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Fatty Liver Symptoms And Causes – Alcoholic & Nonalcoholic

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Fatty liver is a condition where the liver has enlarged in size due to various factors. An enlarged liver can give you pain make you gain weight drastically and cause you to feel extremely lethargic. Usually people suffering with an enlarged liver are either partial to a alcoholic beverage or have a genetic problem or most importantly have liver problems from birth.

There are many such people who have always suffered with a fatty liver, with this problem not all foods are suitable, drinking any alcohol will just instigate your liver further and the worst part is that fatty liver may be suppressed allowing you to lose weight and gains some energy with the help of certain home and medical remedies but at the end of the day even the slightest neglect may cause the liver to grow again giving you more and more discomfort as the years pass. This problem without the right supervision is here to stay.

fatty liver symptoms and causes

Fatty Liver Symptoms And Causes:

To day in this article, we will tell about what causes a fatty liver and symptoms which are useful know to this disorder

Causes Of Fatty Liver:

Given below are some alcoholic and nonalcoholic causes of fatty liver which may help you in dealing with the problem that you are facing at the moment, some of these causes may include.

Alcoholic Causes:

  • Heavy Drinking

Nonalcoholic Causes:

  • Obesity
  • Gastric Problems
  • Excess Fat
  • Liver Cells
  • High Fat Diet
  • Genetics
  • Rapid Weight Loss
  • Drugs Side Effects
  • Harmful Steroids

Let’s discuss one bye one causes of fatty liver in detail and try to away from this disease.

1. Alcohol:

fatty liver causes - alcohol

Any alcohol consumption one the main in fatty liver causes. It goes through the stomach into the urinary tract therefore it has to pass through the liver. The liver processes this alcohol and in the meantime the acid in the alcohol which transferred from the stomach hits the walls of the liver causing inflammation. This inflammation increases the size of the liver thus leading to fatty liver.

2. Obesity:

obesity causes of fatty liver

Obesity is another cause for a fatty liver. Excess weight also adds a certain amount of weight to the organs and as the organs should always be of a specific weight any additional weight will be detrimental on all organs. Though the main organ to face a problem due obesity is the heart the liver being a very important organ of our body is also affected. Obesity is a killer is almost any and every way possible, from blood pressure to heart attacks obesity causes it all therefore it is not of uncommon knowledge that obesity causes a fatty liver.

3. Gastric Problems:

gastric problems reasons for fatty liver

Gas may be a minority factor in causing a fatty liver but it is a factor none the less. Gastric problems increases or builds up the acidic levels in your stomach thus causing a pressure on the lower organs such as the liver. The liver is affected form all sides and starts to become inflamed. This inflammation is known as fatty liver. Fatty liver can be of two categories. One category could be that the liver has increased in weight over the necessary limit or the liver is too inflamed. These two categories are the base of an inflamed or fatty liver.

4. Deposition of Excess Fat:

what causes fatty liver - deposition of excess Fat

Sometimes excess fat is deposited in the livers which cannot be metabolized. This is one of the prime causes of fatty liver. This fat may be trans fat which might further be extremely harmful to the body. It doesn’t help the body in any way, rather it makes the condition of the liver worse. This cause might be the culprit behind many other internal malfunctions as well. You should always keep a watch on your diet and this might be one of the outcomes if you have a heavy appetite and try eating more than you can digest.

5. Liver Cells:

what causes a fatty liver - liver Cells

Sometime excess fat is also stored in the liver cells which might be another fatty liver cause. In this case, the liver cells are generally weak and cannot withstand the amount of fat that it is about to process or metabolize. Naturally, it injures itself and lets the excess fat deposit there. A lot of fatty liver patients blame the weak liver cells as the reason behind their fatty liver issue. This fat may further give rise to a number of diseases which might cause the liver a lot of discomforts and also might be the reason behind internal breakdown.

6. High-Fat Diet:

fatty liver causes high-fat diet

A high-fat diet is a probable fatty liver cause. A lot of people have a heavy diet throughout the day which includes a lot of foods with good amounts of fat which are not required by the body. These are not good fats and will definitely cause the liver some serious problems.

In some cases, it was seen that maintaining a heavy diet routine with high amounts of fat doesn’t affect the liver directly but somehow makes the condition of the liver a lot worse. It may affect the liver indirectly as well.

7. Genetics:

genetic causes of fatty liver

This is one of the most common causes of fatty liver. A mother may pass her fatty liver issue to her child with the assistance of genetics. Heredity is a killer in this case. If any member of any family has a fatty liver, then there is a good amount of possibility that you might be affected with the disease of fatty liver as well. This is one of the worst health scenarios for the liver. You might not even know that how long you’re living with a fatty liver.

8. Rapid Weight Loss:

rapid weight loss causes of fatty liver

Rapid weight loss is a fatty liver cause. Fatty liver symptoms might be visible due to a sudden and rapid weight loss. A lot of people have faced this problem. When they have lost more than enough amount of weight within an unbelievable and unjustifiable period of time have in future been diagnosed with a fatty liver. Keeping a proper and healthy diet is also necessary in this case. If you don’t eat anything and plan on losing weight through fasting then it is not really a healthy option.

9. Medication Side Effects:

medication side effects reasons for fatty liver

Sometimes, certain medications might have a bad side effect, especially on the liver. There are some medications which might be the reason for the deposition of fat in the liver. This is one of the worst causes of fatty liver. People do medication for calming their mind. How can someone even imagine that this healthy practice might have such an unhealthy side effect.

People with fatty liver problems are advised by doctors to take a break from medication for the time being. This one of those instructions, that one should definitely abide by.

10. Harmful Steroids:

harmful Steroids causes of fatty liver

Let’s face it. We all know that steroids are not good for us. Still, there are a lot of people who are obsessed with steroids and can’t stop taking it. There are many cases, where the fatty liver cause have been blamed in steroids with proper proof.

There are some steroids which might be prescribed, but at the same time might harm the liver as well by pushing the fat levels to this organ. This causes the deposition of unwanted fat into the livers. Stop taking steroids if you want to save your liver.

Symptoms Of Fatty Liver Disease:

There are several signs of fatty liver, some of these fatty liver disease symptoms will help you to understand and realize if the problem you are facing is actually fatty liver or not.

1. Sluggish or Lethargic Feeling:

fatty liver symptoms sluggish or lethargic feeling

Usually fatty liver is sluggish in nature that way it will start to make you a tad bit more lethargic than you were before. You will no longer have the energy to carry out even medium rated strenuous jobs as the exertion will be too much for you. Usually months of neglect will leave you reeling in pain as fatty liver is only harmful when left to progress on its own accord.

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2. Nausea:

fatty liver disease symptoms nausea

A sluggish liver may also cause you to feel a little under the weather. Nausea will leave you feeling sick and highly unhealthy. Nausea is usually followed by a fever and if do not vomit the bile that is gathering in your stomach it will make you feel very bad. Overall nausea will cause you o feel extremely sick and uneasy. It is not easy to treat a fatty liver as the lifespan of this problem is usually covering a stretch of at least ten years. During the course of these ten years a constant vigilance must be kept on your liver to avoid any sort of advancement. Advancement only means that you will be suffering with excruciating pain and more advanced side effects.

3. Obesity (A Well Known Symptom):

symptoms of fatty liver obesity

One of the main reasons for fatty liver is obesity, when your body contains extra fat then much of the fat accumulates around the liver causing much discomfort for the person as this effect leads to fatty liver. Therefore regular exercise is a must as it will not only keep you fit but will reduce the risk effectively of you suffering from fatty liver. Obese people should actually know that aqt some point their liver is bound to get affected. It is an obvious point. All people who have a little knowledge about the functioning of the human body can plainly say that obesity is a obvious symptom of fatty liver. Both these problems work hand in hand with each other and fuel each other accordingly.

A doctors advice for a fatty liver patient would be to be careful as to what you eat and drink as each bite you take or each sip you drink has an adverse affect on your body.

4. Liver Inflammation:

signs of fatty liver liver inflammation

Live inflammation is one of the prime symptoms of fatty liver. If there is more than sufficient amount of fat in the liver then there will be high amounts of inflammation. This is a common fatty liver symptom and happens to almost everyone.

5. Liver Enlargement:

fatty liver symptoms liver enlargement

If you’re dealing with liver problems, then go see a doctor. You might be suffering from liver enlargement and this is nothing but a fatty liver symptom. This happens to almost anyone and everyone with fatty liver problems and is really harmful. If one specific organ of your body is enlarged, then it might have dangerous effects on the rest of the body.

One of the worst facts about this symptom is that the doctor won’t be able to detect it during a physical examination.

6. Losing Appetite:

symptoms of fatty liver disease losing appetite

In a number of cases, losing appetite was a common fatty liver symptom. One will lose his or her appetite and won’t want to eat anything for quite some time. This symptom is also associated with random body aches and other issues such as headaches, etc.

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7. Weight Loss:

fatty liver symptoms weight Loss

Sudden weight loss is a cause. Well, if you’re detected with a fatty liver then the process of weight loss won’t just stop. You will keep losing weight and eventually you will have a body weight which will be hard to witness.

8. Confusion:

fatty liver symptoms confusion

Confusion is a natural symptom of fatty liver. A lot of people with such a liver condition has experienced this problem. A fatty liver will push your mind to a state of confusion.

9. Abdominal Pain:

fatty liver symptoms abdominal Pain

Another common fatty liver symptom is the unbearable pain in the abdominal which increases with time. As your condition gets worse the pain also gets severe.

10. Indigestion Problems:

fatty liver symptoms indigestion problems

This is yet another symptom of fatty liver. Indigestion is often associated with a fatty liver. This may make the liver weak beyond point and the person won’t be able to digest anything solid which they intake.

11. Increase In The Amount of Iron:

fatty liver symptoms increase in the amount of iron

There might be an indescribable increase in the proportions of iron in your body which is not natural at all. Our body should contain not one bit more than the required amount of external elements. Such an increase in the amounts of iron is not that harmful but who knows.

Fatty liver is one of the leading ailments faced by at least two out of five people today. Fatty liver can not only be dangerous it is also developmental in nature. Over time if not treated properly it will increase double fold leaving your reeling in pain making removal of the liver necessary. Some of the main causes of liver fattening over time are consumption of alcohol, continuous consumption of oily and unhealthy foods, obesity, high salt intake etc.

Fatty liver disease or Steatosis has many treatments all approved by doctors worldwide. But to help treat something like fatty liver is an extremely slow and gradual process.

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