We always admire our favorite celebrities. Their fashion sense, looks, appearance, perfect fit body, and whatnot. But did you observe, not everyone is alike; they all have different looks and bodies. There are different types of body shapes for everyone, and even celebrities fall under the same. This makes everyone appear different to one another, and yet nail the glamour quotient by styling right.

Today, we are here to explore and learn all about the popular celebrity body types and shapes. The actresses and actors have their own type of body, and few of such body shapes are considered the most perfect and beautiful.

8 Different Body Shaped Actress and Actors:

Here we go; we have compiled and looked around which of the most celebrities are in what particular type of body shape. So, let’s know all about it together!

1. Pear Shaped Body Celebrities: (32-28-39, 34-30-38, 36-30-44)

The pear body shape is attentive, seeking the lower part of the body compared to the upper part. Don’t think this means someone with a pear body structure needs to have a big butt. It just means hips and thighs take center stage. So, in this case, creating a loose illusion in the bottom, such as flared pants or wide-leg jeans, is perfect. The pear body shape is otherwise also known as a triangular body. Celebrities with pear body shapes are

Ileana D Cruz Body Shape

Rihanna Body Shape

Kim Kardashian Body Shape

2. Apple Shaped Celebrities: (40-36-33, 36-32-30, 34-30-29)

The apple-shaped body has a heavy and large illusion of upper body compared to the bottom. This means the attention is passing towards the chest and shoulders. In this case, women have a bigger bust, broad shoulders, and slim waist. Celebrities in this apple body shape are

Sonakshi Sinha Body Shape

Kate Winslet Body Shape

3. Oval Body Shape Celebrities:

Just like women may have apple-shaped bodies, Men, in this case, resemble having an oval-shaped body. This means they technically appear heavier than those who have a toned-down structure. The mid-waist area may not look as toned as women have. The celebrities in this case include,

Oprah Winfrey Body Shape

4. Celebrities with Rectangle Body Shape: (34-30-35, 36-33-37, 40-36-42.)

The rectangular body shape men and women are those who have a straight body. It also resembles being slim and trim, with a sleek overall appearance. It also appears petite in the case of women. Rectangular body shape also is another name for banana body. Here, the waist measurements are similar to hip or bust.

Taylor Swift Body Shape

Anushka Sharma Body Shape

5. Hourglass Figure Celebrities: (32-26-33, 33-27-35, 36-30-38.)

The hourglass shape body is considered among the best body types for women. This means you have a proportionate body. Here, women have a very defined waist, upper and lower half are in right balanced proportions. This is also considered the hottest body structure. One can easily flaunt out the correct body figure in this shape. The famous celebrities in hourglass include,

Beyonce Body Shape

Katrina Kaif Body Shape

Jennifer Lopez Body Shape

6. Inverted Triangle Body Shape Celebrities:

You understood by the name itself, here you have broader shoulders, but overall, a very sleek and athlete-looking structure. However, the waist is slim and tight, and the legs are very thin. This type of body structure is considered sporty and very fit too! The inverted triangular body should not be confused with apple shape because shoulders are broader than hips. In here, the fit and lean legs, toned waist, and bust differ from the latter. The female celebrities in inverted triangle body shape are,

Angelina Jolie Body Shape

Sonam Kapoor’s Body Shape

Cindy Crawford’s Body Shape

7. Celebrities with Spoon Body Shape:

Well, this body shape maybe something lesser-heard by many. In this case, it may look similar to pear, such as hips larger than bust area. However, what is distinct in the spoon type of body is a shelf-like look. There is a bit of weight near arms and thighs, however a very defined waist. The celebrities with spoon body shape are,

Cheryl Burke’s Body Shape

America Ferrara Body Shape

8. Diamond Body Shape Celebrities:

As the name suggests, in the case of Diamond body shape, you have a fuller waistline but a very narrow and defined bust. In addition, the hips portion is broader than the shoulders, and overall, the body structure appears toned in the upper and bottom than the mid. Men are more likely to have this body shape than women.

Queen Latifah Body Shape

These are the most popular known types of body shapes. We hope you enjoyed knowing all about the popular celebrity body shapes and their types. What do you think about them? Let us know your thoughts too!


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