Tattoo art has evolved though its roots go back well into the past. And countless artists are emerging every day worldwide with their unique talent. The tattoo designs have become more sophisticated and easy to engrave with all the available equipment. We have curated a list of some of the best tattoo artists in the world you must follow in 2022 if you are a tattoo enthusiast.

The popularity of tattoo art started to increase in the 70s in the Western world. However, it was mainly popular among sailors before. But then, similar to acupuncture, tattooing emanated as a form of healing that gradually reformed into today’s art form. So, let us know about the best tattoo artists without further ado.

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Top 15 Tattoo Artists In The World:

Although a perfect tattoo design is essential, a tattoo artist plays a critical role in beautifying the pattern by adding their unique style. Therefore, we have provided you with a list of some of the best tattoo artists worldwide.

1. Bang Bang:

Keith Scott “Bang Bang” McCurdy is a famous American tattoo artist in New York. He works with celebrities like Rihanna, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, LeBron James, Adele, and Selena Gomez. The tattoo artist got his first tattoo when his parents made a bargain that they would consent if he made the honour roll at the age of 15. He began practising tattoo art on himself, friends and relatives after ordering a tattoo kit in 2004.

2. Horiyoshi III:

Horiyoshi III is a famous Hiroshi Japanese tattoo artist specializing in Japanese suits or traditional full-body tattoos, also called Horimono or Irezumi, born as Yoshihito Nakano. The honorific title is passed from master to apprentice, and he is the second tattooist granted this title. Japanese yakuza in a full suit of tattoos inspired Nakano to become a tattoo artist. He uses traditional tebori or Japanese hand tattooing techniques to shade and colour any tattoos. He also restricts his motifs to peonies, koi, dragons, and tenyo. Hiriyoshi III founded a Tattoo museum in 2000, managed by his wife, Mayumi, a famous old tattoo artist.

3. Kat Von D:

Kat Von D (Katherine Von Drachenberg) is a famous Mexican tattoo artist. She became a tattoo artist at 16 and got her first tattoo at 14. The TLC reality television show LA ink has Kat Von D as a tattoo artist and is best know for her work in the show. She released her first single, “Exorcism,” from her “Love Made Me Do It” album in May 2021.

4. Sarah Gaugler:

Sarah Gaugler is a famous Filipino-American tattoo artist, singer and designer. She is renowned as a singer of the electronic rock duo Turbo Goth and began tattooing in 2008. Gaugler made a name for herself and built a steady clientele, including many Filipino celebrities, because of her distinct line art style. The artist opened a shop Snow Tattoo in 2012 in Manila which was moved to the Manhattan Chelsea neighbourhood in 2015.

5. Lokesh Verma:

Best known for pioneering soundwave tattoos, Lokesh Verma is an Indian tattoo artist and is one of the founders of India’s only International tattoo festival, the Heartwork Tattoo festival. He started practising tattoos in 2003 and opened his first studio in 2008 in South Delhi’s Greater Kailash area. Then in 2013, he opened another in Gurugram. Lokesh has tutored many artists and has travelled to 15 countries. Ishant Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Remo D’Souza, Swara Bhaskar and TapseePannu are some celebrities and cricketers he inked.

6. Scott Campbell:

Scott Campbell is an American tattoo artist born on May 13, 1977, based in New York. He moved to New York and opened his tattoo shop called “Saved Tattoo” in 2005. Heath Ledger was Campbell’s first client who got a small bird in flight on his left forearm. Howard Stern, Robert Downey Jr., Sting, Orlando Bloom, Marc Jacobs, Josh Hartnett and Courtney Love are some of his popular clients.

7. Joey Pang:

Joey Pang is a famous Chinese tattoo artist born in 1979 in Yunnan, China, and she is based in Hong Kong, SAR China. Multiple celebrities, including Lewis Hamilton and Hong Kong’s Candy Lo, got themselves tattooed from her. The speciality of Pang is that the brush-stroke technique she uses closely mirrors the painting lines in Chinese art, and she is credited for pioneering it. You can see the layering techniques throughout her Asian mythology and abstract tattoo work in her detailed painting aesthetics alongside colour are the prominent features of her work.

8. InalBersekov:

InalBersekov is Canada’s renowned tattoo artist, primarily known for showcasing scenes and portraits with fine-line black-and-grey tattoos. Will Smith, Muhammad Ali, Drake’s Sade and Justin Bieber are some celebrities whose portraits Inal has done. He is also the personal tattoo artist for Drake and his OVO crew members. The fabulous tattoos made by InalBersekov are very realistic.

9. Gippi Rondinella:

GippiRondinella is a famous Canadian tattoo artist among first-generation professional Italian tattoo artists. He is among the first-generation Italian tattoo Artist who is a professional. Gippi calls himself a tattooer and not an artist, and he opened his first tattoo parlour, “Tattooing Demon Studio”, in Rome in 1986. He reached a mythological status within the Italian tattoo community because he has been an extensive traveller. Currently, he is an ambassador of World tattoo events.

10. Glenn Cuzen:

Glenn Cuzen is a multi-award-winning tattoo artist based in the UK, and he is the proud owner of Top Gun Tattoo and has been tattooing for over a decade. Geometric dot work is the work Glenn is famous for. Polka trash style, Japanese, Black and grey, and Brutal black are some of the works Glenn Cuzen is a fan of.

11. Lauren Winzer:

Lauren Winzer is one of the famous Australian tattoo artists based in Sydney and is currently working as a tattooist at Hunter & Fox Tattoo, Sydney, Australia. Her quaint, playful, colourful, cartoon-inspired, delicate hand lettering are some of the styles which made her more famous. She gives her tattoos a unique look that stands out by using vibrant colours in her tattoos and characters.

12. Abel Miranda:

Abel Miranda employs technical cleanliness, visual strength and difficulty in his compositions, distinguishing him in many countries. Creator of a dynamic Tattoo style, Abel Miranda can mix brush strokes and traces of paint spilt with geometric lines making them unique. The Dynamic tattoo style creates new structures reinforcing the natural lines of the body by covering large areas of the body, adapting to the person’s anatomy.

13. Rob Kelly:

Rob Kelly is another famous tattoo artist in China and borders based in Hong Kong. He opened his tattoo studio named BLACKOUT in 2010, though he initially started in 2005. BLACKOUT is famous throughout Hong Kong and is a custom tattoo studio. Rob Kelly is known for perfectly blending tradition and new-school colours giving birth to unique and customized tattoo designs.

14. Daniel DiMattia:

Known for incredible tribal and black artwork, Daniel DiMattia is a famous tribal tattoo artist from Belgium. He has a studio named Calypso Tattoo in Belgium. He has been working in the tattoo industry for over two decades, gaining immense experience. Daniel’s designs primarily feature African tribes, ancient Gerco-Roman motifs, Indian henna designs, modern geometrical forms, and Polynesian culture. His mesmerizing and beautifully-made body artwork is admired all across the globe.

15. Duncan Viegas:

Duncan Viegas is an Indian tattoo artist who started his apprenticeship in 2007 and then started working as a full-time tattooist in Goa, India, just after one year. He calls his unique style’ eclectic.’ His primary focus is on the most illustrative, geometric, watercolour, dot work and new school, although he works with different styles. Most of his designs are hand-drawn because he is known for creating customized tattoo designs.


Irrespective of the part of your world, there is no scarcity of tattoo artists. But here are the best tattoo artists in the world you can follow to get beautiful and unique tattoo ideas you can implement into your body art. So go through the list and start following today. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful!

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