Top 9 Face Packs To Remove Tan

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Skin tanning is one of the most prominent skin issues that are faced by people all over the world. In spite of using umbrella or even applying sunscreen, the skin inevitably gets tanned as the sun rays emit ultra violet rays that are harmful. One of the most feasible solutions to this problem is applying face packs that can be prepared at home and are ready-made as well. The role of the face pack is to remove the tan form the face, make the face two shades lighter and add a glow to the skin.

face packs to remove tan

All this is done by lowering the melanin levels these face packs are made from products that are natural, herbal or home-made. Some of these face packs are made from natural products but manufactured under brand names like Body shop, forest essentials and so on. This article throws light on the variety of face packs, some that are natural and made at home, while the others that are available in local stores.

Best Face Packs To Remove Tan:

Here are our 9 homemade face packs to remove tan easily.

1. Face Pack With Lemon Juice And Honey:

lemon juice

Lemon juice is an excellent cleansing agent and specialized in tan reduction. When combined with two table spoons of honey, a few drops of lemon juice works wonders .It has to be applied on the tanned area of the face at least 2 times a day. It is a best face pack for removing tan.

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2. Turmeric Face Pack To Remove Tan:

Another excellent tan remover is turmeric also called “haldi” in Hindi. It can be applied in the form of a paste by adding raw milk. It is known to give flawless skin and add glow to the face.

3. Cucumber and Rose Water Face Pack To Remove Tan:

rose water 546

Mix rose water and cucumber juice in equal proportions and apply on the face and let it dry off. Both cucumber and rosewater are cooling agents that help in reducing the tan of the face. It is a best face pack for tanned skin.

4. Curds With Gram Flour:

Gram Flour Pack

An age old granny’s recipe includes a combination of curds with gram flour. This not only adds glow to the skin it is excellent for clearing the skin and restoring the texture of the skin by softening it. It is the homemade face pack for tanned skin.

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5. Sugar With Lemon Face Pack To Remove Tan:

Skincare tips - sugar

This pack is highly beneficial for clearing the darkened skin as sugar is a known to be a strong cleansing agent. It has to be applied on the face and left on for around 20 minutes. This is one of the most effective face packs that give instant results.

6. Honey With Milk Powder Face Pack To Remove Tan:

Honey 8

Another face pack that can be prepared from ingredients available at home is the face pack with milk powder and honey. A paste can be prepared with these ingredients in equal proportions .This paste can be stored up to a week. It is the best tan removing face pack.

Ready Made Face Packs To Remove Tan:

Ready made packs are available in local stores and chemists. These face packs are made of natural and herbal ingredients and prepared commercially. Three of them are enlisted below.

7. VLCC Natural Sciences Clear Tan Fruit Face Pack To Remove Tan:


This is an ideal face pack that is used for lightening the complexion and is comprised of fruit extracts like pineapple, cucumber and mulberry. It has the potential to remove the tan and remove the impurities of the skin. Keep it on for 15 minutes and then wash it off with water.

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8. Just Herbs Petal Soft Anti Tan Face Pack To Remove Tan:


This is an herbal face pack that is prepared with liquorice, ginseng, fuller’s earth, Holy Basil and rose petals. It is enriched with rejuvenating properties and helps in combating tan by reducing the melamine levels.

9. Nature’s Essence Lacto Bleach/Lacto Tan Clear:


This product is a cream prepared with honey and milk proteins and geranium oil .It is highly beneficial in giving natural fairness to the skin by removing the tan. This face pack can be used every day by leaving it on the face for approximately 20 minutes.

Face packs for tanned skin are found aplenty, it depends on the individual choice and his skin type to choose suitable pack for himself. Homemade face packs are preferred over ready made products due to the authenticity of homemade products.

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    Hello, I heard that a good remedy for suntan removal would include potatoes, lemon juice, and Turmeric. I just wanted to know what you think.