Top 9 Eye Makeup Brushes

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Combining dual toned eye shadows and then forcing eyeliner on top of it requires more than simple personal effort. Much like the blush brush for your face, the commercial market now allows you to purchase a neat and tidy way to flawless eye makeup with the help of different kinds and types of eye makeup brushes. These brushes not only help you execute a hassle free job but also allow you to achieve salon like perfection without having to waste your time. Usually these are applicable for eye shadow blending or application, smooth eyeliner winging, fixing imperfections and minorities around the eyes and such. This is why here in this article we shall enlist some of the best eye makeup brushes that can be opted for.

Latest Eye Makeup Brushes in India:

1. Elizabeth Arden Eye Shadow Brush:

Elizabeth Arden eye shadow brush

The eye shadow brush from Elizabeth Arden consists of natural compact bristles that are super smooth on the skin and provides professional strokes and lets them blend in easy. This brush comes with minimum flexibility so that you can allow your eyes to sport the perfect amount without having to deal with spread outs.

2. Basicare Eyebrow and Eyelash Brush:

Basicare eyebrow and eyelash brush

This eye makeup brush from Basicare focuses on the brows and the lashes more than the lids. This is a two sided dual brush, one side sporting the miniature comb to fix up your eyebrows possibly after you paint them and the other side fixed with thick compact bristles help you settle your lashes.

3. Sephora 262 Angled Eye Liner Brush:

eye makeup brushes

This brush got its name from the very look of it which is the bristles shaped in an angular side, one side forked up while the bristles on the top are smoothened to allow precise application. The angular look allows you to create precise strokes.

4. Maybelline Expert Tools Eye Shadow Brush:

Maybelline expert tools eye shadow brush

The expert tools eye shadow brush from Maybelline has a flat base bristle and a slender long holder which makes application easy. This brush has soft mineral particles infused in the bristles that allows smoothness and easy blending without retaining too much of your shadow on the brush.

5. Sephora Bent Eye Liner Brush:

Sephora bent eye liner brush

Sephora came up with the bent eye liner brush so that you don’t have to bend down in front of the mirror and strain your eyes. The eye liner brush much like the others start straight with a proper holder space and right at the top it bends down a bit to reveal a firm pointed liner brush.

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6.Pastel Face Eye Shadow Brush:

Pastel Face eye shadow brush

This brush from Pastel Face has a soft curvature top that smoothens out on the top and allows proper color exposure while the soft bristles allows proper blending and removes excess colors that might result in weighing you down.

7.The Body Shop Eye Brush:

The body shop eye brush

The elegant brush from Body shop consists of an oval bristled brush with a widened holder space. Dressed up in mahogany brown, this brush allows a bit of both, easy blending and precise cuts which is exactly why this brush can give you the best of both, a perfect eye makeup experience.

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8.E.L.F Fan Brush:

E.L.F fan brush

This is yet another type of fan brush that concocted its name from the very shape of it. The brush starts off with a slender sleek holder and then fans out to a finely bristled top which allows application over a wide space and can be used as a base filler for your eyes.

9.Colorbar Smokin Eyes Smudger Brush:

Colorbar smokin eyes smudger brush

The vibrant orange hued thick bristled brush from Color bar is essentially a smudger brush that allows precise strokes and lets you blend in the secondary color with the base color.

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