For people who are still unaware of face scrub brushes, these are actually electric or battery-operated brushes, for your face that allows you to enjoy a spa-like treatment right from the comforts o your own home. Being small and compact, with the interchangeable mouth, these brushes have the benefit of portability too. While some actually resemble a brush, there are other mechanical ones that have a slightly more complex way about it. These brushes help you even out your skin tone while eliminating blemishes, dark spots and possible signs of further breaking out. Basically, these brushes go deep within the dermal layer and forces out dirt and impurities. In this article, we have listed some of the best face scrub brushes that you might want to check out.

Best Face Scrub Brushes in India:

1. Proactiv Deep Cleansing Brush:

Proactiv is a world-renowned company basically dealing with your skin imperfections like blemishes, excess acne and skin spots. In this deep cleansing brush, we have a 360-degree rotating bristle top with altering speed change options. This brush not only partakes in exfoliation and evening out of skin, but also provides a relaxing massage as the rotating bristles keep your skin calm and cleansed.

2. Foreo Luna 3 Silicone Facial Brush For Men:

An elegant oval shaped compact facial cleanser formulated especially for uneven and stubborn men skin, this T sonic cleanser resembles a matte black oval dome which helps you even out the skin right after you shave so that your skin can feel baby soft and look incredibly perfect.

3. GoBonjour Facial Brush:

Image Source: GoBonjour

This brush from Go Bonjour comes with a changeable surface top which can be replaced with the massaging pad or simply use the bristled brush as a scrubber. The Go Bonjour brush uses its fine quality bristles to force out dirt and impurities, softening and evening out your skin so that the dirt doesn’t clog your pores.

4. Mary Kay Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush:

Image Source: Mary Kay

The finely bristled brush from Mary Kay is soft and supple on sensitive skin as it goes deep into the dirt and oil pockets and lifts up the dirt and germ particles. the bristles have rounded off caps so that it doesn’t irritate skin as it cleanses and massages it.

5. Visapure Facial Cleansing Brush:

Image Source: Visapure

Designed best to suit your eyes and your needs, this brush in an elegant pink comes with a rotating and oscillating bristled brush attached on the top that strips your skin away of oiliness, dirt and blemishes. The easy to hold sleek handle gives you just the perfect grip.

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6. Rio Sonicleanse System:

Image Source: Rio

The Sonicleanse from Rio is a three way functioning brush which not only cleanses your face from the deepest pores but also exfoliates dead rough and dry skin revealing the soft baby skin under. Its high quality bristles even out small rashes and blemishes making your skin even textured and smooth.

7. Olay Fresh Effects Contour Cleansing System:

This facial cleansing brush has a bent top to suit the contouring of your face as the bristled brush on the top effectively removes dirt and oil from the underlying pockets. Unlike the other brushes, this brush has a triangular brushed surface which fits your face contours perfectly while it scrubs the dead skin cells away.

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8. Braun Face Beautifying Edition:

The face cleansing brush from Braun uses a two way inter changeable top one with the usual brush that cleans out the impurities from the dermal cellular layers as the other option comes with a small epilator that smoothly removes fine facial hair around the lips and the chins without braising or irritating the skin.

9. Bliss Fabulips Pout-o-matic:

Your lips are one of the eminent part of your skin and wrinkle all the others focused on skin issues, here is a cleansing brush that focuses on the lips, especially the wrinkling, the tan lines and dead and drying up chapped skin. Exfoliating and smoothening up the texture, this is a great lip care product.

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