Are you looking for an outfit that would accompany your style, no matter whatever the season is! A floral skirt design is the best to go for. Floral designs have always grabbed the attention of the buyers, and when it is printed on the skirts, they are surely going to snatch your eye-sight at one glance. Whether it is summer, winter or even monsoon floral skirts have always shown their magic to give you a unified look for every occasion.

Stylish and Beautiful Floral Skirts for Ladies in India:

Here are some floral skirts designs you might not miss while selecting one for yourself.

1. Broomstick Floral Skirt:

A widely-adopted design in the long floral skirts design is the broomstick pattern. The flower print skirt is made from a mixture of cotton and nylon material with big floral design on it and a navy-blue background. It gives a great look with tank tops for a modernized day.

2. Circular Floral Skirt:

A black floral skirt is the heart of the fashion loving teens. The knee length skirt in black is given floral prints with calm colors which give a perfect match to shaggy tops in summers for an outing. Made in silk, the skirt gives lovely shine to the wearer.

3. Bubble Floral Skirt:

A cute design made in net lace material is perfect for any kind of cocktail party. The floral midi skirt comes with red net which has embossed designs of flowers on it. The inner of the skirt is given red shining silk material for a lavishing look.

4. Fishtail Floral Skirt:

Floral long skirts were given a new outlook when it was given the pattern of a fishtail cut. The skirt comes with a skinny fitting and cross knitted opening. The end portion of the skirt is made with different layers with a unique pattern in the center. The floral prints add to its beauty.

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5. Designer Floral Skirt:

A combination of shorts and skirts can be visualized in a sheer material floral maxi skirt design. The skirt is made with a skin fit shorts inner which is covered with a sheer material black background long skirt. The outer cover is decorated further with white tiny flowers.

6. Dirndl Floral Skirt:

Dirndl skirts are famous for the dual patterns they carry. A similar pattern here is made using two layers. The floral printed skirt is covered with a layer of plain cotton material which looks like a lower apron with a bow design. The design decorates small teens for a beautiful look.

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7. Garden Print Floral Skirt:

The floral print long skirt designs are given a fancy touch which is similar to the white wash paintings design. The white skirt in georgette is given floral garden design making the border of the skirt. With light and calm colors, it gives a bloomy look to the wearer.

8. Straight Cut Floral Skirt:

A different design in floral skirt long design is made with crochet to give a sensual touch to the wearer. The white skirts in crochet is given a straight cut with floral designs knitted with Kashmiri work, with long and thin strips of net hanging below from the knee to the ankle length.

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9. Wrap Floral Skirt:

Wrap skirts are quite popular due to its material and high cut design. The wrap floral print skirt here is given a center wrap which makes the skirt high from the center with long surrounded. To add more blossoms to the skirt, a bow is added at the waist. The skirt is widely selected for beach vacations.

The floral skirts can be carried in any kind of material for a completely childish look. When flaws are required, the skirt is made with chiffon, silk or nylon material mixed with cotton. Among all skirt types, long skirts with high knee cuts are widely preferred for a showering look to the wearer with a tank top and a sleeveless waist on it.

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