Heart attacks are a disastrous part of heart disease. This needs to be treated properly or this can even lead to the death of a person. Heart attacks happen when your blood supply to the heart is blocked. This is known to be a silent disease that leads to even sudden death. This is mainly observed in the increasing age of both men and even women.

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The very common cause of heart attack is the sudden or complete blocking in a patent coronary artery that forms a blood clot. Its areas to get heart-supplied blood get instantly affected, that cut off any blood supply. This is mainly upon the size of the attack of the patient that needs to be treated quickly.

In this article, we have listed a few effective treatments for heart attack that can be useful to save lives and thus prevent any sudden death. This is very effective when done just within 1 hour from the start of heart attack symptoms.

Symptoms and Signs of a Heart Attack:

  •  Shortness of breath
  •  Chest pain
  •  uncomfortable pressure,
  •  Feeling fullness,
  •  Pain in the centre of your chest for more than 5 minutes.
  •  Shoulder or arm pain that can be mild to intense.
  •  Feeling of pressure
  •  Tightness,
  •  Heavyweight.
  •  Anxiety,
  •  Nervous,
  •  Cold,
  •  Sweaty skin,
  •  Irregular heart rate.

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Some Ignored Symptoms of a Heart Attack:

  •  Discomfort at the upper abdominal while feeling fainting or even throwing up.
  •  Paining jaw and even teeth in spite of not having local dental problems.
  •  Sweating while having difficulty in breathing.

Some patients can feel breathless with the needing severe air hunger. They also gasp for breath in case of massive heart attack causing heart failure. While in some cases, they can lose consciousness like convulsion.

Time is a vital factor when you have to save heart muscle that is getting damaged permanently with a bad short or long-term prognosis. 1st Hour of a heart attack is referred to as the “Golden Hour”, as proper treatment is instituted just within an hour. This is useful to open up the blocked artery and can completely reverse the damage suffered. Any Delay in doing this treatment can cause irreversible damage to the patient’s heart. When this is treated after twelve hours the chances of reducing attack is very low.

This has to be taken care of in a hospital that has proper facility of ECG monitoring with good critical care. (CCU) Coronary Care Units are special areas that have equipment and even medical personnel that can manage any sick patients by keeping at 1 single place. They restore the blood flow into the blocked coronary arteries by the help of drugs or by emergency angioplasty.

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First Aid for Heart Attack:

Let’s see the what are the steps to be taken in first aid treatment for heart attack.

  •  Get the patient to sit down and make them calm.
  •  Loosen the clothing if it’s tight.
  •  Try to transfer them to your nearest hospital or call an ambulance service.
  •  Never leave the patient alone.
  •  Avoid giving any medication except sublingual tablets.
  •  If you have medication prescribed by his doctor, you may proceed to give that.
  •  Aspirin tablet is also useful to lower the damage risk.
  •  Make the person’s breath continue and keep up his pulse till an ambulance arrives or the patient is reached to the emergency department of any hospital.
  •  Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) can be given as a first aid in a heart attack when there is no breathing or even pulse.
  1.  place your hand palm on the patient’s chest, that is over the lower part of the breast bone
  2.  Press the hand in a pumping motion.
  3.  Do this once or twice with the other hand.
  4.  It helps to get back the heartbeat in many cases.
  5.  You can also raise their legs up 15 inches that allows more blood to flow towards the heart.

Always take prompt action to diagnose heart attack. Any delay in this case can be fatal.

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