25 Best Fade Hairstyles for Men with Images

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Fade hairstyles are very popular nowadays. Almost everyone is sporting one, and thus it is becoming widely accepted haircut. But there is also an added disadvantage too – so many fade haircut options can be very confusing for someone who knows less about fade hairstyles. That’s why this list here will help you sort out all your queries and then help you choose one for yourself as well. No sweat.

The Best Fade Hairstyles for Men In 2018:

Let’s have a look at the following top 25 fade hairstyles which suitable for every hair type and also can change your looks as trendy and fashionable.

1. Undercut Fade:

Undercut Fade

This fade hairstyle looks very chic and stylish for the 21st century man. The fades have a longer length and has a very flexible nature, and therefore can be used with various kinds of style, including a slicked back look.

2. Temp Fade:

Temp Fade

This is kind of fade hairstyle, which is also known as the temple fade as well. It is a very stylish cut that features a line up around a man’s temple. This is one of the most popular style, and it can be made to look very bold or even subtle if a person wants.

3. Military Fade:

Military Fade

This fade haircut men style is very short and looks very sharp as well. This high fade includes the use of fading that is very close to the person’s skin. This fade has a very minimal length and thus requires very less styling as well.

4. Faux Hawk Fade:

Faux Hawk Fade

This fade haircut men style includes a longer than usual hair on top of the head. This gives a very futuristic yet very modest look. In order to flaunt this look, one needs to buzz shave the sides of the head, and only the middle of the hair should be flaunted. Also, the texture gives it a more dimensional look.

5. Afro Fade:

Afro Fade

This is one of the best kinds of fade hairstyles you’ll ever find. This fade is due to the natural volume, texture of Afro hair, upon which the fade gives it very distinct sharpness and short sides to create a nice balance. If you have an Afro hair, then getting this short fade will look great and will be perfect for any occasion.

6. Pompadour Fade:

Pompadour Fade

This is one of the most unique fade hairstyles you can get. This combined with the pompadour styles to give it a perfect look. There can be numerous variations of this pompadour haircut, but what we are talking about here is the more intense version of that look.

7. Quiff Fade:

Quiff Fade

This is one of the most beautiful looking men’s fade hairstyles. This quiff is a nice trendy alternative to pompadour. Only just by adding a fade to the haircut, the style increases by leaps and bounds. The looks become more balanced and polished. The quiff should adjust to your face shape – rounder faces will love high quiff while longer faces will love small quiff.

8. Wavy Fade:

Wavy Fade

This is one of the most fantastic looking men’s fade hairstyles. This wavy hair is very nice looking modern trend among hairstyles. And when this is paired with fade, then it looks better. This look can be flaunted by combing all the top of the hair, and also using the natural wave of the hair for a stunning look, while the short sides will give a polished appearance.

9. Low Fade Hairstyles:

Low Fade Hairstyles

This low fade style has a low taper and has longer proportions. Those people have beards can try this, as this is a neat trend in terms of minimalism. The hair is recommended to be stylized by textured products in order to increase the texture.

10. Low Fade Blow-out:

Low Fade Blow-out

If you’re always wanting to try something new, then try this low fade style. This haircut can look very cool with its short sides and a huge amount of hair on the top of the head. If your face is broad or round, then this is the type of hairstyle you need to slim your facial expression.

11. Short And Messy Skin Fade:

Short And Messy Skin Fade Hairstyle

This short fade haircut type style really takes into account short hair and messy hairstyle. This look needs no styling and still can appear very beautiful, due to its short sides and the textures top part of the hair. It looks very stylish indeed.

12. Parted Pompadour with Skin Fade:

Parted Pompadour with Skin Fade

This short fade haircut looks extremely polished and stylish indeed. The pompadour also goes along with it nicely. This type of combination really feels very neat and clean, as due to having short sides as well as side parts, but is also very fashionable according to the trend of today.

13. Taper Fade:

Taper Fade

This is kind of taper fade haircut which has hair on the sides and the back of the head, which all slowly decreases in length from the temple towards the bottom, to show the skin around the neck region. A taper fit can be high, or low or even mid. This type can use both in office and at weekends too.

14. High Taper Fade:

High Taper Fade

This taper fade haircut really looks great and stunning, and it includes a long length high fade line that slowly becomes smaller as it goes down towards the ears. This look can be used with a nice come over, or even a nice quiff, that all looks awesome indeed.

15. High Top Fade:

High Top Fade

This high fade haircut is designed to be shown off. It also shows off your personality too. This fade gives you a very nice bold style, which is mostly enjoyed by men who have afro textured type hair, or even dense curls, along with long hair on top of that. This type of style has been stylized with faded sides too.

16. High Fade With Quiff:

High Fade With Quiff

This type of high fade haircut includes a pompadour, along with a quiff. This quiff comes from brushing the hair like a wave. This style looks almost similar to that of football player David Beckham. It added with that a sharp high fade will really make heads turn.

17. Blow-out Fade:

Blow-out Fade

This is for the medium fade haircut style. There are many variations of this are available, but this is like the most original representation of that style. The contrast between those all the high hairs on top along with the faded sides will make for a great cool, gorgeous hairstyle.

18. Mid Fade:

Mid Fade Haircut

This is a kind of mid fade style where the fade starts above the ears. This is a very popular approach to short and straight haircuts. Use of hair gel or mousse is recommended to keep all of your hair under control and keep it set.

19. Side Part Fade:

Side Part Fade

This side fade haircut is a type of trendy haircut, where it boasts about longer hair at the top. This cut will offer you more flexibility in terms of styling and design, and using a strong holding pomade will definitely give you a sleeker and stylish hair.

20. Low Skin Fade:

Low Skin Fade

This a kind of fade haircut with a beard. This cut can look really good if the person has long hair on top of his head. The skin fade which is to be chosen should always be low, to keep the style more subtle. This will reveal more around the ears and thus will show more than the standard cut. It looks just wonderful.

21. Stunning Mid Fade:

Stunning Mid Fade Haircut

This is a unique kind of mid fade hairstyle. This is a multi-layered mid fade haircut that will be most loved and sported by men who have great hair volume. If you don’t have hair volume, you can always use various products to increase the volume. Get this look if you have fine hair or a hairline which is very receding.

22. Skin Fade Undercut:

Skin Fade Undercut

This men’s undercut fade hairstyle, which is also known as bald fate haircut, is a type of fade which tapers very easily. The hair at the top of the ears are all cut off or buzz shaved. If you want a more dramatic style and look, you can choose the skin fade to be higher on your head.

23. High Top with High Fade:

High Top with High Fade

This is a high fade hairstyle, where this type of haircut goes back to the 80s and 90s years of hip-hop. Now it is back again, with a new modern twist. This cut has a sleek high fade along the sides and back of the head. It is recommended to style the remaining part of the hair as high as one can, and thus this look will be born.

24. High Fade with Part:

High Fade with Part

This is one of the types of fade haircut. This is made for people seeking more sharpness and edginess, along with a modern touch with a side part to the top. Definitely very simple looking indeed, but can be very professional and still being trendy.

25. High Fade with Dreads:

High Fade with Dreads

This is one of the best fade hairstyles you will ever come across. If any time you wanted to style tour dreads with fade, this is the haircut to go for. If you add a high fade, this will take off all the dreads off your shoulders, making it easier for you, and thus giving you a very modern hairstyle.

Therefore, it is now clear to us that there are numerous and dozens of fade haircut types out there. And all of them look very modern and sleek for you to choose from. Thus, if you are planning to get a fade haircut right away, don’t at all hesitate.