Pimples are the most common teenage problems for girls and boys alike, sometimes following us into our adult lives much to our annoyance. Acne or pimples break out when an oily substance called sebum clogs pores. They usually pop up on the face, neck, back, chest, and shoulders. Outbreak of pimples may be aggravated by harsh scrubbing, picking or squeezing blemishes, changing hormones, and stress. Many people suffer from the problem of pimples and these can be quite irritating and swollen. These can lead to infections and aggravated skin. There are certain face washes or gels that are quite good and are easily available in most shops. These contain extracts of neem or may be containing other anti bacterial solutions and may be medicated. These can help reduce irritations.

Amazing Face Washes for Pimples:

Below are the top 27 best face wash products that are good for pimple prone skin.

1. Vedic Line Charcoal Disinfecting Face Wash:


This is a very popular product and the price is quite moderate. The charcoal keeps the pimple prone skin germ free and disinfects it. Activated charcoal boasts beauty benefits for skin by drawing oil, dirt, bacteria and other harmful micro-particles to the surface of skin from clogged pores, helping you to achieve a flawless complexion and fight acne. The average price of this is approximately 118 INR for a pack of about 100 grams. This is known to remove dirt, grime and oil. This is especially suitable to sensitive tone people.

2. Ayur Tea Tree Face Wash:


This is a very well known brand for many people. This contains extract and chemical formulation that deep cleanses and takes the dirt off to give a clearer skin. Tea tree has terpenoids which nourishes it with anti fungal and anti septic properties. It is a soap-free cleanser which removes excess oil from the skin and controls the bacteria which can cause acne and pimples. It is mild and pH balanced to minimize the stress on the skin. This is quite affordable at a moderate pric to about 150 INR for about 100 grams.

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3. Lotus Herbals Neem wash with Clove Extract and Active Neem Slices:


This is another very popular brand which offers very good products. This contains the goodness of neem and clove and removes surface oils, dirt and pollutants. It helps the skin fight bacterial build up. It is a cleansing, refreshing and soothing face wash. This is also quite affordable from the price point. This costs about 120 grams for about 175 INR. This contain active neem which is very good for fighting any rashes and infection.

4. The Body Shop Seaweed Facial Wash:


This is a very popular brand and the products are moderately priced. Body Shop Seaweed Facial wash balances the oil production of the skin and helps in achieving a matte complexion and also helps remove oil without drying skin or clogging pores. With a very light fragrance, it is soothing and gentle on the skin.  This can give oily free skin for about 6 hours. This is enriched with active mineral and sea weed extracts which provides nourishment to problem tone people.

5. Aroma Magic Neem and Tea Tree Face Wash:


Aroma magic is a very well known brand. It is free of parabens, soap, alcohol, artificial coloring & fragrance. It cures acne with Neem & rose extracts. It additionally helps prevent black heads and soothe skin irritations with the blend of tea tree & lavender essential oils. The products contain extracts of essential oils in most cases. This contains extracts of neem and tea tree oil both of which are good rash fighting agents. This costs moderate about 60 INR for a moderate content.

6. Nyassa Tea Tree Oil Face Wash:

This is a popular brand. This provides various types of natural products or with natural extracts like eucalyptus and tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has terpenoids which nourishes it with anti fungal and anti septic properties. It treats pimples by cleansing off oil and dirt. It has a strong herbal-mint smell and is highly effective. This is a costly cleanser with 145 ml that costs about 400 INR. This is quite good for almost all skin types.

7. Everyuth Neem Face Wash:


This face wash does not have a hint of soap at all. It is nourished with nano sea and aloe vera extracts. This deeply cleanses the pores and removes impurities thus protecting the skin from the harmful effects of pollution; thereby controlling outbreak of pimples. It also tones, purifies as well as cools your skin. This is a popular brand and this face wash costs about 99 INR for about 100 grams. This can be used on almost all types of skin which has acne.

8. Clean and Clean Facial Wash:


This does not have any excessive smell neither it is very aromatic. However, there are many customers who buy this for many years and are satisfied with the effects that this gives. This keeps the surface oil free and also the acne germs gets are treated. This is moderately priced at 144 INR for 150 ml which is a good quantity.

9. VLCC Acne Care Oil Control Face Wash:


The Acne Care oil control facewash helps in removing excessive oil and gently cleans the skin without over drying it. Having salicylic acid as its main ingredient it reduces pimples.. the acne pimple facewash is just for INR 55.

10. Everyuth Natural Tulsi and Turmeric Face Wash:


This new variant by Everyuth is considered one of the best pimple face wash. The extracts of tulsi and turmeric help in preventing pimples and fade away marks, dark spots and blemishes. It is priced at 35 INR.

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11. Jovees Neem Face Wash:


The neem facewash has loads of herbal ingredients like neem which has anti-microbial properties. it is developed using a fusion of natural items with scientific technology. It lightens your skin tone, removes dead cells and impurities and it comes at a price of 135 INR.

12. Garnier Men Acno Fight 6 in1 Pimple Clearing Face Wash:


It I the best face wash for men for pimples. It contains lemon fruit extract along with glycerin and menthol. The lemon extract lightens the marks and also helps in tightening the pores of the skin. Also, it deeply cleanses the skin and reduces blackheads from the face. It also takes care of acne and zits. A tube of 100grams is available for INR 170.

13. Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser:


This liquid cleanses the skin so deeply that it enhances the looks and feels of the skin. It does not clogs pores and gives a healthy acne free and smooth complexion. This is one of the best face wash for pimples.

Usage: Wet face and work into lather by using this cleanser. Rinse thoroughly.

Price:Costs Rs 85 for 50 ml.

14. The Body Shop Seaweed Deep Cleansing Gel Wash:


This is mild oil free and soap free cleansinggel.This face wash for pimples clears open pores and washes away excess oils, impurities and daily make up. It gives a refreshing, shine free and pimple free skin.

Usage: Apply a small quantity of the gel on the face and massage gently. Rinse using clean water.

15. Himalaya Clarina Anti-Acne Face Wash Gel:


Clarina anti acne face wash has anti inflammatory, wound healing and anti bacterial activities. This Gel inhibits reactive oxygen species which reduces acne causing bacteria. It is meant as the best face wash for oily skin and pimples.

Usage: Apply the gel directly on the wet face. Work for consistent lather. Wash off completely.

Price: It costs Rs 84 for 60 ml.

16. Kaya Acne Free Purifying Cleanser:

It gently cleanses the skin from deep within and removes oil, dirt and impurities. It contains salicylic acid that fights against acnes.This best face wash for sensitive acne prone skin is a must have for oil free, clear and healthy looking skin.

Usage: Take a small quantity of the gel and massage gently on the wet skin. Having done this rinses it off completely.

Price: It is Rs 350 for 100 ml.

17. Clean and Clear Pimple Clearing Face Wash:


If you are in a search of which face wash is best for pimples, then the solution is here. This is an effective solution for a pimple prone skin. It has a salicylic acid formula that deep cleanses the pimple causing bacteria and gives oil free skin. Active botanicals reduce pimples and soothe skin giving it a clear healthy glow.

Usage: Pour required quantity of this face wash on your fingers. Massage gently on the wet face. Rinse with fresh water.

Price: It costs Rs 49 for 40 gms.

18. Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash:


This oil free formula gently cleanses deep down the pores for clear skin. It contains salicylic acid to get away from pimples helping from future breakouts. Skin is thoroughly cleansed, smoothened and is left with an oil free look. This is considered as one of the best face washes for pimples and blackheads. Neutrogena products are well known world wide. They have stamped their promise in each and every individual skin products.

Usage: Massage the required amount on your face. Work for lather. Wash off with clear water.

19. L’Oreal Paris Go 360 Clean:


This cleanser is designed to fight against acne performing pore by pore cleansing. This best pimple Clearing Face Wash is super soft and flexible cleanser. It glides across the skin to open pores and remove acne causing bacteria. It penetrates deep into the pores and prevents future breakouts.

Usage: Apply a little amount of cleanser on the wet face and massage gently. Rinse off completely with warm water.

20. Patanjali Neem Tulsi Face Wash:

It cleanses the skin deeply and removes all the dirts by penetrating into deep pores. It washes away the excess oil. And the ingredients neem and tulsi, keeps the skin safe from acne germs. It is the best face wash to remove pimples. There are also various other range of Patanjali face wash products which we can choose according to our own usages and needs.

Usage: Massage little amount of cleanser on the wet face for a minute. Rinse off thoroughly with cold water.

Price: It is costing Rs 70 for 100 gms.

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21. Lotus Herbals Tea Tree Anti Acne oil Control Face Wash:


This has special ingredients for decreasing the acne type lesions and to combat free radicals. It leaves the skin clear, fresh and cleaner. It is the absolute oil control face wash. The combination of tea tree and other botanical extracts works for the clearing of the skin that is damaged due to acnes. Every time you wash with Tea Tree oil, you are washing out the bacteria’s causing pimples too. The product promises to make the skin glow with oil free and pimple free looks.

Usage: Squeeze a little amount of gel on the wet face. Work for some lather. Wash out completely.

Price: It costs 145 INR for 120 gms.

22. Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser:

It removes the excess oil, dirts and make up from the surface of the skin. It cleanses without clogging the pores. The product is purely gentle enough for daily use, to get a clear, acne free, smooth skin. This is the best and well known oily skin pimple face wash. This particular product is prescribed by the physicians mostly. They are clinically proven to fight all sort of skin infections including acnes and pimples.

Usage: Get little gel on your finger tips and massage all over your face. Wash off thoroughly.

23. Jolen Face wash Gel with Lemon & Neem:


The neem extract present in the face wash cleanses away the skin damaging bacteria. It also nourishes and revitalizes the skin to improve the complexion. It works as a exfoliator which removes dead skin cells and impurities from the skin to give you a healthy look. They do not dry up the skin making it look dull and tired. Instead they make the facial skin firm and smooth every time you wash your face.

Usage: Take a generous amount of cleanser and massage gently on the wet face. Rinse off completely with warm water.

Price: Costs Rs 125 for 150 gms.

24. Fab India Tea Tree Acne Face Wash:

The product claims on effectively reducing the acnes and also removing black heads. It nourishes and lightens the skin giving it a healthy glowing look. Works better in reducing pigmentation. It also has anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. These qualities of the product claim that they surely can make get rid of those problem causing acnes and pimples.

Usage: Apply required quantity of the Crème and massage on the wet face to form lather. Wash off with clear water.

Price:It is Rs 250 for 120 ml

25. Bio Pineapple Oil Control Foaming Face Cleanser:


The extracts of Pine-apple and Neem leaves dissolve the dirt and impurities present in the facial skin layer. The cleanser does not clog pores and removes the dead cells completely. It works best for oily Acne prone skin. It also contains other herbal ingredients which makes skin look younger and brighter. They totally work for the wellness of the facial skin.

Usage: Massage the required quantity on your face and work for lather. Wash off with warm water.

Price:It is 119 INR for 100 ml.

26. Jovees Tea Tree Oil Control Face Wash:


The face wash contains herbal and botanical extracts which effectively works on the pimple prone skin. It has a special formulation of cleaning oily and the sensitive skin. It deep cleanses the pores and fights against acnes.

Usage: Apply required quantity on your facial skin. Massage gently for lather. Wash off.

Price:It is Rs 90 for 50 ml.

27. Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Purifying Face Wash:


The gel contains skin natural ingredients which fight bacteria that cause acnes. It also helps in keeping our skin away from pollution and dirt. This product keeps the skin look oil free and prevents future breakouts.

  • Usage: Massage a small quantity of the Gel on your facial skin. Wash off with clear water.
  • Price:It is costing Rs 95 for 100 gms.

Waking up to a new pimple popping up in the mirror every morning can turn out to be quite a nightmare. Apart from causing skin problems, rashes and leaving ugly marks, it does hit the self-esteem. The above mentioned are some of the best face washes for pimples in India. Discover clear and flawless skin by trying out any of the ten face washes suiting your needs and skin types.