What is that particular feature in women that instantly attracts others? We would pick eyes! Beautiful and expressive eyes are any woman’s most attractive and stunning features. Imagine having the most striking eye colours that can lead to incredibly beautiful looks. Isn’t it exciting? Eye colour has a huge role in delivering mesmerizing looks, and as we know, there are different types of eye colours in the world that are unique, exquisite and gorgeous. Today, we have rounded up a feature on celebrities’ eye colour.

These celebrities are known to have not just the most beautiful eyes but also stunning and striking eye colours. Their eyes come in different tints and shades, and we are thrilled to share these fabulous celebrity eye colors with you.

Determining Eye Color and Genetics:

Scientifically speaking, did you know that genes primarily determine eye colour? Let us hear about eye colour genetics first! The eye colour of your iris and the amount of melanin in the iris will determine the colour of your eyes, which, in turn, are influenced by genetics. For instance, if the iris is dark in shade and colour, there is a lot of melanin, and vice versa light-shaded iris such as blue eyes do not contain much melanin. This melanin in your eyes largely comes from genetics, which is why parents with blue eyes have a higher chance of having kids with blue eyes too. The probability of passing on the eye colour also depends on genes that can be dominant and not recessive. That is why brown eyes are the most common eye colors as it is a dominant gene.

10 Different Celebrity Eye Colors List:

Moving to the fun part, while genes may determine eye colour, we also have something cool to tell you. As most play around, the colour of the eye can also say a little bit about your personality. So isn’t it fun to learn about the coolest eye colors and what these shades have to say about you? Here we go; let’s check this out today and learn about the list of celebrities with these most beautiful eye colours.

1. Actress with Brown Eyes:

Did you know that brown eye color is the most common eye shade in the world? Nearly 60 to 80 per cent of the world’s population have brown eyes. The dominant gene largely determines the iris’s dark or light eye color. It hence is easily passed on to the kids and the next generations. This is also seen as the most normal eye color for many humans. There are quite a lot of fun meanings that are associated with brown eye colour. For example, individuals with brown eyes are linked to being kind-hearted, easy-going, practical, very kind and humble. They are honest and confident but may be equally sensitive too.

We also have a list of gorgeous celebrities and actresses with the most beautiful brown eye colour. Can you guess who has these lovely brown eyes?

Emma Watson-

Jessica Alba-

Anne Hathaway-


Natalie Portman-

2. Actress with Green Eyes:

Not many people in the world have gorgeous green eye color. Only about two per cent of the world’s population have this colour. It is among the rare eye colours, making it unique and very special to have this shade. These people have significantly less melanin and burst lipochrome, and the light on the iris reflects the colour green! Did you know individuals with green eyes are considered very creative and passionate?

Can you guess the stunning celebrity names with lovely green eyes? While green eye color may not be very dominant like brown eyes, we have beautiful celebrities and actresses with green eyes.

Kristen Stewart-

Catherine the Duchess-

Emma Stone-


Elizabeth Olsen-

3. Actress with Grey Eyes:

Grey eyes are also considered a rare eye colour. While some people see a version of blue shade, others can have more of a greyish shade on the iris. The melanin for dark and light grey eye colour is very distinct and unique, as the composition of melanin is slightly higher than blue. Hence, this makes individuals with grey eyes a little more tolerant of light. On a funnier note, those with grey eyes are also considered intense with emotions, however well-balanced. They have better focus and are also hard workers.

You may want to check out these famous and beautiful celebrities and actresses with grey eyes. Here’s the list!

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan-


Heather Graham-

Debbie Reynolds-


4. Actress with Blue Eyes:

Women with blue eye colour are considered heavenly, dreamy and most beautiful. Well, we all can agree that the colour of eye shade only feels enchanting, bright and charming. These blue eyes are less common than brown eyes and exude anatural lovely, and most attractive appearance. Individuals with blue eyes are also considered graceful, highly intelligent, and tough with physical stamina.

Here is a list of gorgeous celebrities and actresses with striking blue eyes. Undoubtedly, blue eyes instantly give the face a charm and attractive look, and we admire their beauty!

Paris Hilton-

Reese Witherspoon-

Alexis Bledel-

Megan Fox-

Taylor Swift-

5. Actress with Hazel Eye Color:

Most of us get confused when we talk about hazel colour eyes. Hazel eye colour is generally a slight mix of brown and green eyes; hence the shade of hazel colour may vary across individuals. This eye colour is more attractive for females than males, giving a stunning look with natural eye shade. In most cases, hazel eyes are determined by environmental factors, scattering of light by the iris, melanin distribution and how pigment molecules appear.

Did you also know those with hazel colour eyes are believed to be poetic, creative, adventurous and independent? They are seen as equally mysterious and beautiful. They are supposed to have a balanced proportion of strengths and weaknesses. Here are our celebrities and actresses popular for having hazel eyes colour.


Tyra Banks-

Lily Collins-

Katie Holmes-

Sofia Vergara-

6. Actress with Amber Eyes:

Another common confusion for many is recognizing amber eyes. The amber eye colour or eye shade looks very similar to brown, however, the iris shade is much lighter than the original deep brown colour. In most cases, Amber eyes have an orange tint to them. In general, a small amount of melanin with a large amount of lipochrome may cause amber eyes. These beautiful golden eyes look amazing, are rare eye colours, and naturally give a glowing and stunning effect.

We also have a list of gorgeous celebrities popular for their lovely amber eye colour. Can you guess who they are?

Jennifer Lopez-

Jennifer Garner-

Nicole Richie-

Eliza Dushku-

Florencia Bertotti-

7. Actress with Purple Eyes:

While some call the eyes purple shade or others may call it a tint or violent, these are another rare eye colour to know. In most cases, individuals with purple eyes are known to have almost no pigment that is mixed with light reflecting the red blood vessels. In most cases, these are found in people with albinism. It may also be a result of a genetic disorder.

Not many in the world have purple or violet eyes. However, this eye colour instantly gives a beautiful and impeccably lovely look.

Elizabeth Taylor-

8. Actress with Different Colored Eyes:

The condition of different or multicoloured eyes is associated with heterochromia. It is a term used for individuals with more than one eye colour. While this may seem unique and impossible, it is a valid case for most individuals. It occurs in real life, where one iris shade and colour is entirely different from the other. There may be several causes behind heterochromia, such as eye injury, disease, and use of medications and in most cases, it may be congenital.

There are several celebrities with heterochromia or condition of different coloured eyes. For example, here are some famous actresses with two different coloured eyes.

Mila Kunis-

Kate Bosworth-

Alice Eve-

Jane Seymour-

Elizabeth Berkley-

9. Black Eye Color:

Black eye colour in real does not exist. It may be caused by to abundance of melanin, which may result in the eye shade looking dark or black. Although they may appear black, these eye shades are generally very dark brown. Do you have doubt, then look in very bright daylight and you can see the real colour!

10. Red Eye Color:

It is a medical condition called albinism that causes a red colour in the eyes. It may be red or pink, and often a result of blood leaking to the iris area. In some cases, albinism may cause the colour blue or violet; in rare cases, it may depict a red shade too.

What are the Rarest Eye Colors?

Of all these eye colours, did you guess which are the rarest? Green, purple, and amber eye colours are the rarest and least common human eye colour shades. While we all by now understand that red eyes may be due to medical conditions, it is also definitely a rare eye shade. However, in the case of natural eye colour shade differentiation, amber, green, and purple eye shades are considered rare. These rare eye colours in the world are also the most unique. What do you think?

We hope you enjoyed learning something new and exciting today. Most of us are not aware of these numerous eye colours and today’s feature on the different eye colours, the rarest eye shades and beautiful celebrity eye colours is exciting and thrilling. What are your thoughts? Let us know what you think; we love to hear from you!


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