The birthstone for February is amethyst. This gorgeous and brilliant violet colour gemstone is perfect for all precious occasions and ceremonies. The colour violet is considered the colour of the kings. The February birthstone symbolizes peace and tranquillity. It is also an antidote to drunkenness. The birthstone for February protects against danger and mental unrest too.

Beautiful and Attractive February Birthstones Jewelry for Women’s in Trend:

Here are the best February birthstones jewellery with images.

1. Triangular February Birthstone:

The February birthstone is amethyst. The gemstone is triangular in shape. This shape is wonderful to be used in a pendant or even as a large ring. The shape shows the brilliance of the stone beautifully, and this makes a very luxurious jewellery item.

2. Oval Amethyst Birthstone:

Here is another stunning birthstone for February. This regal looking oval gemstone is perfect for all items of jewelry. This amethyst Feb birthstone colour signifies peace and serenity. The rings and earrings and necklace sets made with this oval amethyst are just super.

3. Stud Earring in February Birthstone:

These amethyst February birthstone stud earrings are perfect as a gift. The February stone colour is violet round in shape and is set in sterling silver with rhodium plating. The simple amethyst earrings are wonderful for daily wear and compliment any violet outfits you have.

4. Double Heart February Birthstone Pendant:

Here is a stunning pendant with sterling silver and amethyst in a heart shape. The pendant has a silver hollow heart shape with diamonds studded. The heart shaped amethyst stone is set behind the silver heart. This makes a very beautiful pendant that is perfect to be given as a gift for your loved one. This is easily the best anniversary or birthday gift. Select this gorgeous pendant that is unique and stylish at the same time.

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5. Princess Crown February Birthstone Ring:

An amazing piece for an amazing princess is what should be the catch phrase for this elegant ring. The February birthstone ring is made in a crown pattern. The ring in silver is studded with small amethyst gemstones that are round in shape. This 14k silver ring is a masterpiece and very impressive.

6. February Birthstone Necklace and Earring Set:

This stunning amethyst necklace and earring set are made with oval rough-cut stones strung on silver chain. The earring is a hanging earring with a round amethyst stone on the end of a silver chain. This is a daily use set that is not very extravagant.

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7. Eternity February Birthstone Ring:

Get this amazing eternity ring in amethyst that several tiny amethyst stones set in twisted silver ring. The ring symbolizes eternal love and this is perfect for gift giving too. The birthstone of February used here makes it a very lasting masterpiece and also valuable.

8. Bracelet in February Birthstone:

Use this amethyst bracelet that is made from rough cut amethyst as a fashion accessory. This bracelet uses the February birthstone in silver chain and has a rugged look. The bracelet looks good on casual outfits and is best for college goers and younger kids.

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9. Teardrop Earring in February Birthstone:

Here is a luxurious earring set in amethyst and diamonds. The teardrop shape amethyst is set in a dangling earring with diamonds set as a flower pattern. The earrings are unique and make a prized set that is precious and looks great for ceremonies and occasions.

February birthstones are gorgeous amethyst that looks beautiful in violet color. The rings and earrings made with amethyst are regal looking. Necklace sets and pendants with amethyst stones are precious jewellery items that make you look dazzling and spectacular.


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