Have you ever heard about eyelet curtains? Several curtains are available in the market, but eyelet curtains create deep folds to the fabric, forming uniform lines from top to bottom. These soft pleats add a dramatic feature adding to the beauty of your modern interiors. Available in many colour combinations, these eyelet curtains can be used in any room of your house. Read on to know more about the best eyelet curtain designs you can easily incorporate.

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Latest Eyelet Curtain Designs In India:

Here are our 15 simple and best eyelet curtain designs with images. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Kids Eyelet Curtains:

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A kid’s room needs a lot of consideration, especially when you want to decorate it. Representing your kid’s personal choice and the taste is one of the best ways. The curtain’s bright green background with animals all around brings out new life into your kid’s room. The rings placed at the top of the curtain ease the process of fixing it.

2. Living Room Eyelet Curtain Designs:

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The living room is the space where you invite your guests and, these living room eyelet curtains represent your taste beautifully. The neutral colour combination of the white and grey curtains binds the elements of the area elegantly. But the white and black square patterns on the simple curtain take it to the next level. Easy to install and maintain, these living room eyelet curtain designs are a perfect choice if you want to opt for a serene look.

3. Teal Eyelet Curtains:

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Teal eyelet curtain is the one you can choose to give your room an aqua feel. The growth with green and calmness in blue is beautifully represented in this curtain. It gives your room a sense of peace, matching every component of the space, beautifying it naturally. The synchronization between the white wall colours with the teal curtains blends in beautifully.

4. Cotton Eyelet Curtains:

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The material you use for curtains also plays an essential role in the display of your taste. These cotton eyelet curtain designs are easy to manage and give your house a comfortable feel. Although these curtains block out light, the thin binds in the centre help you hold the curtains to let in natural light.

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5. Readymade Eyelet Curtain Designs:

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If you are looking for a budget-friendly option to beautify your house, then these readymade eyelet curtain designs are the best option. Available in several colours and unique patterns, these curtains not only decorate your space but add a classy finish to it. The subtle colours on this curtain blend in with the all-white colour palette of the room.

6. Blackout Eyelet Curtains:

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Who doesn’t want a little privacy in their house? These blackout eyelet curtain designs not only block out the lights entirely but also add elegance to your room. Generally available in bright colours, these curtains have a thick holder in the centre that helps you bind them to one side, creating the entry of light into your room.

7. Eyelet Voile Curtains:

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Voile is a soft, lightweight fabric, cotton, or a blend of polyester or linen that is semi-sheer usually used to furnish your home elegantly. Eyelet voile curtains are delicate yet robust, giving your house a naturally sleek finish. Available in different colour combinations, it provides a beautiful embellishment where ever you use them.

8. Sheer Eyelet Curtains:

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Sheer eyelet curtains are the best option for people who don’t want to block out sunlight completely. The gold and silver combination not only looks regal but also give a stylish finish to your home. These sheer curtains’ unique feature is that they allow the required amount of sunlight yet giving you the much-needed privacy.

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9. Floral Eyelet Curtain Designs:

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Patterns and designs play an essential role in elevating your simple room. The floral eyelet curtains provide ease in the functionality, but the floral design with the plain curtain’s combination in between also promotes the space. This long curtain has floral patterns on either side and a plain green curtain in the centre. It not only blocks out sunlight but adds a style quotient to space.

10. Checks Eyelet Curtains:

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The checks are a design that never goes out of trend. These check eyelet curtain designs are suitable for any room in your house and add a rustic feel to it uniquely. These come in many colour combinations blending in beautifully with each other. It also gives an intensified finish to your room altogether. Although suitable for any room of your house, a checkered design is best suited for men’s room.

11. Linen Eyelet Curtains:

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If you want to evoke comfort and luxury in your house, linen eyelet curtain designs are the perfect option. This beautifully blends into the interiors of your home, giving it a unique charm. Another speciality of linen curtains is their durability and is an eco-friendly option many want to prefer. The simple self-coloured pattern on the curtains makes them stand out in an all-white palette of the room.

12. Striped Eyelet Curtains:

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Unlike many other trends, striped eyelet curtains have and will always be popular. You can rediscover the beauty of your home by using these beautiful curtains featuring vertical stripes of maroon. The white colour of the walls in the room elevates the contrasting dark patterns on the curtains, which beautify the place and add extra elegance to the area.

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13. Designer Eyelet Curtain Designs:

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Designer eyelet curtains are a perfect choice for people who want to decorate their home uniquely and stylishly. The bright colour of these curtains is in contrast with the light blue wall colour of the area. These eyelet curtains’ patterns are in a combination of silver and dark green, giving them a beautiful finish. These curtains give your room an opulent look.

14. Silk Eyelet Curtains:

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If you want to add a bit of style and elegance to your house, then add these silk eyelet curtain designs. Silk is one of the best choices of materials that not only enhance the look of your place but are efficiently durable. The beautiful oceany blue curtains filled with white dots work perfectly against the room’s grey themed wall colours. The sleek finish of these curtains makes them hang correctly without any folds.

15. Butterfly Eyelet Curtain Designs:

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Butterflies bring back childhood memories for many creating a sense of freedom. These butterfly eyelet curtains with a white background filled with beautiful pink butterflies all over. You can use these curtains in any room as the simple pattern goes hand in hand with the room’s grey wall colour. Choose these types of curtains for ease of installation and the vibrant finish.

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If you are looking for a cost-effective and straightforward way to decorate your home, then it is high time you go through this article for the best eyelet curtain designs. Along with the ease they offer, these eyelet curtains come in different materials and several patterns, making them suitable for any house with a wide range of interiors. Don’t forget to let us know how this article has helped you!


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