Asian women make some of the worlds most beautiful and attractive females you shall see. Even though they are very modern, most have a tendency of preserving this culture, and this is what makes them unique. They are very much a part of the world fashion industry and have come up with some of the best models and actresses today. When it comes to beauty, makeup and styling, they are on the lead. Their eye makeup is excellent. It is amazing to see how they innovative and creative they can be with their eyes. Therefore, we have designed an article that focuses on some of the best Asian Eye Makeup.

Eye Makeup for Asian Eye With Images:

Korean Eye Makeup:

This eye makeup is suitable for not just Korean but Japanese and Chinese women as well. It flatters your eyes and gives you a very simple yet elegant look. You can do this design if you are going out for dinner with your friends in the evening or on another formal occasion.

Attractive Eye Makeup:

Try the attractive eye makeup to give yourself that glamorous and chic appearance. It is very much in trend these days and has been appreciated by several Asian women. Your eyes look bright, beautiful and charming.

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Red Eye Asian Makeup:

The Red Eye Asian Makeup is very exotic and stylish to look at. The appearance is unique and nice and you can definitely try this you are planning to wear red. This eye makeup is suitable particularly to Asians and has been liked by them a lot.

The Bold Eye:

The Bold Eye is a very beautiful design for young Asian women. If you can apply it the right way you will look like a complete celebrity. Jazz it up with some good makeup. You are definitely going to love your look after it is ready.

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Purple and Green Eye:

This makeup is design is ideal for Asian fashionistas. It brings out the beauty of the eye in a very subtle yet gorgeous way. You can use purple on top with a smudgy effect and some green below. Don’t let the colour overspread.

The Bridal Asian Look:

For all the young and beautiful Asian brides, we have the best eye makeup that will make you look your glamorous best on that very special day. Even though it looks very simple, it has a touch of elegance and charm to it. Getting this makeup done for your wedding would be a great idea.

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Seductive Lashes Makeup:

All the Asian women who are looking for a very sensuous look can try the seductive lashes makeup. It requires you to wear false lashes and the effect is so appealing. The makeup is just brilliant, although it does require the help of a professional makeup artist. To add more volume, you can also thread your brows.

The Casual Look:

The casual look, just like its name is very pretty, feminine and casual. It’s a great makeup design if you are going out on a date or just stepping out for some shopping. It’s quite easy to do, so you can get it done at home by yourself.

Turquoise Green Smoky Eye:

The Turquoise green smoky eye requires a lot of precision. It would be best if you could take the help of a professional while making this. Use two different shades of green and use both kajal and eyeliner to highlight your appearance.


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