When it comes to defining your eyes, a good liner is a must have. You can buy various colors too for that party night or for day wear.

Below are top 15 eye liners that you must try out.

Latest Eye Liners Available in India with Images:

1. Lakme Absolute Shine Liner:

This is a popular range and you can buy their various colors for a moderately similar price range of 300 to 350 INR approximately. The colors offered are black, brown, etc. This is a 4.5 ml tube and good for daily usage.

2. Hyper Shine- By Maybelline:

This has a shiny effect when you wear it. This is good for experts but should not be used by beginners. This is a 3gm tube and the color is very black. This can be bought for about 350 INR to 400 INR

3. e.l.f Essentials Liner:

This is a much known range. The brush is also very sleek and helps in easier usage. This is not a thing for beginners and should be used by only experts. This is costly and comes for about 1000 INR  approximately for a bottle of 5 ml.

4. Hyper Glossy By Maybelline:

This is a very shiny type that you can wear. The quantity is about 3grams for a price of 250 INR. This is also easily available in local stores.

5. Revlon Fabulier:

As the name says on the bottle, this is fast drying and this dries very fast almost most of the time inside the bottle. This makes this a problem to use especially for women who wear it regularly. As the bottle is opened every day, the air gets inside it and dries a lot of the color inside the bottle sometimes before even half the quantity is used. Therefore many women do not like buying this. However, this can also be a good thing to buy for yourself depending on your budget. This is not very costly and is quite affordable. This is a 9ml tube and comes for 500 INR approximately. This can be a good thing for daily usage.

6. Colorbar Kohl No.1:

This is a total of 0.35 gram quantity and comes in a rollup format. You can buy this for around 500 INR approximately and the color gives a very black hue and good for regular usage.

7. Maybelline Color Show:

This is a new variant from this much known company. It does not only have black colors but also purple, green, grey and blue. This is also roll up tube. This does not require sharpening and so it does not give much of a mess. This is a 3 gram tube and comes for a price of 300 INR approximately.

8. Ultimate Pen By Colorbar:

This is a 1 ml and has felt tip and can be easily used due. You can buy this for 600 INR approximately. This is a must have for precision. This can also be good for beginners.

9. Hypnotica by Lotus Herbals:

This is a rollup tube of 2.5 grams and has intense hue. You can try this for regular usage. This does not require sharpening and also comes with various colors. This is good for teenagers and college girls and also women who like to keep it in budget. This is only 300 INR approximately and is easily available in most local stores.

10. Black Beauty – By Colorstay from Revlon:

This is the 2.5 ml best easy to use liquid eyeliner. This is quite costly and so if you are a beginner, you may avoid this and buy pencil forms. This is good for those who wear it on a regular basis and also know how to be precise. The brush is thin and sleek which gives a good edge. This comes for around 700 INR and this does not dry up very quick like the other variants. This can be good for regular and party wear.

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11. Deborah Precision Liner:

This is a known range and there is nothing new to mention about this. This is a 12gm bottle and the price is also quite affordable. It is good for regular usage and daily wear. You can try this out. It costs about 450 INR to 500 INR approximately.

12. Colorbar Silver Cap Liner:

The stunning silver cap is sure to make you buy this. This is a very sleek looking bottle and the color is also intense black. You can try buying this for about 350 INR to 400 INR. This has a smooth brush and the application is quite smooth. The quantity is about 2.5 ml.

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13.  Sha Liner- By Shahnaz Hussain:

This is a good quantity bottle of about 15 ml and is priced at 370 INR to 400 INR approximately which is quite affordable for most women who use it for regular wear.

14. Colorstay Pen- By Revlon:

This is a sketch pen for that dark black color that you want. However, it depends on you that what you want to buy. The price range is not extremely high and is priced for about 6 grams for 600 INR approximately. In this range this is a good buy. You can wear this everyday and especially if you are good with the drawing, you can professionally use these. This is however, not for beginners or for those who does not have good precision. So if you are a beginner and you do not know how to use these properly, to remove it could be tough as a lot of cream is required. This does not come off with water easily.

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15. Quick Liner by Clinique:

This is a very pricy thing to buy, and the well known range offers this 0.3 grams tube for a price of about 2500 INR. If spending a lot on something that is high quality is not a problem, then this is a must buy. Also this can be used by both beginners and also experts.

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