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Top 8 Eye Shadow Brushes

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A brush for every occasion, today’s article topic is called eye shadow brushes. Much like your lip or facial brushes, eye shadow brushes are used exclusively to apply eye makeup, eye shadows to be precise. If you are still unaware of what eye shadows are, these are color palettes both in natural or vibrant shades that can be applied on the lid of your eye, giving your eyes a beautiful structure or shape. The eye shadow brush comes in different packages, sizes and types used for color application to the lids where these brushes help us blend in properly while making the application method much easier. In today’s article, we shall enlist the various brands and different types of eye shadow brushes that you can make do with right before that much awaited party.

Best Eye Shadow Brushes in India:

1. MAC Angled Eye Shadow Brush:

MAC angled eye shadow brush

The benefit of an angular brush is that the brush is shaped to allow easy application that molds in with the shape of your eye lids which is why the color can be controlled with sharp and mellow swatches.

2. The Body Shop Eye Shadow Brush:

The body shop eye shadow brush

The eye shadow brush from The Body Shop is a strict bristled brush restricting the bristles from being flexible which is why precise application is now easy. This brush uses the top to provide sharp color cuts while the body of the brush can be used to blend in the hue.

3. Tinge Makeup and Cosmetic Eye Blender Brush:

Tinge makeup and cosmetic eye blender brush

This is a medium bristled, medium density eye shadow brush that allows you to use the flexibility of the bristles to your best, usually used for blending or mellowing up the jagged endings. Allowing the application to gel in well, this brush also lifts heavy unwanted hue from the eye to give you a natural look.

4. Naked Basics Double Ended Brush:

Naked basics double ended brush

The double ended brush over here has two different brush lengths, both compact and rigid bristled. While the short bristled brush is used for base application to tune up the vibrancy of the color, the bigger length brush can be used for masking the second layer or blending it in.

5. Roch Fan Mask Eye Brush:

eye shadow brushes

This type of eye brush is called the fan brush based on the shape of the bristles that fan out resembling a Chinese hand fan. The wide angle approach of this brush allows you to cover a large area at one time with only one stroke. These are strictly blending in brushes used after the base layer is set.

6. Sephora Pro Smudge Brush:

Sephora pro smudge brush

The pro smudge eye brush from Sephora has steep brush with compact bristles that don’t allow much flexibility within the bristles giving you the benefit of precise application. Rounding it off shaped much like a pyramid, these bristles match up to the contour of your lids providing excellent color smudge to blend the shadow in.

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7. Rite Aid Renewal Eye Shadow Brush:

Rite Aid Renewal eye shadow brush

These are wide angle brushes that allow coverage for a wider base without letting the color weigh down your eyes. These brushes are usually dense and heavy bristled that allows excess color to fade away giving you a much natural subtle look.

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8. The Dual Sided Brush:

The dual sided brush

This is another kind of eye shadow brush, rather a type that allows dual brushes, on each end both sporting a different brush, the white one for the base color application and the other for the blending in. while the blender in black has individual strands to even out the look, the puff in the white is simply used to apply the shade in a deeper context without mellowing out the color.

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