We are often very close to fantasy characters from our childhood. As we grow, we try to keep them close to us in many ways like a tattoo. Fantasy tattoos have stories, deep meaning and influence on the maker.

Best and Styles Fantasy Tattoos:

Here are a few types of fantasy tattoos that anybody can try.

1. Fantasy Warrior Tattoo:

The fantasy Warrior Tattoo has a warrior character in it. Mostly the warrior is holding a sword or some sort of weapon. This type of fantasy tattoo is made on the arm and back. It can be made colourful. Youngsters like to try unique designs, and they prefer such type of pattern for their outlook or personality too.

2. Fantasy Angel Tattoo:

By its name, Fantasy Angel Tattoo has an angel in it. The angel has wings and a halo. This type of fantasy girl tattoo is not liked by only girls but also by men’s too. It is a small fantasy tattoo, so it doesn’t need much space to make. It gives a simple character for your choice of designs.

3. Fantasy Goddess Tattoo:

Fantasies are never complete without a Goddess. A fantasy goddess tattoo has an image of the Goddess. This Goddess can be of any culture; this one is the best fantasy tattoo sleeve for all men’s or women’s.

4. Fantasy Demon Tattoo:

When there are Gods in our fantasy, then why leave the demon out. The rock culture has always loved the fantasy of a demon. The fantasy demon tattoo has a demonic character. It is a good option for fantasy tattoos for men.

5. Fantasy Dragon Tattoo:

Dragons are mythological characters. The fantasy Dragon tattoo has dragon indicates their power. They are often characterized by breathing fire. The addition of proper designs and symbols to the tattoo gives a very fierce look.

6. Fantasy Unicorn Tattoo:

The unicorn is a fantasy character. It is a horse with wings, and it is also said that the blood of the unicorn has lots of power. All love such a powerful fantasy character. The fantasy unicorn tattoo is mostly a fantasy girl tattoo as it has cute pink and purple shades.

7. Fantasy Archer Tattoo:

Fantasy Archer Tattoo has a warrior type character with a bow and arrow. This fantasy-themed tattoo is made to show focus and power like an archer. They are not very big. Such a small place like the upper chest or forearm is enough for it.

8. Fantasy Pixie Tattoo:

Fantasy Pixie Tattoo has a pixie character. The pixie character is the tiny form of a fairy. It is a cute form of character. It usually is shown sitting on the flower or holding a bud. It is perfect for making on the neck.

9. Fantasy Dwarf Tattoo:

Fantasy Dwarf Tattoo has a little dwarf man. He is shown with some other elements like a weapon or a hammer. It is a mischievous character. This type of fantasy tattoo art is perfect for the arm and shoulder.


Tattoo artists loaning their aptitude and creative energy for this type of fantasy tattoos, the extension for such tattoos is perpetual. When you choose any design in fantasy pattern, choose like as per your personal deeply connected to the character. Only for your casual look, or you want just to show off, then go with dragon pattern fantasy-style tattoos. Try some quality in fantasy tattoo; it will give you meaning. Fantasy tattoos are made to liberate our imaginations. They make us believe that it is good at everything. These tattoos are not restricted to women. Even men love fantasy characters.

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