Top 20 Fenugreek Leaves Benefits

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Fenugreek Leaves also known as Methi leaves in Hindi is one of the green leafy vegetables that is used more as an herb in most of the cultures and regions of the world. In fact, it is also known as Bird’s Foot and Goat’s Horn by a lot of people. India and North Africa are some of the places where you see proper growth of fenugreek leaves. Both the leaves as well as the seeds of this plant can be used for various benefits. It is best used in cooking and gives an added flavour to the food. It is also known to be a nutritional supplement for the body. Since, fenugreek leaves have innumerable advantages for the body and the health, it is important to know everything about them and completely satisfy yourself before using them each day in the diet.

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The guide below has some of the top notch benefits that should be read to have an informed idea about fenugreek leaves and its magical wonders.

Health Benefits Leaves Fenugreek:

1. Treats Bowel Issues:

Any poor liver functioning and dyspepsia along with any gastric issues and intestinal problems can be treated with the consumption of some fenugreek leaves in the diet. Dysentery and diarrhea can also be stayed away from with these leaves. The powdered form of dried fenugreek leaves also helps in a great deal here.

2. Mouth Freshener:

To prepare a natural mouth freshener, you can easily dry the fenugreek leaves and powder it well. Now add some lemon juice and heat this pot for some minutes before using the paste as a mouth freshener to treat bad breath. It is one of the best benefits to use for moth freshener.

3. Respiratory Problems Cure:

Any kind of allergies or congestion in the respiratory tract can be easily cures with use of fenugreek leaves in the dishes or else using the powder form made by drying the leaves under the sun. Various home remedies use it for achievement of these goals.

4. Keeps Cholesterol In Check:

The fenugreek leaves has a high capacity level for lowering the bad cholesterol in the body. Along with reducing the LDL and triglycerides in the body, it helps in increasing the good cholesterol to keep various heart problems and diseases away. The leaves should be soaked in a glass of water and then strained in the morning to consume. This will give the outcomes.

5. Fenugreek Leaves Good For Diabetics:

The anti diabetic element in fenugreek leaves is similar to cinnamon and it helps in controlling the levels of glucose metabolism in the right manner. Type II diabetes can also be treated through consumption of fenugreek leaves.

6. Reduction of Blemishes:

Skin marks, blemishes, stubborn spots, and any other on the face can be treated with use of fenugreek leaves. The paste of the leaves or seeds can be applied on the face for a few minutes and then rinsed with water for best outcomes. Use a wet cotton ball to wipe the face. This should be done at least 2-3 times in a week for maximum outcomes.

7. Fever Cures:

Fenugreek with lemon and honey combined is a good home remedy for bringing down the high temperatures. You can also include fenugreek seeds, lemon juice and honey in green tea to get the same outcomes.

8. Long And Healthy Hair:

Prepare a thick fenugreek paste with the leaves and water. This should be applied on the scalp for the next 40 minutes in an even manner. Rinse the hair with cold water. This should be done two times in a week for healthy, long and shiny hair. It also keeps the hair away from all kinds of chemical damage.

9. Fenugreek Leaves Cures Anaemia:

The high levels of iron and nutrition in fenugreek leaves are perfect for treatment of anaemia and well as to prevent the problem. Including fenugreek leaves in the diet is all you need to do to fulfill the requirements of iron and increase the red blood cells and hemoglobin.

10. Deals With Heart Problems:

Dealing with heart problems is one of the best fenugreek leaves benefits. These leaves can balance the blood liquid levels and make your heart heather. It also assists in lowering the LDL levels and that is why this organic leave is so beneficial for diabetes and cholesterol issues (discussed earlier). One of the best methi leave benefits is that it can lower the chances of blood clotting. Since all this is somehow associated to the heart, it can be said this particular leave is good for the heart. By reducing the platelet reaction it keeps the heart healthy. People with heart problems are often prescribed with fenugreek leaves.

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11. Deal with Heartburn and Acid Refux:

Want to know about methi leaves benefits? This is one of the best uses and benefits of fenugreek leaves. It can combat the acid reflux which is also known as heartburn. The methi leaves should be soaked in water before consuming it for this purpose. The benefits of methi leaves are never ending and it can be said that once your body gets the touch of the extracts of this leaf gets inside your body, you will become healthy from the inside automatically.

12. Assist in Weight Loss:

One of the most popular uses of fenugreek leaves is its application for weight loss. One can just chew the soaked methi leaves and reduce a substantial amount of weight within a very short period of time. It should be consumed on an empty stomach. It comes with soluble fiber which can keep the stomach filled and suppress the feeling of hunger. This is one of the best heath benefits of methi leaves. Since you will not get any sensation of hunger you will not require food this will assist in weight loss. So don’t forget to include methi leaves or fenugreek leaves in your diet if you’re willing to loose weight.

13. It can Assist with Breast Milk Production:

Mothers who are about to have a baby will find this benefit of methi leaves suitable for them. Breast milk is one of the basic requirements of a newborn baby, hence, you should make sure that you can provide your baby with the required amount. Doctors recommend nursing mothers to consume this leaf on a daily basis. The spice is highly used because of the presence of diosgenin which further assist in breast milk production. It is one of the top10 foods that can assist with breast milk production.

14. Methi Leaves Help With Increase in Breast Size:

One of the best uses of fenugreek leaves is that it can assist with natural breast enlargement. Without going through a breast surgery, you can look attractive in a top by consuming this leaf on a daily basis. It balances the hormones and help women with breast enlargement. Consuming fenugreek leaves have been rated as one of the best and easiest ways to increase the size of breasts naturally.

15. Methi Leaves Can Reduce Scars:

It has been proved that methi leaves can help with the removal of scars. It comes with Vitamin C which is actually an effective antioxidant. The leaf acts as an anti-inflammatory substance and can boost the process of scar and mark removal. So from now on don’t go for any artificial ointment. Choose fenugreek leaves from now on to remove scars effectively. This is one of the best uses of fenugreek leaves. For using it for removing scars, simply take a white piece of clean cloth and dip it in some methi paste and apply it on the affected area. This will surely remove the scars.

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16. Methi Leaves Good for Kidney Problems:

Kidneys are main organs to human body along with other organs. Diabetes and other health problems causing to kidney diseases. According to recent studies, it has been proven that fenugreek leaves are actually good for fighting kidney issues.

17. Stabilize The Body Temperature:

Fenugreek leaves is often used to stabilize the body temperature. This is one of the best benefits of fenugreek seeds. By taking at least one time in day in the form of potion or raw seed really helpful maintain good body temperature.

18. Beriberi Diseases:

Mostly Vitamin B1 deficiency caused to beriberi diseases.  Methi leaves can prevent the occurrence of beriberi disease through its natural vitamins and mineral elements.

19. Good For Tuberculosis:

Tuberculosis also know as TB which is caused by bacteria and spread to others.  Fenugreek leaves plays a massive role in the process of the cure of tuberculosis. Taking one table spoon menthi seeds or leaves daily with water will be beneficial in control of TB.

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20. Fenugreek Leaves For Baldness:

Baldness is nowadays most common problem of women and men. Dealing with baldness, Fenugreek leaves are very effective to treat the hair loss problem and stops baldness.

These were some of the best uses and benefits of fenugreek leaves. There might be some other benefits and uses as well, but these are the most popular ones and the leaf is known especially for the uses discussed above. Methi leaves are one of the best gifts of nature to us. It can cure a number of diseases, small or severe.