The small of your back or the lower back includes the waist and the hip girdles. While trying to achieve the perfect thigh gap and running after a flat stomach, you have completely overlooked the love handles accumulating down in your waist band. But bless the generation there is always some way or the other, some exercise will be there that can take care of your every single body problem. Much like that there are some exercises that can take care of that tough waist flab right away.

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Amazing Exercises to Strengthen Lower Back:

1. Dips:

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When you enter your gym call dibs on the dips since this one exercise can help you gather not only high upper body strength but also a strong lower body. the dips mainly start with you hanging from a ground parallel bar with your arms while the rest of the body holds up mid-air trying to balance you. This technique puts the body under pressure resulting in the loss of extra fat and a stronger muscular bond.

2. Squats:

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A girl’s guide to a firmer lower back is nothing better than squats. In fact, a recent survey says girls are more inclined to do squats than boys even though the effect is the same in both. With your feet aligned and apart, squat down pretending to sit in a chair with your legs open and straight. Hold the position for  5 seconds before going back to the fetal position.

3. Try The Two Dogs:

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This is more of a yoga exercise where there are two different exercises, the upward and the downward dog. It requires you to be down on all fours just like your little Tommy but keep the spine straight. Now lift the lower limbs in a plank motion so that your buttocks are up in the air. Now exhale with your head bend down and then as you inhale let your body relax into a sun salutation position. Repeat as needed.

4. The Leg Twists:

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For this, you would need a yoga mat. Lie down on the mat face up and spine straight so that your neck, spine and back are resting on the mat. Now put your hands on either side of you and push them palm up underneath your buttocks from the sides for support. Now lift your legs up and high but the upper body should remain resting. You would definitely feel a sting in the lower back and thigh region.

5. The Waist Twist:

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For this too you will need a mat where you have to lie down face first. Before lying down, fold your legs so that when you are laid down your feet is underneath your bottom. Now twist the leg to the left side and twist the upper body to the right. Repeat this for the other side too.

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6. Cable Row:

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This is a seated cable row and for this, you will require a professional workout machine. This is basically a pull technique workout where you have to sit on your bottom with your legs in front of you outstretched but bent at the knee. Now a pulley will be attached to the machine with a platform for your feet. As you pull the pulley with your hand, straighten your leg by pushing back the platform.

7. Basic Lifting:

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For this, you would need a dumbbell. Start by doing a hamstring stretch on the left side with the dumbbell in the left hand and then assume the straight position and transfer the dumbbell to the right hand and continue the same.

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8. Crunches:

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Crunches are mainly done for the lower abs but with a weight tying your feet down, it would help you in strengthening your back too.

9. Leg Weights:

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This is like a chest press but with the weights in your leg. Lie down on a bench and have two weights put on your legs. Curl up your toes to support the leg and then continue to lift them and then go back to the original position. You can even have the weights tied around your ankle.


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