Kajal is a must have in the collection for any girl. This is what can be used quickly and you can also carry these in your purse. There are various companies supplying these. Again there are ranges and variants that give different price margins and you may want to have a budget and then only go for buying. For those who like these for every day wear, they like to keep these under 200 INR to 300 INR because spending a lot on these types of products will only increase your budget. However, there are other ranges too that you can buy of same companies that offer various price related choices. These can come for 150 INR to 300 INR. However if you are looking for something that will stay on the rims for longer, and you will use only when you are going out for party, and you do not want to do a touch up every now and then, then in those cases you may want to buy something that is costlier like 1000 INR or more than this.

Below are the top 15 brands and high quality ranges that offer Kajals which you must buy.

Popular Eye Kajal Brands in India:

1. Lakme Absolute Range:

This lasts on the rim for longer and you can wear this for the party time as well. The range is high priced. This is easily available in the local markets for a price of 700 INR to 800 INR approximately for 1.2 grams.

2. Colossal Range By Maybelline:

This range offers other shades and also variants. This is quite affordable for 0.35 Grams for a price of about 150 to 200 INR. This can be bought from the local stores. This can be a good regular usage and also for college girls or women who work outside the house.

3. Himalaya Eye Definer:

This is from the well known Himalaya range and this is good for regular usage. It is said that this is herbal and therefore is good for you. This can be used without sharpening till the sharp tip lasts and does not get blunt. You can buy this tube of 2.7 grams for about 120 INR to 130 INR approximately.

4. Lotus Herbals :

You can buy this 4 grams tube for a price of 155 INR to 130 INR approximately. This is again good for regular usage without the trouble of sharpening it as long the tip remains sharp. But with day to day use it will get blunt and then using the rest of it becomes a problem because these cannot be sharpened with a sharpener.

5. MAC Black Crayon Pencil:

As we all know this is a pricy range and this specific offers a smooth gliding and at the same time the finish is very matte. This is difficult to remove with water and also when sharp, usage becomes easier. You can buy these for 1.45 grams for 1200 INR to 1500 INR approximately. If you are looking for high quality and spending the extra cash on this is not a problem, then this is a must buy.

6. The Eyeconic Range By Lakme:

This is a favourite of several women. Available in various colors and not only black, this is something that you should buy and keep in your collection. You can buy colors like grey, white, green, blue and even buy the normal black. Whatever thing be you are buying, you will have to pay a very moderate price for this 0.35 grams roll up tube which is only 250 INR to 300 INR approximately. It does not require sharpening and wastage is less.

7. Black Satins By Lakme:

Image Source: Lakme

This is widely sold and you can buy this even at your local stores. It costs about 150 INR to 160 INR approximately for 2grams.

8. L’Oreal Paris Kajal Magique:

This is a popular for regular usage. This is 0.35 grams and the price is 250 INR to 300 INR approximately. Though it is moderately priced, but it lasts for 3 to 5 hours.

9. Glide Eye Range By Colorbar:

This comes in various colors like black, brown and others. This is quite popular and even though it does not last for 12 hours, it lasts for 3 to 5 hours and does not wear off easily. This is a 1.1 grams roll up tube which has the price of about 500 INR to 550 INR approximately.

10. Shahnaz Hussain:

This is a popular thing among those women who like this range. This does not require sharpening and can be easily glided till the tip stays sharp. When it becomes blunt, it becomes difficult to sharp it. Therefore wastage of some amount if possible. You can buy this for every day wear for a price of 250 INR to 300 INR approximately for 2 grams.

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11. Oxy Glow Kohl Stick:

Image Source: Flipkart

This is much liked and you can buy this for 3 grams for a price of about 150 INR to 200 INR. This is very good for regular usage.

12. VLCC Herbals:

This comes in a sharp roll up tube and can be a daily wear thing. It does not give irritations and is good for you. This is 2.5 grams tube which costs about 150 INR approximately.

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13. The Solid Black Range –By Faces:

This is high priced at about 1.15 grams for a price of about 350 INR approximately.

14. Perfect Definition Range- By Lakme:

Image Source: Lakme

This works glides very smoothly and you have to sharpen it when it becomes blunt. This however leads to lesser wastage. This is good for regular usage and is very easy to carry in your purse as well. This is a 1.1 gram pencil which costs about 250 INR approximately.

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15. Max Factor Kohl Pencils:

There are 6 colors that you can buy. For 1.5 grams, the price is 300 INR to 350 INR. This is a must buy and you can use it for going out and it lasts 3 to 5 hours.


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