The little fur babies are the best company humans can ever have. They make a huge difference in our lives, reduce stress, lift our mood, enhance happy moments and give us long-lasting memories. Our celebrities are no different to us when we say they love their fur buddies. Celebrity pets have a huge following on social media platforms, and they are no less than celebrities themselves.

Today, we have compiled the top celebrities and their pets in the Hollywood and Indian movie industry. Pets are best friends to our celebrities and make a huge difference in their lives. Our stars often leave no chance to flaunt their pets’ best friends. Are you excited to see the faces of these little fur balls? Let’s get going!

30 Famous Celebrities and their Pets Across The Globe 2023:

Here we have compiled the top celebrity pets and fur friends for our stars and divas globally. While you may already hear and know some of the pets as our celebrities flaunt them on social media, you must know other famous fur friends. These fur buddies are no less than celebrities themselves, and their cute little pictures make our day shine!

1. Edward:

Edward is first on our list, especially tops the list of celebrities with cats. If you regularly follow Alia Bhatt’s Instagram page, you know how close is Edward to her. Alia loves cats, and Edward is her furry friend cat with whom she spends a lot of time. Alia adopted Edward over five years back and loves spending time with the little furball. Besides Edward, Alia also has another cat fur friend Juniper, who stays with her sister, Shaheen Bhatt. Edward is among the most celebrity cat!

2. Diana Chopra Jonas:

Well, you may already have guessed the name of which celeb dog is Diana Chopra Jonas! Diana is the beautiful fur child and best buddy to Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas. Diana is a chihuahua mix breed and is a female pup adopted by the Jonas family. She came into the lives of Priyanka and Nick in 2016 and filled their world with love and happiness. Priyanka often flaunts her best buddy on the Instagram platform, and she has created a page for Diana. No wonder Diana is a celebrity pet with lakhs of followers.

3. Shyloh Kapoor:

Shraddha Kapoor gives her life to her fur buddy, Shyloh Kapoor. Shyloh has been with Shradha for over ten years and belongs to the Lhasa Apso dog breed. She calls the paw friend chotu Maharaj with love and rules her life, bringing her happiness and love. We often spot Shyloh Kapoor in Shradha’s Instagram posts, and that speaks a thousand words about how much she loves her fur partner!

4. Angel Dhawan:

We can’t take our eyes off the fur buddy of Varun Dhawan, Angel! Angel belongs to the Beagle breed and is no less than a social media celebrity with her cute little lovely looks. Varun loves his furry friend and takes up all his time when he is at home. Isn’t she adorable? She is among the top popular celebrity dogs in Bollywood.

5. Bella, Jasmine, Keety, Goku and Chi-Chi:

Not one, but Disha Patani has five pet buddies. The diva has three dogs named Bella, Goku, Chi and two cats named Keety and Jasmine. We can understand how much she loves her fur buddies given her five pets at home. Bella is a cocker spaniel, Goku is Doberman, and the breed of Chi is unknown. Her cats are European shorthair and Persian breeds, respectively. No doubt she enjoys spending time with her pooch buddies. They all have an Instagram account, too and enjoy thousands of followers.

6. Cleo and Alex Kumar Khanna:

Bollywood’s favourite couple, Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna, have two fur babies named Cleo and Alex. They are German shepherds and Beagle, respectively, with whom they share a lot of common time. Twinkle Khanna often shares a glimpse of her pet buddies on Instagram and notes funnily on the destruction they cause at home, yet eases up her life. Their kid Nitara is also very close to the pet buddies.

7. Dude:

Anushka Sharma has a pet friend, a Labrador, who she acknowledges has changed her life drastically. The Labrador is named Dude and is well-favourite even to Anushka’s fans as she regularly posts snippets of their life on social media. Anushka loves spending time with her fur friends and even works towards advocating a pet-friendly lifestyle.

8. Miumiu:

Jacqueline Fernandez has a cat buddy named Miumiu, who is completely adorable. The cute buddy belongs to the Persian cat breed and takes up all her time. She even has other cat buddies named Yoda, Loki and Xyza, and the diva acknowledges how her buddies take up all her time at home, and she loves spending time with them.

9. Hash and Saasha:

Hash and Saasha are the pets of Tollywood actress Samantha. While she adopted Hash with her ex-husband Naga Chaitanya, she recently got Saasha into her life and introduced her to her fans. Samantha absolutely loves spending time with them, and they make her world shine. According to Samantha, her pets are like her children, who destress her and give her a ray of hope. Both Hash and Saasha are Pitbulls.

10. Strom Devarakonda:

You may have guessed by the name Strom Devarakonda, the (not-so-little) pet of Vijay Devarakonda! He has a white Siberian husky whom he shares fantastic life moments with! Vijay says the little furball stole his heart at first sight, and he couldn’t imagine the world without giving him a home. Vijay loves spending his days at home with Strom and calls him his best friend.

11. Mia Agarwal – Kitchlu:

Kajal Agarwal and Gautham Kitchlu got a new baby pet home just before the couple had a baby boy recently. The pet named Mia has turned their lives with joy and laughter. Although the Kollywood and Tollywood beauty often acknowledged her fear of pets, she has spoken out on overcoming her fear and bringing the little pooch buddy home. Isn’t it exciting?

12. Nyke:

Keerthi Suresh keeps posting adorable pictures of her pet, Nyke, a Shih Tzu breed. The actress brought the pet buddy into her life two years back and loves spending time with her friend. Nyke often appears on the actress’s Instagram account, and fans absolutely love the little glimpse and snippets. Keerthi often acknowledges the role Nyke plays in her life whenever she feels down and depressed and how there is no negativity when she is around her buddy.

13. Phoebe:

Kriti Sanon recently got a toy poodle puppy home named Phoebe. She shared a cute little snippet of Phoebe on social media platforms with her sister, Nupur Sanon. Phoebe looks absolutely cute and beautiful, and we love how she graces the actress’s life with joy and happiness.

14. Bailey Abraham:

John Abraham is an avid animal lover and often associates himself with PETA for the welfare of the animals. He has recently adopted a stray pup in unfortunate conditions and gave her a home and love. John named the pup Bailey and absolutely loves spending time with her. We often see a glimpse of the little beauty on his social media accounts too!

15. Casper:

Malaika Arora’s pooch buddy, Casper, is a Japanese Spitz puppy whom she got home in 2015. Malaika spends quality time with Casper and is loved by her and her son, Arhaan. She is especially seen having some destressing time with Casper during covid lockdowns and is even spotted playing pup on the balcony in all her free time.

16. Dodger:

Chris Evan’s adorable pup, Dodger, is a mixed breed Boxer and a rescue dog. After adopting his pooch buddy, Chris keeps posting a glimpse of their lives on the social media platform. He absolutely loves the fur being in his home and often talks about how Dodger has changed his life in several ways. Isn’t it cute?

17. Norman and Bambi:

Kylie Jenner has over ten pets; the dogs Norman and Bambi Jenner are the most famous ones that keep popping up on social media. The Italian greyhounds are her cutest dogs, and recently, they have given birth to more pups. Isn’t it adorable! While Kylie may not post much about her dogs on her profile, they do have another dedicated Instagram account. Norman and Bambi are among famous celebrity dogs.

18. Pyro Jenner:

Pyro is the fur buddy of Kendell Jenner, and we absolutely adore her. The Doberman Pinscher has been with Kendell for many years, and they have been spending quality time every now and then. Kendell in fact takes along Pyro on many of her adventures and holidays too. Aren’t they super cute together?

19. Prince Hilton:

Paris Hilton, the TV star, has Prince Hilton, popular in celebrity circles, and is among the most famous celebrity pups. The teacup Pomeranian is said to be among the world’s smallest Pomeranians. She is often observed to spend a lot of time with her pet and take him around in many outings and shoots. Besides Prince Hilton, she also has other dogs and takes care of them in a doggy mansion. So, aren’t they super lucky?

20. Clyde, Sophie and Lord Chesterfield:

Jennifer Anniston is a pet lover, and most of her fans already know her love for dogs. She has over three pups, all of them rescued and adopted. Clyde is the newest addition to her family, a grey Schnauzer mix, and Sophie is a pit bull mix. Lord Chesterfield is a white shepherd mix breed. She has a fun time with all of her fur buddies and often quotes them to be among the naughtiest in the home.

21. Jack and Jill:

Jack and Jill are the favourite dogs of Leonardo DiCaprio. They both are huskies and are seen spending a lot of time with the actor and his girlfriend. Viral news also went around recently when the actor jumped into a frozen lake to rescue his pup buddies. Isn’t it super daring? We can clearly understand how much he loves his pooch buddies.

22. Atticus and Boo Radley:

Atticus and Boo Radley are the beloved pets of Jake Gyllenhaal. Atticus is a German Shepherd, and Boo Radley is a puggle. The actor is often seen spending time with his dogs and often speaks about them in several public appearances and interviews. They take the centre of his world, and we love the adorable pictures.

23. Noon Coleman:

Zendaya has the cutest dog ever, named Noon Coleman. She has a black miniature Schnauzer, and it is an adorable little creature we have ever seen. She is ultimately a dog person and is often observed to spend a lot of time with her pet buddy. We often keep seeing little glimpses of her spending quality time with Noon.

24. Daisy:

Selena Gomez’s adopted rescue dog, Daisy, is such a charmer. Daisy looks absolutely adorable, just like a little munchkin, and we understand why Selena Gomez has her heart melt over the little pooch baby. Daisy is a mixed breed of Shih Tzu, bichon frise and a poodle and is a perfect companion to the diva in all her adventures.

25. Nugget and Butters Perry:

Katy Perry may all be a superstar and singer; however, when she is at home, her attention is on her beloved dogs and pups, Nugget and Butters. Both of them are teacup poodles, a micro breed and are just cute as munchkins. Both the pets seem limelight on social media, given the way she flaunts her love towards the pups immensely.

26. Binka and Nugget:

These are the Harry Potter star’s Daniel Radcliffe’s dear pets. The dogs Binka and Nugget are from the border terrier breed and stay with Daniel Radcliffe all the time when he is home. While Daniel doesn’t prefer much social media attention and limelight, we see little of his life with his pets.

27. Dali and Allegra:

Hugh Jackman has two adorable puppy friends, Dali and Allegra. Dali is a poodle mix, and Allegra is a French bulldog, and we often see a glimpse of the actor sharing his quality time with his pooch buddies. They both are really adorable and have a fun time playing together.

28. Finn Seyfried:

The diva and actress Amanda Seyfriend’s pictures with her companion Finn are adorable and absolutely lovely. The actress has an Australian shepherd, and they both often appear in photographs and videos together on social media. Amanda even travels to several public events with her dog, and that’s how much she loves him!

29. Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson and Benjamin Button:

Taylor Swift has two cat pets in her life, and they are named Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson. Wondering what these names are? Their names are all inspired by television and movie characters, and they are absolutely adorable. They are Scottish folds, and she is seen spending a whole lot of time with the cute little furballs.

30. Oscar:

Hailey Beiber’s loved pet, Oscar, is a Yorkie dog and is absolutely loved both by the diva and her fans. Hailey keeps posting photos of her with Oscar, and we love the fashion sense and edgy looks often flaunted. But, we wonder who styles Oscar! Do you agree with us?

These celebrity pets seem to have a more significant fan following than most have. They are adorable, and our actors love the pooch friends immensely. Most celebrities love their pets, and we can see that in the pictures. So, what do you think of these celebrities and their dogs? Do you have a favourite celebrity pet? If yes, we love to hear your thoughts!


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