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Top 15 Finger Tattoo Designs With Images

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They say one of the hardest places to get tatted on is the fingers where the mass mainly consists of bones with hinges that makes tattooing a lot more complicated. The more the skin and the flesh, the better the base for an inking they say. However, finger tattoo designs are quite in the trend where they portray a sense of carelessness yet wanting to get your voice across feeling. This is why most of the finger tattoos tend to be abstract, saying it all in a vague way.

finger tattoo designs

However, we do get extensive finger tattoos with intricate designs which are not an irregular thing. Usually in the form of a ring or words, here is a list to some of the best tattoo ideas that might be fit for your fingers. However, before opting for a finger tattoo design, make sure you know the pain quotient which might be a little more than the normal areas.

Excellent Finger Tattoos With Images:

Want to get a best small tattoo designs, and can’t decide where? Consider your fingers. Go for a pretty design from any of the  best finger tattoo designs. Below we mention different types of best finger tattoo designs with pictures which are very cute in look that makes your more happy.

1. Keeping It To Bare Minimum:

Finger tattoos - Keeping It To Bare Minimum

Here is a nice idea for a start up tattoo idea small, compact and precise. The tattoo concept includes nothing but a small little bird on one of the inner sides of your finger which could mean anything from carefree and light spirited to deeply desiring the chains to freedom. This is a very simple artistic tattoo on finger which is so beautiful to look.

2. Peacock Feather Tattoo Art:

Peacock feather tattoo on finger

Here is another tattoo idea for your fingers. Usually one subjects to abstract thoughts for your fingers and doing so here we have an elegant peacock feather embracing the finger portraying inner beauty and grace interlocked with possessiveness or introvert feelings. It is one of the best finger tattoo designs for women.

3. Matched Rings Finger Tattoos For Women:

Matched rings finger tattoos comples

Out of wedlock and head over heels in love, now can be given a more permanent basis with matching rings tattooed on your fingers, a special him and her depicted. These finger tattoos for couples are much like wedding rings except just an inked artwork portraying commitment and desire towards each other. This is one of the perfect finger tattoo designs for pair with matching that looks so cute.

4. Small Etched Words:

Small etched words Tattoo in finger

Finger tattoos are the best for small write ups, mere one words if they could to portray something that you deeply believe in. This name tattoo on finger can be a life goal quote or a single word such as love, faith or believe like in this tattoo. Soft designs like a star, a vine, a bird and such subsidiary are common along with it. This is one of the popular finger tattoo designs for girls.

5. Finger Tattoo Sleeve:

Finger tattoo sleeve Tattoos for women

Just like your arms your fingers too can sport a sleeve much like this girl who used one full finger’s length to draw a lovely fleeting feather while the other fingers on either side has small flames raging down where the nails end.

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6. Star Struck Finger Tattoos For Girls:

Star struck finger tattoos for girls

Stars are a good cryptic message giver. They can mean anything from natural to fantasy, from glitters of a golden life to glimmers of a dazzling dream. In this tattoo on finger, here we see a collection of constellations, a streak of star silhouettes embracing her finger.

7. A New Creativity:

A new creativity finger tattoos for men

This is a skull tattoo drawn on the finger, precisely taking up two consecutive fingers to complete the ink work in such a way that each part of the face is equally etched on the finger. This way when you bring in the fingers close enough to each other, the full face is displayed. This type of tattoos on fingers give an excitement for users while they are sporting. This is the best example of single tattoo on fingers.

8. A Floral Concept:

A floral concept middle finger tattoo

Flowers are a common tattoo art design and this is why in this middle finger tattoo we have given the finger a nice feminine yet powerful touch with the aromatic king of flowers, the majestic rose. Red and blooming, these roses can also accompany vines and leaves if wished.

9. Bow With Arrow Tattoo Pattern:

Bow with arrow love tattoo on finger

A sign of commitment, best friends glued at the hips, here is a perfect lover or best friend tattoo where one can be the bow to the other ones’ arrow. This type of love tattoo on finger is mostly preferable by most of the artists which has no limit to think.

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10. Clefs:

Tattoo in finger Clefs

Get these clefs etched into your fingers if you are a musician or even a music lover. Just by watching them people will know about your interest in music. They are extremely small and quite attractive. This type of tattoos for fingers indicates love towards music.

11. Decorative Designs For Fingers:

unique finger tattoos decorative designs

These beautiful and intricately dispersed designs all over the fingers are placed nicely and they give the hand an attractive look. They are quite elaborate and nothing else is needed too complete your hands once these are done on your fingers. They just complete the look.

12. Unicorns:

unicorns tinger tattoo designs

If you are a fantasy lover and love the mythical creatures unicorns, just get them etched permanently on your fingers and they stay with you forever. This artistic tattoo in finger symbolizes the more feeling towards the users.

13. A Mix Of All:

finger tattoos a mix of all

Confused between a number of finger tattoo designs and you like them all, you don’t need to worry. We have 10 fingers and you can get all of them etched in one finger each. They are colorful and quite lovely in itself each one portraying a different characteristic of yours.

14. Something Unique Finger Tattoos For Men:

small finger tattoos something unique

If you love fishing, this is just for you. The fish tattoo for fingers is very alluring more than the other tattoo design. Most teenage girls like to wear this type of tattoos on her fingers for their best deals.

15. Hope:

hope finger tattoo designs

Last but not the least in the list of best tattoo designs for fingers, this evergreen and most common hope etched on your finger tips will always keep you full of hope. This is one of the best finger tattoo designs for men.

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Pros And Cons For Finger Tattoos:

However, finger tattoos have their own pros and cons.


  • If u wish to keep your tattoo hidden and yet visible when you wish the insides of a finger is the best place.
  • Getting inked on hand can be a problem, because various company policies does not allow visible inks and wearing gloves is impossible. So if you wish a tattoo on your hand, the insides of a finger may be an option.
  • Finger tattoos like ring tattoos are also a good option to go. They are less expensive than the real ones and they cannot be lost. You can go for as elaborate design, as you wish. You can even make it as reminder, to an event, place, person or a memory.
  • Finger tattoos are especially common in women, because they are intricate, small and dainty and the tattoo artist keep creating various designs available for fingers, like small crocs, cursive fonts, pretty flowers, etc.
  • The best benefit of a finger tattoo is that they are extremely reasonable because of their and size and they are a good start for someone tattooed for the first time, as an experiment.


  1. Finger tattoos take longer to heal and it is a difficult process as you cannot keep it covered all the time and hands are in constant use. Keeping it away from soap and other chemical products is one of the main issues.
  2. They usually fade during the healing process itself.
  3. However, if you even manage to heal it properly, you cannot keep it that way forever because they will definitely fade overtime, the hands are constantly used and also because the skin on the finger is much thinner, and they may or may not hold the pigmented color well.
  4. Getting the fingers tattooed is one of the most painful experiences because fingers do not contain much muscle. It is very intense as the needle puts direct pressure on the bones of fingers.
  5. Tattooing the fingers is also a tricky job as the designs are usually small and also the space available is quite small. Removal of these tattoos is also complicated.

Whatever the benefits be and whatever the losses, just go for them if you want your fingers tattooed, with any of the 15 finger tattoo designs. They are a new style statement in tattoo industry without much of a hassle and least expensive. Though they are painful but for every good thing you have to endure some.

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