When it comes to Casual Sandal, then the foremost type that comes into everyone’s mind is the Flip flop sandals which are highly comfortable in wearing them which is achieved by its simple thong design, which can also be called the Y shaped strap design, to see the old and also the latest developments in relation to the flip flop sandal design, here are the top 15 flip flop sandal types for both men and women.

Trending and Stylish Designs of Flip Flop Sandals for Gents and Ladies:

Here are the best and comfortable flip flop sandals with images.

1. White Rubber Sole Flip Flop Men Sandal:

White rubber flip-flop slipper is the oldest and best type of sandals that last for a longer time. Men like to have them in their shoe rack since they can be of multi-purpose use like it be used as a garden sandal, beachwear or even as home wear sandal.

2. Black Leather Strap Flip Flop For Women:

This black flip flop sandal for women is the best suited casual outdoor sandal. The sandals sole is made from shiny black synthetic material, and the Y strap is made from black leather-look material.

3. Straw Lined Flip Flop Women Sandal:

This straw-lined sandal flip flop is the most famous and cheapest sandal model available in the market. The sandal base is made from straw which gives the most finish, and the Y strap can be made from straw or velvet material.

4. Brown Suede Men Flip-Flop Sandal:

The suede material is the inner skin of the animal, which gives a smooth finish that is used in making these men’s flip flop sandals. Since the inner skin is used in making these accessories, it is less expensive.

5. Wedge Heels Women Flip Flop Sandal:

Wedges are one of the most comfortable heel sandals compared with other pointed or block heel designs. This wedge heel makes rubber material flip-flop sandals with contrast coloured stripes seen on the wedges.

6. Blue Denim Men Flip-Flop Sandal:

Denim material is used to make jeans and shirts and is used to create this innovative flip flop sandal design for men. Men like denim, so with denim flip flop sandals too.

7. Slide-In Men Flip Flop Sandal:

In this slide in flip flop sandal, the Y strap is replaced with a curved block attached to the top centre of the sole, which makes it very comfortable to slide the leg in. This sandal is used as an outdoor, garden sandal or even as a beachwear sandal by men.

8. Brand Logo Printed Unisex Flip-Flop Sandal:

Flip-flop brand sandal is a must-have flip flop by both men and women; crocs are a famous flip flop maker whose sandals have become famous. This sandal is made from foam material which makes it a flexible sandal to wear.

9. Birkenstock Toe Cover Men Flip Flop Sandal:

Toe cover flip flop sandals men like them to have one in their shoe rack, to make a change Birkenstock sole base is used in making this sandal with a toe cover made from the suede material.

10. Rose Flower Designed Women Flip Flop Sandal:

Flip flops, which have a back strapping system with buckle attachment, can be more attractive by adding some innovative design. One such design is using the plastic rose flower as a decorating material attached on the y or criss-cross plastic colourful strap. Rose indicates the softness and nature of a person; you will get good comments on this selection of flip flops.

11. Birkenstock White Flip Flop Women Sandal:

Birkenstock is a brand from Germany producing this cork made flip flop sandal for women has hit the fashion industry with a huge boom since it gives utmost comfortability when worn. This thick base sandal combined with a glossy white strap on the top is the best summer wear sandal.

12. Wood Sole Flip Flop Sandal for Women:

Flip Flop sandal wherein the base of the sandal made from wood that is 100 percent wood carved into sandal sole can be called an innovative design that involves labor work and patience to make them. Women can prefer if they work in industrial machinery companies or get such type of flip flops from the company for use as a safety level.

13. Perforated Leather Flip Flop Sandal For Men:

Perforated leather shoes are quite a famous design for the men’s shoe collection; this shoe design, when used to create flip flop sandals, is a hit among the Men crowd. The sandals sole is made from a black rubber base, and the leather top is stitched on the sides of the sandal.

14. Bohemian Flip Flop Women Sandal:

Bohemian or tribal style flip flop sandals are quite jazzy, typical summer outdoor wear sandals for women. The top of the sandal is designed using various colourful beads, which are joined together in various designs and shapes.

15. Colorful Plastic Flip Flop Women Sandal:

This colourful plastic sandal made using injection molding technique brings out the recent development in creating such sandal that is attractive and light in weight. The sandal’s sole comes as a flat base with a Y strap and a bow attached to it.

Flip-flops are the most comfortable and easy to wear sandal design which is no doubt that everyone should have one in their shoe rack. Since these flip flops are not expensive compared to other shoes and sandals, using flip flops as home or garden wear shouldn’t be a problem. Men and women can use this type of flip flops; if you are ok with the high budget, you will get a good choice in a wide collection of flip flop patterns.

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