Top 15 Fashionable Finger Mehandi Designs with Images

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Mehandi or henna on hands and legs formed part of tradition as well as custom erstwhile in olden days and the practice is in existence till today. Henna is a popular in Asian, Arabian countries, India and Pakistan. Women adorn themselves with mehandi on occasions like weddings, marriage, parties, etc.

There are different types of mehendi like red henna, black henna, henna with stones, embellishments etc. One can experiment with a variety of colors or one can keep the henna plain and traditional.

Mehandi or henna is also eagerly catching up in the west and foreign countries. This is known as temporary tattoos in the west. Women experiment on hands and legs with different lengths, but one can try henna on fingers, back, wrist, shoulder, forearms, etc.

finger mehandi designs

Latest and Modern Mehndi Designs for Fingers:

Below are the top 15 easy and simple finger mehndi designs 2018.

1. Quarter Finger Mehndi Designs:

Quarter Finger Designs

Quarter finger mehandi designs look stylish with the design being minimalistic yet elegant. The design has lines, dots, one small floral pattern and three buds designed on the finger with lovely design and patterns; one can beautifully adorn the quarter fingers. This is an Indian style design which can be used for small occasions or get-togethers. This is one design that can be made in a jiffy and within no time.

2. Embellished Finger Mehendi Designs:

Embellished Finger Designs

This is one of the jewellery mehendi designs for fingers specially designed for teenagers. This design includes of lines, dots, floral designs, leads and diamond shaped pattern. This embellishment finger design tries to cover the full finger lengths. The inverted v designs have dots on the extremes which highlight the look. This has a lot of assorted designs which makes the fingers look elongated with lovely dark nail enamel.

3. Leaf Print Finger Mehandi Designs:

Leaf Print Finger Mehandi Designs

One can ornate ones back of the hands with fingers; with these lovely leaf patterns. This leaf print finger design starts from the wrist and has two lovely branches intertwined beautifully running up till the middle finger. The two branches have two; small leafs on either side drawn in perfect same size forming a beautiful symmetry till the finish of the design. An amateur in mehandi can also try this fantastic henna design.

4. Geometric Mehandi Design for Fingers:

Geometric Design in Fingers

Everyone has a lot of choice to experiment when it comes to geometric henna design on fingers this is one of the elegant design which gives a trendy outlook. This particular geometric design is for women who prefer to be modern, different and classy. One hand has geometric patterns done beautifully on the wrist while the other has it done on the fingers together; this geometric design creates magic on hands.

5. Linear Finger Mehandi Design:

Linear Finger Mehandi Designs

This awesome mehndi design is only for fingers which encapsulates and defines with lines, dots, circles and diamond pattern which combines traditional with modern patterns. One can add according to one’s creative imagination to take this basic linear design to another level altogether. The simplicity in the design makes it so lovely that one doesn’t need an occasion to actually wear this design.

6. Finger Ring Mehandi Designs:

Finger Ring Mehandi Designs

Women love designs which are effortless they prefer eye catchy coveted design in mehandi on fingers. This is perfect for modern woman who likes finger rings or any other accessories. They experiment with rings and this finger mehendi design has finger bands design on every finger. The tiny or fine lines are filled with henna or mehndi appears very unique and the design looks very stylish and elegant on fingers.

7. Peacock Feather Finger Henna:

Peacock Feather Finger Henna

This finger design mehandi is inspired from a peacock feather; the main highlight is the peacock feather and the designs around it. There is a beautiful embellished peacock feather shaped circle on the back of the hand, it is completed by lines and dots and further the feather has been connected by a chain of dots. Give a final touch for this design with lovely electric blue color nail enamel.

8. Finger Band Mehandi:

Finger Band Mehandi

Mehandi designs are purely based on creativity and imagination which doesn’t have any limits. This exquisitely band pattern finger henna design is one among those one can try these mini, cute band patterned designs on fingers. This particular pattern has small intricate swirls captured in two lines each on top and bottom it covers a tiny portion on fingers and the rest of the skin is fully exposed.

9. Indexed finger mehndi designs Arabic:

Indexed Arabic Finger Henna

As the name suggests, this is an Arabic mehandi design on the index finger the Arabic henna usually follows a pattern which is stretched from the top of the index finger till the wrist. This follows a linear pattern with various motifs and designs it is very intricate and done finely to highlight the back of the hand. These arabic mehndi designs for fingers gives an appealing look for the hand.

10. Triangular Finger Henna Design:

Triangular Finger Henna Design

Simple henna designs actually stand out very well on fingers this design is exactly of the same. Capturing the inverted V or the triangular pattern beautifully on the caps of the fingers makes this design different. The two triangles are joined and made into a complete design for each finger at the back of the hand. The design just has lines connecting the patterns but looks stunning on the hands; design is completed with dots at the edges.

11. Criss Cross Finger Mehandi Design:

Criss Cross Finger Mehandi Design

This is strikingly different from the usual finger mehandi design patterns; the fingers are done completely with criss cross lines and dots at the end. Further the design has full henna covered with five leaves on each finger to give a complete look for the design. The finger caps excluding the nails are covered fully with henna. This is one of the best designs for wedding and other occasions and it is just wow for finger mehandi.

12. Jewellery Style Mehndi Finger Designs:

Chain Style Mehandi Designs

This is the best among all finger mehandi designs; the jewellery style mehendi design is beautifully done with a chain connecting the ring and the index fingers. It is done of two curved lines with patterns like dots and has delicate work on them and the other fingers had matching patterns. There is a big designed petal shaped tear drop connected from the index finger and this design is totally amazing.

13. Paisleys Motif Finger Mehandi:

Mango Motif Finger Mehandi

Paisley motifs are popular as the floral or peacock motifs; this is one of the prefect designs for weddings to highlight the fingers. This mehndi design is not complicated to apply the finger caps have inverted v with lines and loops and joined linearly with a filled paisley motif in the centre. The finger mehendi design is completed with curves and dots can also transform this design into many more interesting patterns.

14. Flowers in Fingers Design:

Flowers in Fingers Design

Beauty captured in fingers can be the best thing to describe this finger mehendi design. Completely adorned in floral patterns and motifs, this covers the index finger till end of the thumb and the little finger till wrist. Beautiful intricate floral designs are made which is simple yet looks sophisticated. The highlight is the curved squared pattern made in both the fingers and a small four petal flower is drawn on each square. This is one best design for festivals and weddings.

15. Semi Circular Loops Henna Design:

Semi Circular Loops Henna Design

This is one simple yet different finger mehandi design for any festive occasion; the small semi-circular pattern is combined with small loops on the edges to complete the design. Further, small dots are placed on the loops for additional grace. One can always be creative to add small floral patterns or leaf patterns, stars, dots, linear patterns etc. In addition to the semi-circular loops. One can make this a complete festival designer mehendi by sporting glittered nail enamel.


This lovely henna is stylish mehndi designs for fingers it can be traditional, designer, classy or modern in the way the mehendi is portrayed. Finger mehendi designs can be in the form of Arabic designs, simple Indian designs or simple mehendi designs. This will make fingers look even more appealing with the Simple and Easy fingers mehendi design. Get a good quality mehndi cone and try these Mehandi Designs for Fingers.