The youth these days are widely found using branded accessories to dress-up themselves for a branded status. Among all the accessories, eye ware is the main attraction not only for summers but around the year. Priory, the sunglasses were worn for a single reason, to protect the eyes from the harsh rays of the sun. But with the changes in the fashion market, the expensive sunglasses have become trendy mostly for the college bugs for a fashion stand.

Latest and Fashionable Sunglasses in Expensive Range:

Here are few expensive sunglasses you can line up in your wardrobe.

1. Lugano Diamonds Pink Lens Sunglasses:

Lugano is one of the expensive sunglasses brands giving out amazing shades every year. The company gives sunglasses that are framed with gold frames, frames studded with diamonds, and much more. They recently have introduced the pink lens glasses for women to enjoy the summers.

2. Cartier Paris Sunglasses in Gold:

Cartier is famous for giving amazing sunglasses designs for the royals made in gold and diamonds. The glasses are given a frame which is made with gold and diamonds are fixed at little distance from each other. The crust frame gives a wow look also the aged.

3. Bulgari Parentesi Thick Border Sunglasses:

The most expensive men’s sunglasses were introduced to the public by the Bulgari Parenthesis Company. The sunglasses are given a border which is thick in black with the sides studded in diamonds.

4. Platinum Sunglasses by Bentley:

A single frame sunglasses which has obtained its name in the list of top 10 is the platinum sunglasses by Bentley Company for women. The frame of the sunglasses is given a thin texture made in platinum. The glasses are widely available in brown glass shade.

5. Floral Framed Sunglasses:

The world’s most expensive sunglasses for women are introduced by the Bulgari. The side frame of the glasses comes with a design of flowers in gold and platinum. It also carries sapphire in blue along with diamonds to decorate the floral design.

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6. Ivory Temple Sunglasses:

The Luxuriate has introduced an expensive sunglasses design for the women which is an assemble of ivory, diamonds, gold and hand cut gemstone. The rectangular frame is fixed with the ivory temples through a gemstone in watery brown.

7. Frame less Diamond Sunglasses:

The most expensive sunglasses in the world are introduced by the Gold and Wood Company which comes with a frame less design. The folding of the glasses is given diamond fixing along with the centre attachment.

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8. Panther Designed Sunglasses:

A design gifted for an imperial look to the men is the pan there designed sunglasses by Cartier. The expensive sunglasses with broad ovule glasses come with frame less pattern which is attached with sides having a face of a panther in gold.

9. Front Opening Gold Sunglasses:

A sporty design was introduced by the Clio Gold Company for an eye wear which stands first among both men and women who love adventures. The world’s most expensive sunglasses are made with a frame in gold and which makes a hold at your neck to fit on your eyes.

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10. Thick Arms Sunglasses:

This most expensive sunglass in the world by Chopard De Rigo has won the hearts of several men and women with broad and long face cut. The glasses are given a frame less vision, with a single glass which divides into two through a curve with diamonds on top. The arms of the glasses are made with gold with an eye design in diamond.

Going through the most expensive sunglasses list, it is idealized that the glasses design is limited to the luxurious people who are capable to spend thousands for a posh appearance. Yet there are some people who enjoy the design of the sunglasses which are expensive and get one framed but not original.

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