Facial brushes come in different packages and types, some completely different than the other. However, one of the basic implication of facial brushes is to care for your face, the different needs all sorted out. There are some facial brushes that concentrate on the makeup aspect of your face, usually thick bristled used for makeup application such as compact, blush and so on. Then there are others that tend towards the relaxation side, usually a massaging brush, that even though never looks like a brush, is an important accessory for a tired Saturday night, home alone and taking care of yourself. Then there are brushes packed in for cleansing and clearing your face. Either way here is a list of facial brushes that you should know about.

Most Popular Facial Brushes in India:

1. Vega Blush Brush:

This short and crisp blush brush from Vega has a professional black sleek finish with a shiny metal ring which houses the heavy bristled brush. The brush has a professional finesse with a soft touch applicator on the top of the brush that allows smooth application without further hindrance.

2. DDF Revolve Professional 500X Facial Cleansing Brush:

A professional salon like facial treatment for your soft smooth skin, DDF revolve Proffesional’s facial cleansing brush comes in different assortments with a skin polisher that includes micro crystals that would induce a pearl like glow while cleansing and massaging your face with the different re-attachable exfoliator and cleaning brush.

3. Natural Bristle Facial Mask Fan Brush:

These type of facial makeup applicator brushes are called fan brushes owing its name to their brush shape that fans out in a wide angle view covering maximum skin area while application, evenly distributing the makeup throughout the skin area. The sleek breadth allows precise application as the strong bristles won’t irritate the skin and provide a smooth finish.

4. Basicare Facial Massage and Cleansing Brush:

Easy on the face and accompanied with no irritation formulae, the facial cleanser for Basicare forces out stubborn dirt and pollutant particles cleansing your face while exfoliating the skin complexion to a bright and vibrant look. This extra cleansing brush comes with a bonus head for substitute application.

5. Olay Fresh Effects Powered Contour Cleansing Brush:

The unique shaped bristle brush has a contoured structure that fits the shape of your face perfectly while cleansing and stripping your face of dirt and oil particles, exfoliating your skin while removing the dark and dead skin cells to give you a softer look.

6. Nude Mineral Makeup Brush:

The mineral makeup brush from Nude is a super thick and heavy makeup applicator that allows the makeup to break when swiped so that the particles are evenly distributed within the brush, leaving the loose minerals on the top which now applied to the face will give you a natural hue instead of unevenness. The thick bristles are smooth on the skin and won’t poke and irritate.

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7. Vega Angular Blender:

The highlight of this product is not only the sleek handle but also the angular shape of the brush that easily allows you to apply makeup such as blush or compact. The angular look allows you to easily contour the face while precisely applying without unnecessary spilling and wastage.

8. Ozomax Reversible Facial Massager and Peeling Set:

It is wonderful how a simple brush can come equipped with so many attachable and detachable face care products, including an exfoliator, a stimulator or massager, a scrub and so on.

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9. JSB Home Beauty Massager Facial Brush:

This time with three separate assortments, the JSB home facial massager not only improves face circulation with just a switch flip but also exfoliates skin by increasing blood flow while forcing out dirt and pollution particles.

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