Have you ever heard about Flash tattoos? The common designs displayed prominently on the walls or in binders in some tattoo shops are called Flash tattoos. These tattoos give you an understanding of what you are getting on your skin before getting a tattoo when you look at the tattoo image already drawn and coloured. So even if you are in a tattoo parlour for a custom tattoo, it is always worth looking at the mesmerizing selection of Flash tattoos.

Let us go through this article to get an idea about the fantastic and popular Flash tattoo design options available before choosing the one you like. Read on!

Top 15 Flash Tattoo Designs:

If you have visited a tattoo parlour, you must have seen a folder filled with several Flash tattoo designs representing the artist’s artwork. Here are some of the popular flash tattoos we have curated for you to look at.

1. Simple Flash Tattoo:

Suppose you are looking for a simple tattoo usually displayed in many tattoo parlours. In that case, this eye flash tattoo is a perfect option. This design looks similar to a fish combined with an eye in the centre. The lashes make the pattern look realistic. This tattoo seems exceptional on anyone, irrespective of age and gender.

2. The Vintage Flash Tattoo:

Vintage is the word used when you are bringing into style something old. This tattoo has a big beautiful rose with hints of grey and black shades, which makes the flower very realistic. Roman numerals are written alongside the rose tattoo, which might represent any significant year in the wearer’s life. You can either go for black ink or modify the design as per your preference to make it more personal.

3. Linking Fingers Flash Tattoo:

The two hands trying to hold is one of the masterpieces created by Michaelangelo, paying tribute to the relationship between God and man. This tattoo is a beautiful and straightforward representation of the masterpiece. The tattoo on the arm can be an excellent option for someone who wants something simple without additional elements. This tattoo is suitable for people of all ages, irrespective of gender.

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4. Flash Piece Tattoo Design:

A butterfly pattern is one of the best Japanese flash tattoos that is pretty standard among young adults. A butterfly usually signifies a change positively and beautifully. You can get the butterfly done in complete black, or you can use various colours to make the tattoo look exciting and realistic.

5. Tattoo Flash Art Design:

This is yet another classic flash tattoo found in many popular tattoo parlours. Two cute little hearts are interlinked with lines with a star in the centre. The place where you get the tattoo engraved makes a lot of difference, and since there are hearts, the chest can be the perfect place. You can use a splash of colours to add a unique and personal touch to the tattoo design.

6. Roseflash Tattoo Design:

Rose is yet another commonly found tattoo design usually preferred by women. Still, there is no restriction that men cannot get it. Adding a red or pink colour to the rose makes it more realistic. In addition, you can make the tattoo more personal by adding elements of your choice, such as an important date or a person’s name close to your heart.

7. Small Flash Tattoo Design:

Although Houseflies are considered annoying, they have a profound meaning. These insects are associated with business acumen and perseverance. If you resonate with any of these qualities, this is the tattoo you can get. This tattoo looks very real and can be engraved anywhere on your body. It is suitable for anyone irrespective of age and gender.

8. Beautiful Flash Tattoo On The Sleeves:

Yet another generic flash tattoo that works and looks exception on anyone. The tattoo is pretty simple and easy to get done anywhere on the body. There are also two thin lines which look like a polo stick. If you look closely, four eyes look like two people standing side by side.

9. Cute Flash Tattoo Designs:

If you are a fan of animals, this cat flash tattoo is a perfect and exciting option. This cat tattoo has two wings on either side of the cat, making it look like something from a movie. The grey and black ink used for the tattoo makes it look realistic, and the placement makes all the difference. The best place to get the tattoo is the arm, calf, or biceps.

10. Goth Flash Tattoos:

This witch tattoo is a perfect Halloween flash tattoo that works well for anyone who likes something quirky. This witch tattoo has stars over her cap and dress with a colour combination of grey and white. There is a broom in one hand of the person and a cute little bird on the other hand, which makes the tattoo very genuine. You can also opt for colour options if you don’t want to go with just the black ink.

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11. Flowerflash Tattoo:

The flower flash tattoo looks beautiful, and this flower is unique, unlike the common flowers you find in tattoo designs. The tattoo placement makes all the difference, whether it is between the breasts or the wrist. Adding elements of your own to any flash tattoo makes it a personalized one. Add colours if you are bored with only black ink.

12. Quirky Flash Tattoos:

This flash tattoo might look pretty straightforward, but there is a lot of depth in the design. This tattoo has a heart with an interlinking brain inside a circle beautifully. The meaning of this tattoo might resemble the link between how different it is to think with your heart and a brain. But to interlinking, both them can create a beautiful synergy.

13. American Traditionalflash Tattoo:

Bird tattoos are yet another popular designs that many people are attracted to irrespective of the age and gender of a person. The dark and sleek lines in this tattoo make it look like an actual bird flying. You can add colour to the bird if you wish to make it more personal.

14. Friday The 13th Flash Tattoo:

This is yet another flying cat tattoo usually preferred by people who love quirky and funny tattoos. The cat is pretty plump and has two black wings on the back, making it look like a witch’s assistant who is on the prowl. However, if you look closely, the wearer chose to use black only for the wings and the eyes of the cat, which makes it creepier.

15. Butterfly Flash Tattoos:

This is another butterfly flash tattoo because incorporating insects into your body art is familiar. However, the subtle details inside the butterfly with grey and black lines bring out a unique touch to the tattoo design. The beauty and grace presented in this tattoo make it worth it, irrespective of gender. Since butterflies indicate life’s transformation, you can also add colours if you don’t want your tattoo to be in shades of grey.


Suppose you are unsure about the tattoo you want to get and are confused with the flow of information on the internet. In that case, Flash tattoos are an excellent option because they are pre-drawn and coloured, giving you a glimpse of the tattoo you will get. Therefore go through the list of flash tattoos we have presented and choose the one you like the most. Finally, don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful!

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