Among the many beauty tools available right now, the eyebrow brushes are one of the most important ones. These brushes are used to beautify the eyebrows and make them look more alluring. There are a number of brands in the market which will provide you with self-claimed best products. However, only a few of them are able to deliver us with positive results. Here are some of the best eyebrow brushes from some of the best beauty product companies in the market.

Latest Eyebrow Brushes in India:

1. Bobbi Brown Eye Brow Brush:

Bobbi Brown has come up with this amazing eyebrow brush which will give your eyes a special touch of beauty. Re-define your eyebrows with this angled head brush which will enhance your all-over look as well. The product defines and shapes the eyebrows precisely. Say hello to beautiful eyes with the amazing Bobbi Brown Eye Brow Brush.

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush3:

The most interesting fact about this brush is that it is dual sided. The brush is provided with synthetic bristles which are great for grooming rugged eyebrows. The brush can also be used with other eyebrow products. On one end, there is an angled cut brush which is designed for filling arches with brow powder after application of eyeliner. The brush is designed to provide the user with a natural and lasting look.

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush2:

This is yet another eyebrow brush from Anastasia and is a dual brush just like the previous one. This flat eyebrow brush is provided with soft bristles and is to be used with brown eyebrow color for best results. The slim handle will allow you to have a better grip at this product and the flat design is best for artistic application. According to stylists, this eyebrow brush is to be used with Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROWN Pomade (brown).

4. Lancome Eyebrow Shaper Brush:

This brush is well-equipped on both sides. The brush will allow you to use it in various ways. The spiral brush tip is intended for reshaping the eyebrows and the other end is for grooming and blending. The precision tip of the product is designed to evenly distribute the color into the eyebrows. The product contains zero sulfate elements and is totally safe for usage.

5. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush3:

This brush has been made for those who like to keep up with the daily changing fashion and beauty world. The brush #20 from Anastasia is a world-class product. It is equipped with the necessary tools required for outlining and highlighting the eyebrows. The brush is very beneficial for grooming the eyebrows and making them look naturally beautiful. Brown color will work best with this product for making your eyebrows look absolutely amazing.

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6. Divo Brown Brush:

The Divo Brown eyebrow brush looks good and works great. It is provided with two distinct bristles on each side of the head. Made by top-class professionals, this brush will deliver you with the ideal eyebrow makeup treatment you have always wanted. Along with all that, this eyebrow brush is also one of the most affordable products in its category.

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7. BASICARE Eyebrow and Eye Lash Brush:

BASICARE has come up with an amazing brush which can be used for more than one specific purpose. The product aims at fulfilling the users beauty need at their own comfort.

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