Tattoos are liked by one and all. It is a new medium of expressing oneself, as most tattoos have an important significance behind them. Many people get themselves inked to show respect for someone or something or maybe in the loving memory of someone special.

There are different kinds of tattoos, but Feminine tattoos designs are a rage these days among women of all age groups. They get to express themselves as well as portray their independence as well.

Best and Popular Feminine Tattoos Gallery:

Listed are 9 beautiful feminine tattoos that you can try

1. Small Feminine Tattoos:

Have a look at this small dove tattoo. It is the representation of hope, peace and freedom. Similarly, there are other small feminine tattoo designs that you can find in any feminine tattoo gallery. The most commonly made small feminine tattoos are birds, and hearts which are synonymous with femininity.

2. Feminine Off-Shoulder Tattoos:

It is very common to get tattoos on the back near the shoulder blades. Look at this magnificent peacock tattoo. Peacocks are a symbol of beauty and spirituality. Feminine Back Tattoos also represent that the person donning them is secretive and mysterious.

3. Feminine Tribal Pattern Tattoos:

Tribal tattoos represent your lineage thus are taken as very crucial. A number of tribes in history have made the use of tattoos to represent a number of things. It is taken as very important as the Feminine Tribal Tattoo designs represent Family.

4. Feminine Designer Forearm Tattoos:

Forearm tattoos are a new thing in the market. Not only men but even women are getting themselves inked on their forearms as it shows the strong side of women. These beautiful feminine tattoos serve as an inspiration as the forearm is easily visible and makes you remember the reason for getting inked.

5. Personalized Feminine Tattoos:

Another category is the women’s feminine tattoos are the cute ones that usually are made for representing the love and joy of the life of women. Take a look at the cute Bow Tattoo, which means the appealing charm of women. These are high in demand by women across the world.

6. Feminine Casual Tattoo:

By now, we are all aware that tattoos are the most important way of expressing oneself. In the case of women, there are a number of beautiful feminine tattoos that they can get as femininity is itself an expression of beauty.

7. Simple Feminine Tattoos:

Women these days prefer simple feminine tattoos as they represent the uncomplicated form of women. These simple feminine tattoos are easily understandable and, of course, look very charming. You can check out the simple phoenix tattoo. We all know that the phoenix is a representation of renewal and rebirth, which is very delicately shown in the tattoo.

8. Feminine Flower Style Tattoo:

These beautiful feminine tattoos carry a deeper meaning. In many parts of the world, Flower tattoos are directly linked with feminism as they represent sensitivity and compassion present in women.

9. Feminine Tattoo with Quote:

Feminine Tattoo quotes are very meaningful. They also represent the life motto which is quite clearly explained in the quote. Or even the meaningful sayings make us motivated.


As more and more women are openly expressing feminism, more people are now accepting it. Even the Tattoo universe is in sync with femininity. Hence, the women’s feminine tattoos are now an “In Thing”. Get some unique designs in this pattern of style and surprise your dear one with a beautiful smile.

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