Name is something which is going to stay with us till life. Whatever we choose to name our kid, we lookout for something meaningful and intense, with a beautiful tone and feel. These five letter baby names we have compiled for you include the world’s most timeless, classic, and yet contemporary names to help out in your process of name picking.

Any 5 letter names you consider – they are perfect with the tone as well as pronunciation. Neither they are too short or tiny, nor are they very long. Check out these names for the little star we have compiled to help you out!

Unique And Latest 5 Letter Baby Names To Check Out This Year

These cool and super cute five letter names we have compiled will solve all your concerns in a jiffy! Here we go!

Baby Boy Names That Have 5 Letters:

1. Caine:

While the origins of the name Craine is not very sure of, many believe they are either from Irish or Welsh origin. However, Craine means ‘son of a fighter.’ It is an ideal and perfect match for those parents searching fora unique and innovative, meaningful name.

2. Derek:

Now, Derek is already a popular English name many of us have come across. Derek means ‘gifted ruler.’ It is a variation of another name, Derrick.

3. Felix:

Felix means ‘lucky’ and ‘successful.’ It has its origins from the Roman list of names, and we quite love how it is unique, contemporary, and Biblical.

4. Nolan:

Nolan in English means ‘counsel’ or ‘advice.’ However, it has another meaning to it in the Latin language, which means ‘a well-spoken man.’ We are in awe of both the meanings!

5. Aaryn:

Also popularly called Aaryan, or Aryan, the name means ‘mountain of strength.’ It is believed to be originated both from Hebrew as well as South Asian countries.

6. Farad:

While Farad, as such, is quite a unique name, many do not know its exact origins. There are multiple meanings to the name and involve ‘a person with responsibilities’ or ‘a leader.’

7. Albin:

Albin is quite an ancient yet unpopular and unknown name to date. It means bright. However, many believe its origins to be either from French, Polish, or Romans, but not sure.

8. Logan:

Logan means descendent of a warrior. It also means little hollow in Scottish. While it used to be a surname for babies long back, now it has also taken place to be a first name choice for many kids.

9. Tyler:

The cute name, Tyler, can also be called as Tylor. It means a tile maker. However, the name’s meaning is specifically originated in Ancient French times and now is already popular across the globe devoid of its actual meaning.

10. Gaven:

Gaven or also called as Gavin means a white hawk. It is a popular name for a boy child both in Europe, Scottish as well as America. The name is both unique and creative, and hence the popularity.

11. Hasan:

If you are a sucker for literature, you may already know its meaning from the popular novel Kite Runner. Hasan actually means ‘handsome’ or ‘benefactor.’ It is a popular Arabic name.

12. Irwin:

We are in awe with the name Irwin. Irwin means ‘boar friend.’ However, although the name’s meaning is not very popular, it is well lauded for its uniqueness and cute sounding and tone. Another variation and sound for the name are Irvin.

13. Jahir:

Jahir is another Arabic name that is now popular across the globe. Nowadays, not just Muslims but others also adopted the name given its beautiful meaning, ‘creativity’ or ‘comforter.’

14. Myron:

Myron means perfume or fragrance. While the name itself is quite new and modern, it is actually originated from Greek and Jewish. We quite love its innovative meaning, though!

15. Orvin:

Orvin is an Anglo-Saxian name new in many countries and communities with its modern and contemporary appeal. The meaning of Orvin is ‘a brave friend.’ Now we are impressed, we say!

16. Aksel:

The name Aksel also comes nearby to the name Lucian. This 5 letter baby boy name means the father of light, and source for peace. All those who strongly believe in the idea of peace, calmness in life are known to have this name. Another variant to the name is ‘Axel.’

17. Quinn:

We bet you haven’t heard or come across this name at all. The name Quinn is quite a modern-day name, known and getting popular right now. It means wise and essence. While the origins of this name are something we are not very sure of, we have got attracted to the beauty of its meaning!

18. Amael:

Amael also can be pronounced as Amal, has its roots from Arabic. It means governing virtues. That is someone who is idealistic and has virtues in life and believes in sticking to them while leading his entire life.

19. Rufus:

Rufus actually and in literal translation means ‘red-haired.’ It is popular from its Latin roots. However, we often hear Christians across the countries with this name popular.

20. Vidal:

Vidal has its Spanish origins and is quite a unique name as of now. It means ‘life’ or also another name for ‘vital.’ The meaning of life itself is quite intense and is an apt match for parents who want a simple meaning yet with dense feel.

5 Letter Baby Girl Names:

21. Sofia:

We all love this sleek and edgy name, Sofia. But do you know where it is originated from? Derived its roots from Greek, Sofia means ‘wisdom.’ However, it is now adopted across the globe and cultures and is also pronounced as Sophia.

22. Chloe:

Chloe, in Greek Mythology, means Goddess of fertility. However, Chloe is also believed to mean ‘spring’ or ‘happiness’ It is a popular name in European areas as well as America, and we love its uniqueness.

23. Alika:

While the name is not derived from a notable personality, it is based on the Hawaiian origin. The meaning is truthful. Now, the meaning of its name is surely inspirational; we all want our daughters to be truthful and yet most beautiful, isn’t it!

24. Amaya:

We quite love this another contemporary toned name, Amaya. Amaya is originated in Japan and Spain. This 5 letter female names originates from the village Amaya and also sounds poetic as well as romantic, isn’t it!

25. Fiona:

Fiona is quite a popular name in movies today. But do you know what it means? Fiona means ‘fair’ as well as ‘white.’ It is of Scottish origin and also is popular across Europe.

26. Karen:

Karen means pure. It is a trendy new-day modern name and shortcut variation for the name, Katherine. This is of English origin and is across the globe, adopted by several countries. It is also among popular 5 letter biblical girl names.

27. Megan:

Hey, we bet we all know this name by now for obvious reasons. But do you know what is meant by Megan? Also, a short form or variation for Margaret, Megan means ‘mighty’ or ‘someone strong.’ Now, this is lovely, right?!

28. Olive:

Olive means ‘sober’, ‘gentle,’ and ‘humble.’ The meanings are interchangeably understood across cultures, and this five letter female names origins are from English countries itself. It is also a simplistic version of Olivia name.

29. Sarah:

Also called as Sara, it means princess. The origin is from the Hebrew but is popular across religions by today and not just Christians. The main reason for its popularity is how cute and lovely the name sounds!

30. Kayla:

Kayla means ‘keeper of secrets.’ The origins and roots of this name are not established, though, but the name is quite popular in the west and eastern countries too.

31. Erika:

Erika means ‘ruler of law’ or ‘ruler of the universe.’Also pronounced as Erica or Ericka, it has its origins from the royal roots of Italy and German.

32. Elena:

Elena is a Greek origin name and is means ‘something bright’ or ‘shining light.’ It is quite a timeless and elegant name that is trendy and popular over five decades and still a popular choice name until now.

33. Diana:

Now again, we all know the name, Diana. But what is the meaning of it? From the Greek origins, Diana means ‘Goddess of the Moon.’.

34. Naomi:

Naomi is Jewish and Hebrew origin. However, it is also adopted by other religions across the globe later on, given its beautiful meaning. Naomi means ‘pleasantness’ or ‘enjoyment.’.

35. Renee:

Also pronounced as Rene, it means ‘reborn.’ It is also synonomous for something powerful. This five letter baby girl names are of Roman origin and yet later also got popular across Europe and Australia.

36. Laila:

Laila, also pronounced as Leila or Lila, is a Persian name. It is a poetic expression and name widely used back from ages, and it means ‘nightfall,’ or ‘daughter of the night.’ Now, this is something!

37. Afida:

Afida is quite a new day and a unique contemporary name we often hear these days. It is quite popular among Muslims and means ‘fighting swine’. Another variation and pronunciation of the same name are Afeeda.

38. Ciara:

The name Ciara means Dark. Ciara has its origin from Ireland and other Norweigan countries and is a unique modern name trending this decade.

39. Zaria:

Zaria is a widely used name and has its roots in Hebrew, Arabic and Slavic too. While in some cultures, Zaria means Rose, others also regard the meaning of Zaria to be a princess. Whatsoever, we quite love both meanings!

40. Kiana:

The name Kiana is a variation of the boy’s name, Kian. Kiana means ancient. It can also be understood alternatively as – something timeless or classic. Many regard the name to be of Persian origin.

Indian Five Letter Baby Boy And Girl Names:

41. Parth:

Parth means Ruler or a star. It is derived from Sanskrit origins and is popular across Indian cultures and communities, regardless of which state.

42. Nadin:

Did you ever prefer to have a unique new-day name? Nadin is our top favorite right now. Nadin means Lord of Rivers. Derived from the word, Nadi, it is a unique and creative combination.

43. Viaan:

Viaan is again originated in Indian Hindu names and means energy or someone who is always full of life. Now it is something we all wish for our little rockstars, isn’t it!

44. Aryan:

Aryan is quite a popular name already for Indian boys and kids, and it means noble. It is derived from Hindu mythology names and also sounds cute and lovely; what do you think?

45. Ishan:

Ishan, also pronounced as Ishaan, means sun. It is derived from Sanskrit and also otherwise means harbinger of wealth.

46. Adwit:

Now we love how innovative and unique this name, Adwit is. Adwit, as we understand, means Lord of the World, or Lord Vishnu and Brahma. We quite love how the name is both modern as well as also has such a specific and intense meaning

47. Nehal:

Nehal is a new-day modern name for boys and means handsome and someone who looks good and youthful. It is quite a popular name in North Indian belt right now.

48. Laksh:

Laksh, derived from Lakshman, means Destination. This 5 letter male name is derived from the Sanskrit as well as Hindu mythology and also sounds contemporary.

49. Mahir:

Mahir is a unique and completely new name we have heard in recent days. While exact origins are not known, Mahir means an expert or someone who is wise. We love the meaning, though!

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50. Aahan:

Aahan has multiple meanings related to morning rays, sunrise, dawn and the first ray of light. It alternatively also symbolizes hope and new beginnings. Such a beautiful name isn’t it!

51. Aarna:

Aarna in Hindi means goddess Lakshmi. It symbolizes wealth, fortune, luck, and prosperity. The name is inspired directly from the goodwill and good charm. This is quite a cute and lovely new-day modern baby girl’s name.

52. Kiara:

Kiara is a modern and popular name trending in India right now. We often hear the new-gen kids being named Kiara. It means beauty as well as dark-haired.

53. Kajal:

Kajal is again another quite popular name and is quite a classic name in India. Those across communities and regions are known with this famous name choice. Kajal means Kohl, associated with beauty.

54. Disha:

Disha means direction. Originated from the Sanskrit, Disha is a famous north as well as south Indian name. It also alternatively means paving a way.

55. Anshu:

Anshu, which is a variation and shortcut from Anshula, means sun. It is derived from the Hindu mythological name’s inspiration and also sounds cute and contemporary.

56. Anupa:

Have you ever heard of the name Anupa? Anupa means pond or river body. You can prefer this name for this newness and innovative meaning and rarity of the name choice.

57. Bindu:

Bindu also can be spelt as Bindu means a point or dot. While the name itself is not intense in meaning, the name has quite a charm and grace attached to it and is a popular choice for many South Indian girl names from ages.

58. Dyuti:

Dyuthi means to glow, light or lamp. This is again a rare and modern name for those who want to name something related to shining and light, yet prefer a unique and lovely sounding. It is originated from Sanskrit origins.

59. Farha:

Farha means happiness. While the exact origins are now known about this name, Farha is quite popular in both Hindu and Muslim cultures.

60. Hamsa:

Also can be spelt as Hansa, it means Swan. The name is as beautiful as its meaning, and we love how elegant and classy it sounds when spelt.

With these five letter baby names, we hope you have liked the choices. These include both new-day modern unique and cute names which are rare, as well as those which are ancient yet timeless and classic. What is your choice and preference in the name list right now? Do let us know!


These names given above may also have different meanings and origins depending on the cultures, communities and countries. Make sure to cross-check and do your research before finalizing the baby’s name.

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