A false ceiling is an important element of your interior design and is also the first thing that people notice. While traditional false ceilings are kept in plain white, they tend to get yellowed or faded with time, making them high on maintenance. This is why many new-age homeowners are showing interest in false ceiling colour ideas, which not only look different but also redefine the entire aesthetics of your rooms.

But how do you choose the right false ceiling colour for your room? Simple! The decision largely depends on the size of the room and the rest of the interiors. The rule is to choose a lighter colour for a smaller room and a darker shade for a large room. You can even do a mix and match of colours to bring in the popular “pop ceiling” effect.

So, read along to learn about the latest false ceiling colour combinations, along with pictures to choose the best for your home.

Latest Colour Combinations For False Ceiling With Examples:

In this section, we enlisted 10 simple and modern false ceiling colour designs for various rooms and areas of your house.

1. Hall False Ceiling Colour Combinations:

Image Source: pinterest

Take a look at this design which uses the most popular and best colours for false ceilings. The ceiling has been divided into three sections, with two white bars separating them. These areas are painted mustard yellow, which aligns with the rest of the interiors. Especially for a small room like this, this combination gives a warm and cosy feel, without making it look claustrophobic!

2. Pop Ceiling Color Designs:

Image Source: pinterest

Here is a quirky pop ceiling idea that works well for walkways or smaller rooms. The “colour pop” effect comes with the three circles inside the main ceiling, which are coloured in catchy shades like orange, purple, red and yellow. Although they are concealed inside the design, adding light to them brings out their real beauty against the plain, white background.

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3. Gypsum Ceiling Colour Combination:

Image Source: pinterest

Take a look at this amazing ceiling done with Gypsum boards. The turquoise ceiling not only grabs our attention with its vibrant hue but also leaves us in awe with its design. Inspired by Moroccan art, this ceiling is sure to take your interiors to the next level. When you choose this design, keep the rest of your interiors in white and furniture in lighter shades.

4. False Ceiling Colours for Living Room:

Image Source: pinterest

Although black is not very common, using a darker colour like this can give the effect of an enveloped feeling. It also makes your room look more unified and seamlessly blends the rest of the walls with the furniture. When you choose this scheme, remember to keep the remaining room white. For smaller rooms, this option may work but can give you the illusion of a tightly packed area.

5. Bedroom False Ceiling Colour:

Image Source: pinterest

If you are tired of whites, then go for this dramatically different colour combination. The green walls are contrasted with a bright blue ceiling, that adds a whole new look to your room. Even the furnishings are chosen to colour coordinate with the walls. To add a tinge of neutral effect, white borders are drawn on the floor and windows. This theme is ideal for growing children.

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6. False Ceiling Border Colour:

Image Source: houzz.in

The border of a false ceiling is technically called crown moulding. It is largely kept in white to match the white ceiling or in the case of a painted one, to contrast it. This one is a very different idea. The ceiling and wall are coloured in light grey and the brown border visually separates them, along with accentuating the walls.

7. Multicolour Painted False Ceiling:

Image Source: pinterest

Bring your Kid’s room to life with this multi-toned false ceiling. The green colour is painted on the base, which runs down the main wall. The side walls are coloured peachy orange, which is used on the decorative elements of the ceiling. To brighten up the whole environment, a yellow projection is affixed at the centre.

8. Designer False Ceiling Colours:

Image Source: pinterest

If you are into ebony and ivory, this colour scheme is perfect for your bedroom. The classic combination of wood with white not only looks subtle but also gives a classy appeal to the room. In this ceiling, the centre part is done in glass, under which bulbs are fixed for mood lighting. It is surrounded by wooden panelling to match the rest of the interior theme.

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9. Decorative Colored False Ceiling:

Image Source: pinterest

Take a look at this false ceiling in white and green. The entire room is done in a classic white, while pops of neon green are added here and there. The ceiling is kept white, but the centrepiece has a green decorative element, which conceals the ceiling fan wiring and adds to the beauty at the same time. You can choose different colour schemes depending on your taste.

10. Kids Colored False Ceiling Theme:

Image Source: pinterest

Is your kid into cartoons? Then, take inspiration from this Smurfs theme room! The coloured false ceiling has a 3D effect, with a realistic image of clouds painted on the background. This is supported by a white border, that runs down the room. You can try a variety of themes like Princess, Frozen, Chota Bheem etc., and try a similar style.

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Those are some of the best False Ceiling coloured designs for your dream home. These images are put here to give you a basic idea of how you can plan for a room and the kind of colours that can be used in it. Also, ask your designer to give you a catalogue of basic patterns and explain your requirements and colour choices. Depending on that, you can mix and match different styles and shades to bring to life, your very own ceiling concept!


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