A better word for fake tattoos would be temporary tattoos, which go against the notion of a tattoo but fulfil the need for body art. Decorative and creative in its best way, a temporary or fake tattoo doesn’t allow you to go through the pain of needling the ink into your skin permanently. Usually drawn or imprinted using the normal sticker technique, these tattoos will fulfil your wish of sporting a body art for a limited period before you get bored of it or decide to remove it. Even though not permanent, these temporary tattoos are in some ways better than permanent ones. You no longer need to worry about colour fading or inflamed skin right after getting one, and the best part about it is you get to change the designs whenever you want.

Best Fake Tattoo Designs With Pictures:

Enlisted below are some fake tattoo designs you should breeze through before settling down for one.

1. A Floral Affair Fake Tattoos:

A floral tattoo as such adds a nice feminine touch to your look. In this tattoo art, the shoulder graces a fuchsia coral pink flower, blooming and beautiful as the green leaves around it embrace the flower in the form of a halo. This is one of the best fake tattoo designs for women.

2. To Be Loved Fake Tattoos:

The tattoo adds a natural hint to the look, almost like the words are carved or etched on your skin. These can be achieved by using a white or nude colour that blends in with the skin. Here the term loved is written on the skin, but many might opt for different ones.

3. Ripped Through The Skin:

Fake or permanent, the ripped skin tattoo design is one of the latest demands. In this tattoo art, the skin seems to be ripped apart in bare shreds, the nerves and the flesh in the display. This fake tattoo has been done with such perfection that it almost looks like the real ordeal.

4. In Metallic Gold Fake Tattoos:

The latest temporary tattoo trend unveiled body art’s beauty through glistening metallic shades. In this picture, the shade is gold with an ice metal lustre on the ends as the tattoo blooms into a beautiful design shaped in long slender feathers.

5. Custom Vine Fake Tattoos:

A good solution for costume or themed parties, the vine tattoo art represents an entangled continuation of sleek and slender vine body art, done with precise strokes that form a beautiful mesh. You can use this to adorn not only your wrists or face but also your shoulders, necks and such.

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6. A Starry Night Fake Tattoos:

A star is one of the basic start-up tattoo ideas. Before you opt for permanent inking, why not try to opt for this fake star tattoo. To create a soft 3D effect, the star tattoo has been filled in monochrome with a soft outburst of entanglements underneath. It is one of the cutest fake tattoo designs for girls.

7. The Chinese Dragon Classic Fake Tattoos:

Chinese dragons are yet another sorted-after first-timer tattoo design. A fake tattoo design elaborately has a Chinese dragon sprawled across your forearm. The tattoo is done in basic black ink with a soft glimmer to add vibrancy to the look. This is one of the famous fake tattoo designs for men.

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8. Metallic Foil Fake Tattoos:

Here is another metallic body art design that you can opt for. Easily removable, these tattoos look grand in their metallic lustrous design. You can either have them around your wrists or even have them in your forearms.

9. Hued Glitter Art Fake Tattoos:

The glitters always add a new touch to your look, which is why in this tattoo, there is a hint of royal blue mixed in with a shimmering green, a floral pattern etched on the back with a butterfly fluttering on the sides.

4 More Latest Fake Tattoo Designs:

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