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Top 9 Eyebrow Tips

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Like a picture looks vague without a nice frame around it, similarly eyebrows are the frame of your eyes. If you have bushy and un-kept eyebrows then your eyes will not look good. You should always maintain a good eyebrow shape. Here are out top 9 tips which can very helpful to you.

eyebrow tips

1) Consult a Professional Eyebrow Shaping Artist:

If you are going in for the first time to shape your eyebrows, you should always consult a good professional for this. They will help you get the right shape at their parlour. He/she will also tell you which method is suitable for your skin type and as per your age.

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2) Methods:

There is several methods these days to shape eye brows. You can use the method of threading. Waxing is another well known method. You can also try an easy method which is plucking. This is similar to threading but you can do it yourself with tweezers.

3) Laser Hair Removal:

This method has gained a lot of popularity these days. You can check with your skin doctor to get a laser hair removal technique for your eye brows. This will last longer than above methods.

4) Maintain the shape:

You need to maintain the shape of your eye brows on a regular basis or your eye brows will lose their shape. Then you will have to let your eyebrows grow back to being bushy so that they can be properly shaped from scratch.

5) Do it Yourself:

You can shape your eye brows right at home if you once get them shaped from a good parlour. Pluck away any stray hairs from the sides or around the shape of the eyebrows. You can choose any of the methods which you feel is less painful to you.

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6) Practice Makes Perfect:

With more practice you will gain control of shaping your brows and will be able to do them properly. All methods feel painful during the start. When you get more used to it, you become habituated and it becomes less painless for you.

7) Don’t Forget to Trim:

If you are doing eye brows at home, do not forget to trim the hairs at the edges with a makeup or crafts scissors

8) Fake False Brow:

Many women have thin eye brows. This may be due to certain illness or even accidents where you got a cut in your eye brows. Many of us might just have had a stitch mark on our brows where the hairs did not grow back. Many Asians also have thin eye brows. The right thing to do is to use makeup to conceal those gaps or to cover up the thinness of the eye brows. Take an eye brow pencil in black or dark brown depending on the color of hair your brow has and sharpen it properly. Your pencil needs to be very smoothly sharpened otherwise it will fail to create impression of small hairs. Now start by giving small little strokes on to places which needs to be filled. Do not over do this. Always use small strokes and tiny dots to fill in the spaces where you want the eye brow to look thicker and fuller.

9) Grow Eye Brow Hairs:

You can also try different techniques of growing eye brow hairs and making it denser naturally. Try coconut oil or castor oil to rub on to the eye brow before going to bed. Almond oil can also work for this. Follow this method till you notice a significant difference in the density of your eyebrow hairs.

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