Clocks have always been an important addition to the décor of any room. Be it the living room, bedroom, or even kitchen, clocks add a touch of personality to the place. They don’t just look good on the walls but also show the taste of the room’s residents. It brings a touch of elegance and colour to the rooms. It also is a perfect piece to amalgamate the room’s furniture style and colour code. In clocks designs fancy clock designs are trending now. There are many kinds of fancy wall clocks available in the market. A few of our fancy wall clock designs are listed below.

Latest Fancy Clock Designs In India:

Here we enlisted 9 simple and best fancy clock designs with pictures. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Wooden Fancy Wall Clocks:

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Clocks made of wood are extremely popular with people of all ages. Some like to call it sober as it is subtle and enhances the décor of any place. Wooden wall clocks are always in trend because they look fancy as well.

2. Antique Fancy Wall Clock:

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They say that fashion keeps changing, but it’s antique if something has stood the test. Antique clocks have always looked fancy as well as classy. They can put an instant look of sophistication to any drab wall.

3. Corner Fancy Clocks:

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Corner clocks have regained the limelight in recent years. Earlier, they were used only in places with many footfalls. But now smaller versions of the same are available, which are used in larger rooms. Often these clocks are a set of 2 clocks joined back to back.

4. Pendulum Fancy Clock Design:

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Pendulum clocks are amongst the oldest pattern of clocks and also large fancy wall clocks. Earlier, when clocks needed winding, pendulum clocks were the trend. Now, battery-operated clocks have replaced winding clocks, but big fancy wall clocks like pendulums are still extremely popular. Given the way clocks have evolved over the years, they have become fancier in every way.

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5. Theme-Based Fancy Clocks:

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Theme-based clocks are very fancy clocks. They are designed specifically keeping in mind the decor of a particular place. Clocks are an excellent way to spice up otherwise bland walls.

6. Photo Fancy Clock Designs:

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Since customising things has become so common, our clocks have also taken a turn towards these. People have started using photographs as a wall clock face, giving Ira a personal touch. Although it looks amazing, the usage is restricted to bedrooms or children’s rooms.

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7. Designer Fancy Clocks:

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With the kind of changes in our styles every so often, designer clocks have been a part of every style. These are specially designed for specific needs/ rooms. They are custom-built and unique. They can be digital or analogue, according to an Individual’s preference. For people who like everything extraordinary, this is an excellent option.

8. Sea Shell Fancy Clock Design:

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This is very popular in coastal areas. With the abundance of seashells in such regions, people often admire such walls with an exclusive seashell frame. They look fantastic on the walls and bring a touch of freshness to the room.

9. Fancy Kitchen Clock:

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One of the most important places to have a watch is perhaps the kitchen. The kitchen is the busiest part of the house, and while in the kitchen, time flies. There are now fancy kitchen clocks available in the market for the same. Walls in the kitchen are anyway covered with cupboards and appliances… A good clock breaks the monotony very well.

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Choosing the right kind of fancy clock design for your house is important. They can make or break a room’s complete look. As mentioned above, a clock is not just for knowing the time but also adds personality to the room.

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