Sunglasses are used to protect the eyes from harmful rays of the sun. Some people wear them as a style statement and some prescribed medically. But here comes a dual effect sunglasses which can be used both ways. Flip up sunglasses are new in trend and gaining popularity because of it extraordinary looks. These are frame on frame spectacles. They have normal spectacles with power or just plain sunglasses with the sunglasses as an upper frame which can be flipped and another one could be the stylish one.

Stylish Sunglasses with Flip Up Lenses for Gents and Ladies in Trend:

Now let’s have a quick glance at top 10 flip up spectacle designs and grab a one well suited to your looks.

1. Metal Silver Round Flip up Sunglasses for Men:

All time favorite and never go out of fashion metal silver metal frame with black round lens giving a stylish and extraordinary looks to every male and every face cut also. This type of sunglasses doesn’t require any occasion to wear and speak about the persona of wearer when worn.

2. Vintage Reflective Mirrored Flip up Sunglasses:

These types of vintage reflective mirrored sunglasses are perfect for men’s and since decade is a hit in their accessory list. The black flip up sunglasses with golden line at the lens appears awesome and makes the wearer appear remarkable and fashionable.

3. Sporty Flip up Sunglasses:

Another stylish and unique looking is this blue and grey coloured flip up sunglasses which can be worn by both men and women. This type of sunglasses is perfect and ideal for sports lovers and looks spersoold when worn

4. Branded Double Lens Flip up Sunglasses:

Here comes Steam hunk branded sunglasses in flip up for both men and women. This type of sunglasses can be worn on both casuals or formals and gives a striking looks and all head turning towards the wearer.

5. Men’s Flip Up Polarized Sunglasses:

This type of polarized flip up sunglasses are perfect for night driving as it can clipped up and down that lends you a hassle free driving. This type of sunglasses is perfect and safe for men’s who are driving in night and a must for them.

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6. Flat Top Frame Flip up Sunglasses for Girls:

These are the sleek and stylish flat top flip up sunglasses which gives a retro looks to every girl. The stunning black frame with blue frame, the contrast is so striking that makes this sunglasses perfect for any outdoor activity.

7. Women’s Square Shape Flip Up Sunglasses:

The wide frame square shape flip up sunglasses in the shades awesome black and brown and the glossy finish of the sunglasses can drive any woman crazy. The sunglasses are perfect for any walks of life and lend a female an amazing and gorgeous looks.

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8. Clear Lens Flip Up Sunglasses:

This type of clear lens flip up sunglass are very much in demand by young ones as it suits well to the both young boys and girls persona. The stunning white frame with black clear lens lends a nice and cool definition to the persona of the wearer and enhances the look by many folds.

9. Funky Star Eyes Flip Up Sunglasses For Young ones:

This type of funky and cute looking flip up sunglass gives a very cool and cute looks to both young boys and girls. The small star and the broad smile on the lens are ideal for any cool parties or small hangouts with friends.

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10. Hot Cat Eye Flip Up Sunglasses for Women’s:

These double shaded cat eye flip up sunglasses is newest fashion accessory for every women. It gives a hot and sexy looks and the pointed edges adds more glamour and fashionable look to the wearer and you can easily get those affluent looks.

Flip up sunglasses are gaining popularity as it can be used on dual basis and even can get those smart, hot and sexy looks. These sunglasses can be used as indoor as well on outdoor also. These sunglasses are available in many pattern and styles. You can opt the one and can enhance you looks by many folds.

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