Curtains have always been very useful in uplifting the room’s decor. We can get curtains in a variety of more designer floral patterns. However, floral curtains have always been a passion. Printed floral, appliqued floral and even embroidered ones have been favourites for a long. Curtains should be chosen in such a way that they complement the room.

Modern and Beautiful Floral Curtains with Pictures:

Let’s have to look at the top 9 flower curtain designs.

1. Pinch Pleated Floral Curtains:

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These pinch-pleated floral curtains have a lovely Jacobean-styled print. The lovely floral print is in colours of blue, pink, cream, orange and off-white. The floral prints have a watery effect. These are energy-saving curtains as they have thermal insulation and also have thick layers that help in blocking light.

2. Weeping Flowers Curtains:

This curtain will dress up your room with its lush vibrant colors of weeping flowers. It looks as if there is a burst of flowers from the header dripping down half-length and the bottom part is plain. This flower curtain is colourful with the colours turquoise, tangerine, and yellow with green. It is made of 100% polyester and is machine-washable in cold water.

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3. Smooth Pink Floral Curtains:

This one is a bright pink floral curtain to brighten up your room. Curtain made from voile material it is a sheer drape with lovely tulips. It brings life to the room and makes it fresh like the garden. The sheer material gives a delicate feminine touch to the rooms. The curtains are easily maintainable and should be washed in cold water.

4. Red Embroidered Floral Curtain:

Image Source: pinterest

This is a beautiful red floral curtain that is made of raw silk. You can even make the same out of cream-coloured satin material. The header is made of dark red-coloured satin and has metal grommets. It can be directly passed through the curtain rod. Below the header patch are the beautiful dark red flowers that add sheer elegance. The rest of the curtain is a plain cream colour. It can be only dry-cleaned.

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5. Green Floral Partition Curtain:

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Get this wonderful Green Floral curtain that works as a partition. It is a contemporary window curtain with lime-coloured flowers. It is simply elegant and makes the room bright as it has a clear texture. The entire room looks big and breezy like a pasture land or a meadow.

6. Yellow Floral Curtains:

Image Source: pinterest

Make your room complete and lively with these yellow flower curtains. The curtain has enormous floral designs in yellow shades that are against a neutral background. The fabric is weather-resistant and the vibrant floral design brightens up the room. The fabric is washable.

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7. Blue Floral Curtains:

Image Source: pinterest

You can decorate your living room with these blue floral curtains to make it look prettier. The curtain print is a country style and relaxes the mood. The room gets brighter due to the beautiful pattern. These curtains need a double drape for extra effect.

8. Vintage Floral Curtains:

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This double-panelled vintage floral curtain is made of cotton and polyester. It is also easy to hang. The style is a casual vintage with a large amount of floral design at the bottom and sparsely printed flowers towards the top part. It is a machine-washable curtain.

9. Embroidered Curtain:

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This is another classic piece of Vintage floral curtain. This cotton curtain has dusty lavender floral designs embroidered along with leaf motifs. The curtain has scalloped edges with lavender bindings. The valance is also embroidered and has scalloped edges. The curtains have tiebacks. It can be machine-washed. Try this wonderful curtain to give a face-lift to your rooms.

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Curtains bring grace and add the final finishing touch to any home. They make the rooms look refreshing. Some curtains also filter the sun’s rays. So choose the perfect curtain that will add charm as well as privacy to your home. Curtains also make a good gift for housewarming ceremonies, birthdays and Christmas or any other festive occasion.


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