9 Common Fenugreek Seeds Side Effects And How to Avoid Them

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Fenugreek also known as Methi to Indian people is one of the major ingredients used in a lot of north Indian dishes. It is an herb that is known to a lot of parts of the world and not only the leaves but also the seeds are of use. However, as we all know that excessive consumption of anything can cause side effects on the body. The same is valid for fenugreek. Even after having a lot of benefits for the body and the health in the form of fenugreek leaves and fenugreek seeds, there are a handful of side effects that you might have to go through because of overdose.

fenugreek side effects

Common Side Effects of Fenugreek Seeds:

The list below mentions are most common fenugreek seeds side effects or methi seeds side effects which help to avoid them by aware. Check them out:

1. Internal Bleeding:

Large doses of fenugreek can have some serious health issues like internal bleeding. This is one of the reasons why professional advice that the dose should always be consulted before taking fenugreek in any form.

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2. Allergies and Skin Irritation:

Too much consumption of fenugreek actually hampers the skin by causing either irritation or rashes or leading to various skin allergies and inflammation. This is one thing that a lot of users have gone through making it a common side effect of fenugreek herb or methi dana.

3. Diarrhea:

Another of the known side effects of that is caused with too much of fenugreek in the body is the issue of diarrhea. There are enzymes in the food product that aggravates the digestive system and causes watery bowels.

4. Stomach Problems:

Starting from indigestion to heartburn and from bloating to flatulence and gastric problems, you might face any of the critical situations with over intake of fenugreek. This is again a very prevent problem associated with the herb.

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5. Unsafe for Children:

In extreme cases fenugreek can cause unconsciousness in children. It might also cause a body odour in children with the consumption making it one of the side effects that needs to be mentioned here. Try and avoid this as much as possible for the younger age group.

6. Affects Diabetes Negatively:

Fenugreek lowers the blood sugar levels to a very serious range. This brings along a lot of threats for the body. One has to understand that only a perfect dose can help in balancing the insulin levels. So it is important for everyone to prevent over consumption of fenugreek.

7. Causes Birth Defects:

For women who are pregnant and taking large doses of fenugreek should know that is causes birth defects in the baby as one of the side effects. Try and avoid fenugreek in the diet as much as possible to ensure safety and protection for your bundle of joy.

8. Premature Birth:

Fenugreek if taken in more than the required dose can cause uterine contractions way before the time of birth and lead to premature delivery of the baby. This is one of the side effects of fenugreek. On the other hand, a little fenugreek during the final month of pregnancy helps in inducing the labour pains and lead to normal delivery. This is a benefit for the pregnant lady.

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9. Leads to Enlarged Breasts:

For those who already have big breasts should avoid over consumption of fenugreek. Where on one hand a lot of women take it as a benefit that fenugreek enlarges breasts it might be more of a side effect for those who don’t want to increase the size. This is again something that will depend on the woman who is consuming fenugreek and her situation.

Like everything else, fenugreek seeds also have some side effects along with benefits as said above. By using recommended dose for right one we can avoid the side effects and can enjoy fruitful benefits of fenugreek seeds.

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