Our kids are dear to us. Naturally, we wish to call them with the best names ever possible. So, why not think about fairy names? Aren’t they just like our little fairies? These lovely and beautiful fairy baby names also reflect their sweet and innocent personality and give them unique and beautiful connotations. In addition, fairy tales and folklore are among the most familiar stories kids love forever, and they help fill their world with fantasy, love and beauty. So, why not treat them extra special and name them after one such Fairy? Today, we have compiled the best of names that mean Fairy. All of them are beautiful, meaningful and charming.

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So, why wait? If you are looking for ideas for your little born, these fairy names and meanings are perfect for checking out!

Famous and Best Fairy Names Ideas for Boys and Girls

These Fairylike beautiful names are our top favourites. They are a perfect list of modern, contemporary, edgy and cute name ideas. Please keep reading to know more about them!

Fairy and Magical Baby Names for Girls:

Let us move ahead and begin with this list of lovely and magical fairy names for baby girls. They are inspired by fairy names across the world. Here we go!

1. Adelina:

Adelina has German origins, and it means a small, winged one’. It is a lovely, unique, and rarely found baby girl fairy name idea.

2. Aerwyna:

The name Aerwyna is among the mesmerizing choice and our top favourites. It means ‘friend of the sea’ and has English origins.

3. Aine:

Aine means queen of fairies in Irish origins. It is a short and cute mesmerizing baby girl name idea.

4. Blossom:

Blossom is a lovely feminine baby girl name that means bloom. It symbolizes the feeling of magic.

5. Celeste:

Celeste in French means heavenly. While the name is already known and famous, it is also a classic choice. So why not try it out?

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6. Charlotte:

This is another top favourite and famous baby name in the world. It means baby princess fairy in English origins.

7. Dana:

Dana, otherwise spelt as Danaa, is an Irish goddess. It is a lovely and beautiful, unique name idea.

8. Ellie:

Ellie means beautiful fairy woman. It has Greek origins. This is among the top trending and popular magical fairy names for girl ideas.

9. Feya:

Feya is a lovely mystical name idea. The name erupts of magic and magical looks. It means Fairy and has Hebrew origins.

10. Gelsey:

Gelsey has English origins and means ‘jasmine’. Simple and cute, isn’t it!

11. Kendra:

Kendra in English origins means magical. It symbolizes the magical and mystical beings of fairies.

12. Ilayda:

Ilayda is a water fairy and has Turkish origins. So, if you are looking for a baby girl name which means Fairy, yet is rare, unique and mesmerizing, this is a perfect choice for you!

13. Lanette:

Lanette has Welsh origins, and it means small songbird. The name symbolizes a fairy creature.

14. Linette:

Linette means Fairy in French. It is a gorgeous and charming baby girl name idea.

15. Marin:

Marin is the star of the sea. It has Gaelic origins and is a gorgeous name idea.

16. Nidaw:

Nidaw has Native American origins. The name means Fairy.

17. Nissa:

This is another of our top favourite and feminine beautiful and magical name idea. Nissa means Fairy in Scandanavian origins.

18. Pari:

How about the simple word, Pari? The name has Indian origins and means fairy in the language.

19. Pixie:

Pixie is a trendy fairy angel name. We all have heard of pixie fairy, and this name has Irish origins.

20. Shae:

Shae means ‘from the fairy fort’. It has Irish origins and is a simple, cute and magical baby name idea.

21. Shayla:

Shayla means fairy palace. It has origins in the Hindi language. Isn’t it beautiful and unique at the same time?

22. Sigilla:

Sigilla means the one who has magical power. It has Latin origins.

23. Siofra:

Siofra is the name of an elf and has Irish origins. It is a unique and yet modern baby girl name idea.

24. Tana:

Tana means a fairy queen. The name is lesser-known and has Slavic origins.

25. Taneisha:

Taneisha may be a bit popular name already, yet it is classic. The name means fairy queen and has American origins.

26. Tinka:

Tinka means heavenly one. It has Latin origin and is a gorgeous, mystical girl name idea.

27. Titania:

Titania is the name of Fairy in Shakespeare’s works. If you love art and literature and are looking for inspired fairy names, this is an excellent choice to check out.

28. Tunder:

Tunder in Hungarian means Fairy. It is a stunning and new unique name idea for girls.

29. Uira:

Uira in Arabic origins means water lady. We love this unique and enchanting name idea. How do you like this fairy female names idea?

30. Zarina:

Zarina is a fictional fairy name in Disney movies. It has Persian origins and is a gorgeous yet classic feminine baby girl name idea. This is among our top favourite fairy Disney character names idea.

Fairy and Magical Baby Names for Boys:

How about also checking out the fairy baby boy names? These are also equally magical, lesser-known and yet enchanting. While you may have heard some of them, others are lovely and contemporary ideas. Here we go with male fairy names!

31. Aladdin:

We all know about this name! Aladdin is the name of the protagonist in Disney based fairy movies.

32. Alvaro:

Alvaro technically means an army of elves. It is a lesser-known and lovely baby boy fairy name idea.

33. Bayard:

Bayard is a fairy horse name in a few movies, and in French origin, it means ‘auburn haired.’

34. Cas:

Cas means ‘king of treasure.’ It is a short and cute baby boy name idea. The other fairies names inspired here include Caspian, a popular name in several Disney movies.

35. Cullen:

Cullen is the famous name we heard in the Twilight movie series. It is the second name in the Vampire family and originally has Irish origins.

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36. Dylan:

Dylan means ‘son of the sea.’ It is a classic and evergreen baby boy name. How about this fairy tale name?

37. Easton:

Easton has English origins and means ‘a person who has magical powers.’ This is a lesser-known and famous baby boy name.

38. Flynn:

Flynn means ‘son of red-haired one.’ It is a popular name in the fairy tale movie, Tangled.

39. Galel:

Galel means ‘wave of God.’ It has Arabic and Hebrew origins and is a lovely, traditional yet rare baby name.

40. Jesper:

Jesper is the name present in Scandinavian fairy tale stories. It also has other meanings from Persian origins and means’ keeper of treasure.’ This is a popular fairy name present in fairy tales.

41. Magus:

Magus means sorcerer. It is a lovely and cute magical name for boys.

42. Merv:

Merv means a person who loves the sea. The name has Irish roots and is a lesser-known idea.

43. Oberon:

Oberon means ‘elf ruler.’ It has English origins. The name also means ‘king of fairies.’ In Midsummer Night’s Dream!

44. Phillip:

Phillip is the name of prince charming in the very globally famous fairy tale Sleeping Beauty.

45. Phorcys:

Phorcys means ‘sea God’ and has Greek origins. It is a magical and beautiful name for boys.

46. Sachiel:

This is another rare and lesser-known name, which means ‘angel of water.’ It has Israeli origins. We love this idea in the list of magical fairy names!

47. Tamaki:

Tamaki has Japanese origins. It means ‘gem’. The name symbolizes magic and preciousness. This is also among funny-sounding fairy names. What do you think so?

48. Triton:

This is a famous name in the Little Mermaid. It is a beautiful name associated with magic and fairies.

49. Valdimar:

This is a traditional name idea, which means ‘ruler of the ocean.’ It has Iceland origins.

50. Zeus:

Zeus is an ancient Greek God’s name and is a favourite choice for boys across the globe. It is a beautiful fairy related names idea.

Unisex Fairy Baby Names Ideas:

How about also checking the lovely unisex and gender-neutral fairy names for boys and girls? We have some ideas too!

51. Ariel:

Ariel is a popular name. While most of us have heard it as a girl’s name, it is also famous for boys. In Shakespeare’s Temptest, the name is male Fairy!

52. Aubrey:

Aubrey is another lovely unisex name for boys and girls. It means ‘elf ruler.’Again, this is a traditional yet mesmerizing choice. This is among the famous magical fairy names in the world.

53. Brucie:

Brucie is a lesser-known baby girl and boy name idea. The name Brucie means forest fairy. It has Scottish origins and is an attractive choice.

54. Holle:

Holle means ‘beloved’ in German and is based on an old German tale based on magic and fairies. It is the perfect fantasy fairy names for both boys and girls.

55. Kallan:

Kallan has Gaelic origins and is a unique and new baby name idea for boys and girls.

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56. Kouzlo:

Kouzlo means magic in the Czech language. It is a lovely and very rarely found name for both genders.

57. Periwinkle:

Periwinkle is a lovely gender neutral unisex baby name from English origins.

58. Skye:

Skye is a very famous baby name, ideal for both boys and girls. It symbolizes the magical sky and way for fairies and has Scottish origins.

59. Tien:

Tien is a lovely and short cute baby name. It means Fairy in Vietnamese.

60. Varázslat:

Are you looking for a traditional choice? This is a Hungarian name that means magic! Isn’t it unique?!

Aren’t these names truly marvellous and mesmerizing? The names stand up to their meanings and impressed us big time. They are a perfect blend of uniqueness and cute meanings, besides also matching the contemporary era. Did you like them too? Let us know your thoughts; we love to hear from you!


This is exclusively a guide to learn about fairy baby names. These are for informative purposes only. Please remember that these several names may coincide their meanings with different cultures, regions, and languages. The content provided in this article is from research through various sources across the web. The author does not guarantee or promise any accuracy of facts provided in this article.


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