Many women like to experiment various types of looks with different shades of eye shadows. To them it is more affordable to buy a whole set than to buy singular cases. Below are the top 15 eye shadow kits that you may buy depending on what types of colors you want.

Beautiful Eye Shadow Kits Available in India:

Let’s find here with compiled list of eye shadow kits which will really enhance your look.

1. E.L.F Eye and Lip kit Multicolor:

This is sold by the very famous company which is a favourite for many women. This is a moderately priced set consisting of various colors that you can use to create various styles. You can wear this for day time look and also for night time look. This has almost all the colors from pastels to neons that you can need. It has some of the varying dark colors that can be use for dampened effect. These have very light shimmer which is almost not visible. This costs 2000 INR approximately for 89.8 grams.

2. Maybelline Diamond Quad Shade- Copper Brown:

This contains 4 colors as mentioned in the name and this has very fine shimmers which gives a shiny effect. You can use these easily because these are very smooth to apply. This is moderately priced at 500 INR for 2.5 grams.

3. Maybelline Diamond Quad Shade- Ocean Blue:

This is another 4 color set and this contains 4 hues of blue. You can buy this for 500 INR approximately for 2.5 grams.

4. Colorbar- Get The Look Makeup Kit:

This contains 2 blush colors and 4 baked colors. You can wear this easily because this has a small mirror as well and makes it easy for re-application even when you are outside with your friends to shop. This comes for 1500 INR to 1700 INR approximately.

5. ADS Makeup Multi Coloured Collection Case A8199:

This contains not only 24 beautiful colors but also blush, compact and lip colors. You can use this for various effects be it for day time wear or for night wear. This is also a good party usage thing. When you want to buy a singular collecton which has a lot of variety then you must buy this. This comes for only 500 INR and is a good thing for beginners and aso for college students.

6. Revlon Luminance Cream Shadow:

This contains 4 colors and you can choose any of the variants as per your comfort ability. This costs 500 INR approximately. This is good for daily wear and also for party.

7. ADS Color Series Set A8324:

This has 10 colors case. This case is priced at only 300 INR approximately. This is good for beginners, teenagers and college girls.

8. Oriflame Pure Color Set- Nude and Grey:

This is a favourite collection of 8 colors for many women. You can try their other variants as well. All these are priced at 500 INR approximately for 4.8 grams. This is good and affordable and not high priced on the pocket. This is also good for regular usage and party wear.

9. Color Fever 18 Colors palette:

This is a moderately priced range and you can get 18 colors that are almost enough for all types of occasions. You can use these for regular wear and also for parties. You can create almost all types of effects with these. This is approximately 1000 INR.

10. Iman –Hot Chocolates 9951:

This is a new range that has newly been launched. It is a small case of two colors and both are in the colors of brown and rust brown and very chocolaty. It is a much liked thing among several women. You can create dramatic effect using this. This is priced at 2000 INR approximately for 1.42 grams.

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11. Revlon Custom Eyes Shadow- Metallic Chic:

You can try keeping this in your collection if you want something that can give you different types of effects be it for day time or the night time or even for daily wear. This particular case has a navy blue, golden, peach, green and silvery color. These give you almost all the colors that you may need for sultry get ups. This is moderately priced at 700 INR to 800 INR approximately for 5.67 grams.

12. Loreal Paris Color Riche Le Palette – P2:

This is a much liked 4 colors case and you can buy this for the party time effects. This case contains 4 colors as a dark black, a brown, a golden and a light green. This is a very good thing that you must have in your collection. This is a 4 grams case and costs 900 INR to 1000 INR

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13. L’Oreal Paris Color Rich Le Palette- P3:

This contains 4 colors which has a lot of shimmery effect to them. This can be good to create a drama and these can be combined with a silver liner. This contains two types of charcoal black type of colors, a light golden shimmery color and an oceanic green color. The design is also very beautiful and you can buy this for 900 INR to 1000 INR approximately for 4 grams.

14. Amara Cosmetics Tropical Fusion:

This is a 4 colors and this has the colors as you can see in the picture above. These are a light reddish brown color, a moss damp green color, a blue color and a peachy pink color. You can buy this to create almost all types of effects. This can be combined with silver or golden to create a more function like effect. You can buy this 11 grams case for 1200 INR to 1500 INR approximately.

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15. Lotus Pure Stay Electric Glaze:

This is a much liked and a favourite set of many women. This contains 4 glamorous colors and these are almost all of the required colors. It has a pinkish color, a greenish color, a violet color and a light mauve color to create much drama and a very party like style. This is for 8 grams and the price is 670 INR to 700 INR approximately.

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