Fancy jewellery or costume jewellery is the ones which are usually made of inexpensive materials rather than real metals like gold, silver or diamonds. It is a piece of jewellery that you wear according to current fashion and according to your style. You can wear different kinds of fancy jewellery for every occasion and flaunt to look different and awesome.

Costume Jewellery Designs for Ladies:

Fancy jewellery have elegant look and it’s pretty rather difficult to understand that the jewellery is made of real metal or it is costume jewellery. So you can have enormous fancy jewellery for yourself. Here we present some good fancy jewellery designs for you.

1. Floral Design Fashion Jewellery:

The floral designs fashion jewellery is absolutely very unique and looks absolutely similar to real ones. It’s very difficult to say that this jewel is fancy. These sets are available it different pattern and designs. The floral design make you look awesome and can be flaunting with any outfit and occasion and help to create a stylish impression on others.

2. Girls Stylish Fancy Jewelry:

Teenage girls are very conscious about their style and always want to appear different among others. Fancy jewels are the ones which are perfect to make them look unique and create your own style and fashion. This jewel looks remarkable on western outfit and makes you look amazingly different in the party.

3. Kundan Fancy Jewellery:

Kundan jewellery gives you a royal touch making you feel special. Kundan jewels can be worn on any occasions and looks good on ethnic wear. You can even attach polka, stones or diamonds with fancy kundan sets to make it look more amazing and make you feel special and royal. You can mark an impression on others and appear absolutely different from others.

4. Antique Beaded Fancy Jewellery:

Antique jewels are very lucrative and tempt you to have one. As they very heavy on your pockets, sometimes we cannot have this piece of jewel. But, now antique fancy jewels can make your dream true. They are available in different pattern and design, you can choose them according to your taste and style.

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5. Gold Plated Fancy Jewellery:

Gold is something which was tempts you and you want to have it. As gold rate are soaring so high and it is difficult to have one so you have gold plated fancy jewellery which looks similar to real ones. You can wear this fancy jewellery and look gorgeous and shine as gold in front of your friends. This jewellery is available in different colours and you can match it with your outfit and flaunt the world.

6. Handmade Costume Jewellery:

Handmade jewellery looks simple and but have an elegant appearance. This fancy jewelry can be mix and matched with ethnic wear as wear you can team up with jeans and causal outfit also. You can have as many jewels you want as they are not so heavy on your pocket and you every time you can different jewels according to your outfit.

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7. Fancy Ruby Diamond Earrings:

Earrings are something which make you look complete and lends you gorgeous. They are also available in different designs, pattern, and stones like ruby, quartz. You can be mixed and matched with your outfit. If you desire you can insert diamonds to make it look different.

8. Blue Diamond Fancy Jewellery:

Who can say no to diamonds and every one cannot afford to have as it’s a precious stone. But now you can have fancy diamonds jewels and create your own fashion and fashion never goes outdated. They are also available in different colours and look very cute and make you appear awesome.

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9. Pearl Fancy Jewellery:

Pearl is something which symbolizes purity and has a divine look. So who can say no to pearl fancy jewellery? Though they are fancy but help to mark your own fashion and style and its looks great on daily wear and also on parties and on type of outfits you want.

Fancy Jewellery is gaining immense popularity in today’s time as it looks almost similar to real ones. As these jewelleries are not expensive you can multiple numbers and you can match them with your outfits of the day and mark your own fashion and style.


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