So you’re getting ready for the big date tonight and have all the right stuff to groom yourself. But there’s still one problem. Your eyes! They are too small, and you don’t know how you should make them big and beautiful.  There is no reason to fear anymore because we have enlisted the best eye makeup designs that will benefit you immensely.

Different Eye Makeup for Small Eyes:

Glamour Girl:

The Glamour Girl eye makeup is great for women with small eyes. You can easily use this idea if you wear a pink dress for a party tonight. Use a little skin foundation to make your eyes look bright and illustrious. Your eyebrows should be neat and threaded as well.

The Model Look:

Girls desirous of looking like models but still worried about their eyes have no reason to worry. Because the model look is a perfect choice here, this brings out the beauty of their eyes in a very voluminous and special way. You will steal the show if you know the proper technique for this makeup.

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The Chic and Pretty:

For chic and pretty eyes, you can try out this latest design. It uses the perfect combination of pink and yellow and has thick strokes of bright eyeliner on the upper eyelid. Your eyes will look beautiful after this. If you are stepping out tonight, make use of this idea.

The Creative Eye:

To add a bit of creativity to your eyes, try this design. It is innovative, elegant and beautiful. Your eyes look big and charming, and the entire focus will be on them as their appearance will grab so much attention. You don’t have to stick to the colour given in the image. Feel free to experiment a bit.

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The Well Defined Eye:

You don’t always have to do heavy makeup to make your eyes look well defined. You can use some plain liquid eye shadow and liner. Make sure the lines you pull and thick and bold. It would be best to design them a bit towards the end, so the eye looks gorgeous.

The Rich and Smoky:

You can get a rich and smoky look for yourself this season regardless of whether you have a small or big eye. Try to create a smudgy look using lots of black and grey eye shadows. Use a kajal below to give your eyes some charm. You can also try some false eyelashes.

The Simple Eye:

If you like keeping your eyes simple, you should try this design. It is pretty, stylish and very much a trendsetter. You will need some foundation and liquid eye shadow to add more appeal to your eyes. Use friendly and rich eyeliner and mascara as well.

The Stylish Eye:

One of the famous and cool shades people use these days for their eyes is brown. It brings so much glamour to the face and makes it look slimmer. The right eye shadow and liner can make you look like a celebrity.

The Casual Eye Look:

Women with Asian eyes can try the casual look because it is so appealing that the whole focus will be drawn to your beautiful and expressive eyes. You will need a good liner to draw those fine and thick lines and some good mascara to let the eyelashes look glamorous.


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