretches. They are as effective as it gets in making sure you have a normal delivery. Anything from a pillow to a ball and finally a chair can be used for the stretch. You need to keep your feet on the ground, stretch your legs and keep your back straight. Repeat 20 times.

2. Angry Cat:

Angry Cat

Angry cat, also known as pelvic titling is a great exercise when you are pregnant as it helps reduce the pain you go through when in labour. It also gives more strength and support to your back muscles. It can pull your hips and align it with your stomach until your delivery, thus allowing you more flexibility when you lie down. This exercise is known as the angry cat since you suck in your abdominal muscles much like animals when angry.

3. Opening Buttocks:

Opening Buttocks

This exercise needs you to perform a deep squat but since you are pregnant, you can also do it by sitting down on your hips and putting your legs aside thus allowing maximum energy discharge from the pelvis. Keep taking deep breaths and once you do this for about 3-5 times, give it a rest.

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4. Swimming:


When you are pregnant, there is nothing more beneficial than swimming. When you want your heart beat to be regulated, swimming should be your go-to exercise. Allowing a fitter body, it prevents all sorts of muscle injuries, thus giving you all the strength you need to push for a normal delivery. Do avoid extra hot water and bath salts when swimming.

5. Squat:


When you want your pelvic muscle to contract and loosen down a little to minimize the delivery pain, squatting will be your knight in the shining armour. Use a support ball if you will and sit down by bending your knees. This allows pressure in the thighs and pelvic area, thus helping relax them.

6. Walking:


When there is pregnancy, most women swear by the benefits of walking. Be it your house, lawn or the park, walking will take you places when you want to stop gaining fat or be more flexible. From constipation to restlessness, walking is the solution to it all. Walk slow but make sure you walk for about 30 minutes for 4 times a week.

7. Kegal Exercises:

Kegal Exercises

Also commonly known as pelvic floor exercises, these are important since muscles around vagina turns sore during pregnancy and these exercise helps release the built up tension. To do this exercise, contract your pelvic floor muscle. Hold it for about 10 seconds and then release it. You can try this exercise at a span of 15-20 times the entire day.

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8. Yoga:


Yoga is as safe as it gets to enhance your body’s elasticity and endurance power, thus allowing you a better mind and body when time comes for your delivery.

9. Cobbler Pose:

Cobbler Pose

This pose is particularly important to enhance flexibility in your already stressed pelvic area. The only caution to exercise with this pose is having a cushion to rest your back and thighs to maintain the center of gravity.

Knowing how exercising helps reduce the risks and allows better labour experiences by reducing the pain involved is all the more reason to indulge in it. There is no gain without strain and pain they say. These exercises will most certainly help with your health and never cause you harm even when you are pregnant. Although it should be a good idea to take into consideration your doctors view about it all first.