The scientific name of figs is Ficus carica. It is a species of some flowering plant belonging to a mulberry family. Fig is basically a nutrition fruit with several benefits. It is popularly known as ‘Anjeer’ in Hindi. It is mostly found in the Middle East, Europe, West US, and Western Asia. The benefits of figs during pregnancy are numerous and are required for necessity. A woman is under a crucial and sensitive stage during pregnancy, and a perfect health diet is to be followed. So, figs in pregnancy are required for nourishing the baby in the womb.

Is anjeer good for pregnancy?

Some of the people may ask, is anjeer good for pregnancy? Then the answer is yes because figs are considered one of the healthiest foods in the world. It is mainly recommended for a pregnant woman. Anjeer in pregnancy can provide many health benefits for the body’s stability. So, a husband can choose figs in pregnancy for his wife.

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Nutritional value of eating figs in pregnancy:

There are many uses of anjeer during pregnancy but let us first known all the nutritional value present in Figs.

If we talk about 50 gm. Of fig then,

  • It contains about 38 g of calories,
  • 1.45g of dietary fibre,
  • 0.06 mg of vitamin B6,
  • 116 mg of potassium,
  • 0.06 mg of manganese,
  • 0.03 mg of copper,
  • 0.38 g of protein,
  • 9.6 g of carbohydrates,
  • 0.16 g of fat,
  • 1.12 g of sugar.

Thus, figs in pregnancy will add many functional and essential values for maintaining stability in the body.

Benefits of eating figs or anjeer during pregnancy:

The benefits of figs during pregnancy are,

1). Boosting the level of calcium:

There are many health benefits of figs during pregnancy. As we know the importance of calcium in developing bones and teeth, anjeer helps a woman in strengthening bones during pregnancy. It would help them to resume all the daily activities.

2). Rich source of foliate and omega-3:

The anjeer fruit benefits in pregnancy also include consumption of foliate and omega-3 acids. This would contribute to providing developed fetal brain. And we all know the importance of fetal brain for a pregnant woman.

3). A healthy diet:

Generally, a woman may crave for top or favourite dishes, which is not allowed to be eaten during pregnancy. It can produce serious conditions like obesity and gestational diabetes. So, anjeer during pregnancy would help and prevent such condition. It can control the woman’s craving for dishes, and they can easily avoid unwanted stuff.

4). Free from anaemia:

The anjeer benefits in pregnancy also include prevention of the fetus from anaemia and fatigue. As figs contain a high content of iron, this would help in maintaining proper oxygen supply in the body. So, the presence of iron can establish a continuous amount of oxygen in the body.

5). Boosts digestion:

The figs in pregnancy help a woman to get rich dietary fibre to regulate bowel movement and boost digestion. The process of digestion is essential for a pregnant woman as it is directly linked with the child. This would prevent constipation and other related problems. So, it can also boost digestion in the body.

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Side-effects of anjeer during pregnancy:

The anjeer in pregnancy is highly advisable and beneficial until not taken an inappropriate amount. The excess of anything can be wrong. Some of the side-effects are:

  • The high amounts of fig can cause severe skin problems like photodermatitis.
  • It can even lower the blood pressure thus decreasing the glucose level.
  • There can be some allergic reactions over the body which can be severe. These allergic reactions may create a sense of irritation for a pregnant woman.

The figs may be very beneficial, but everything has a limit to be taken. So, figs during pregnancy are to be made in the required amount only, or it can cause some severe side-effects.

How to eat anjeer during pregnancy?

Some of the people may ask, can a pregnant woman eat anjeer? Then it is a question for a positive answer. There is a great need of figs during pregnancy in a limited amount only. Some woman can have fig juice during pregnancy while others can have dry figs eaten during lunch, breakfast, or snacks. This anjeer can be taken for five times a day. For better taste, some woman can add anjeer in their favourite dishes. So, eating anjeer is more productive for pregnant women nowadays.

Dry fig during pregnancy and its benefits:

Some women may ask for how to eat dried figs during pregnancy? If we generally talk, then there are a lot of benefits of dried anjeer during pregnancy.

  1. The dry fig during pregnancy is advisable as it provides several available benefits for the health. It can boost calcium intake in the body.
  2. This gives healthy and admirable skin.
  3. It even regulates the blood sugar level and controls cholesterol level.
  4. One can get rid of morning sickness and makes free from anaemia.
  5. It is also a great absorption of iron and a source of pure sugar.

Thus, anjeer dry fruit in pregnancy is advised to be taken for maintaining proper health both for the woman and child. One can dry anjeer with some snacks or breakfast. Even, it can be served along with a favourite dish.

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How to include figs during pregnancy diet?

The fig in pregnancy can be included in the snacks. Or some may try for other different dishes using anjeer. A daily diet can be followed either in breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This would help the women to get through daily anjeer during pregnancy. A proper diet is to be followed for generating positive results through figs in the body.

Fig juice good during pregnancy:

Fig juice during pregnancy is the best choice for women. The juice is very important as many of the women may not like the taste of dried anjeer. So, they can try some syrup of figs pregnancy or fig juice during pregnancy, whatsoever is appropriate to be taken. One will able to get all the desired nutrients in the proper amount.

The fig or anjeer during pregnancy is very important. A woman has a load of many neurons and nerves inside the body. And proper growth is needed, so anjeer is the best choice for a pregnant woman. Now, some may ask for how many figs to eat in a day during pregnancy. Then, it is advised to take about 5 figs daily in a proper diet. One should never take anjeer in excess as it would have some serious side-effects.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. Fig fruit or Dry fig which is the best to use in pregnancy?

Ans: Fig in pregnancy is absolutely one of the finest dried fruit for pregnancy. Dry figs during pregnancy are very safe and beneficial for a pregnant woman. Many of the health-related benefits are known for both the mother and child. It is advisable to take dry fig for a pregnant woman. Dry figs can provide you with some direct benefits.

Q2. How many figs to eat in a day during pregnancy?

Ans: The importance of anjeer during pregnancy is resourceful research. Yes, figs are advised for better health in pregnancy. It is advisable to take 5 figs a day. One should never keep figs in excess amount, or one may have to face some severe side-effects of excess figs. So, five figs would be enough during pregnancy.

Q3. Is it safe to use syrup of figs during pregnancy?

Ans: The anjeer or fig is a nutritious fruit. It can be in a dry or non-dry form. The syrup of figs pregnancy is safe. The syrup can be taken by ladies who find some problem in eating dry figs. Moreover, syrup of figs pregnancy provides the same nutritional value as dry figs. So, if someone wants to take, then they can take it positively.


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