People these days believe in giving their children more meaningful names than before. It is a strong belief that the child will grow up with inherent qualities of the thing they are named after, so many people stick to this belief and name their children accordingly. Similarly, people with a strong love and affection for flowers, their fragrance, structure and beauty like the idea of naming unique flower names for babies. So, let’s check out some of the most beautiful names of flowers and plants for babies.

30 Baby Girl Names Meaning Flowers:

1. Iris

It is the name of a Greek goddess that also means rainbow as well as the Iris flower or used it to address the coloured part of the eye. One name has multiple meanings!

Origin: Greek

2. Lily

A flower that is often used as a sign of perfection and purity; this name can be a nickname or just a name that can also be spelt as ‘Lillie’.

Origin: Old English/Latin

3. Dahlia

Named in honour of the great Swedish botanist, this flower and its name to have several meanings if spelt differently.

Origin: Mexico

4. Azalea

It is the Name of a well-known flower that thrives to survive in certain climates. A Swedish Botanist gave the name.

Origin: Greek

5. Poppy

The name translates to the flower that is also well known as Poppy and is also a very common English name.

Origin: Old English

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6. Calla

The name means beautiful and is of Greek origin.

Origin: Greek

7. Buttercup

A name that is not of a flower but means the flower is buttercup.

Origin: Old English

8. Rose

Considered as one of the most beautiful flowers, the rose is often considered a symbol of love and friendship that can be signified in its various colours.

Origin: Germanic

9. Blossom

The name blossom translates to a bunch/cluster of flowers; the name also means to flourish/grow.

Origin: Old English

10. Marigold

The name can be addressed as a combination of Mary and ‘gold’ or merely the lovely flower marigold.

Origin: English

11. Camellia

Camellia directly means the Camellia flower and can be used as both a girl’s and boy’s names with just a change in letters.

Origin: French

12. Peony

It is a rather uncommon floral name and means healing, which is a lovely name to give a girl.

Origin: Greek

13. Aster

A beautiful looking, dainty star-shaped flower that has derived its name from the Greek word Astor that means star.

Origin: Greek

14. Heather

The name has several meanings, but the one we are referring to means the small shrubs we see on the sidewalks in rocky areas with very tiny pink and white flowers.

Origin: English

15. Dianella

The name refers to the virgin moon goddess, also addressed as Diana.

Origin: Roman Mythology

16. Erica

The name is the feminine translation to Eric, that means the most powerful or sole ruler or one with the most power.

Origin: German

17. Daphne

Daphne is the name of the daughter of a Greek goddess and means a bay tree or laurel.

Origin: Greek

18. Jasmine

Popular Persian name ‘Yasamen’ for the climbing, white flowers are the inspiration for the English translation of the name.

Origin: Persian/English

19. Violet

It can be said to be the short form of or alternative to the names Violette or Viola, that are old French and Latin names.

Origin: French/Latin

20. Hana

Hana or Hannah, the name has its mentioned in the Bible. It was used to address the mother of Prophet Samuel.

Origin: Hebrew

21. Laurel

The name refers to the laurel tree and can be a male as well as a female name.

Origin: English

22. Ayana

The name literally translates to ‘a beautiful flower’, so definitely, this is perfect for your daughter, and yes, it is uncommon.

Origin: African

23. Belladonna

The name translates to common Italian words Bella and Donna meaning Beautiful-woman.

Origin: Italian

24. Bluebell

It is a famous blue coloured flower that grows in lush in the countryside of Britain, thus a more common British name.

Origin: Britain

25. Narcissa

The name is the Greek version of the flower Daffodil.

Origin: Greek

26. Maryam

It’s a popular name in many parts of the world due to its mention in various religious books.

Origin: Hebrew

27. Susanna

The name is used to address both Lily and Rose in Hebrew, whereas it is used to address Lotus in Egypt.

Origin: Hebrew

28. Rosalie

The name is a different version to the name Rose, also called as Rosa in Latin as well as Rosalia in Italian.

Origin: Italian

29. Zinnia

A Zinnia is a flower that is from the family of aster flowers.

Origin: German

30. Petunia

Petunia is the name of the beautiful-looking trumpet-shaped flowers, also known as Petunia only.

Origin: English

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10 Baby Boy Flower Names:

31. Lupin

The name means Pertaining to the wolf as well as the name of the flower Lupin.

Origin: Old French

32. Indigo

The name can be used to address Indian Dye or the colour Indigo, which is unique.

Origin: Greek

33. Kamal

The word translates to Lotus in Hindi. Lotus is considered to be unique and great as it can grow in a muddy and dirty pond.

Origin: Indian

34. Florent

The name in French means flowering and is a rather popular French boy’s name.

Origin: French

35. Calix

Well, a name that translates to nothing but very handsome, one named Calix definitely needs no compliments.

Origin: Greek

36. Antonio

The name is derived from the Latin word Antonius, which had its mention in an old Royal family, which means priceless.

Origin: Latin

37. Alarka

Alarka translates to the uncommon white lotus, and though Hindi is loved by foreigners too.

Origin: Hindi

38. Zayan

The word Zayan is a common boys name in the Arabic region and means graceful.

Origin: Arabic

39. Aaron

The name has its meaning in many religious old books. Although the name in English meaning is uncertain, its meaning in Egyptian is ‘Warrior Lion’.

Origin: Hebrew

40. Eric

This was a widely popular name of many Monarchs and Kings in the olden times; the name means one who will be there forever.

Origin: Old Norse

10 Celebrity Children Names Meaning Flower:

Not just the general people, every celeb from the longest time seem to be smitten by the beauty of a flower name which is why time and again we see a famous celeb naming their daughter or son after a gorgeous flower. Here are some of the most popular celebrity baby names meaning flower,

41. Briar Rose:

Hayden Christensen named his daughter after the prickly rose bush.

42. Lily Rose:

Johnny Depp’s daughter’s names mean not one but two beautiful flowers.

43. Blue Ivy Carter:

The daughter of famous stars Beyoncé and Jay-Z is named Blue-Ivy

44. Iris Law:

Jude Law has named his daughter Iris a peculiar beautiful flower.

45. Violet Affleck:

The daughter of Ben Affleck is named after the flower Violet.

46. Bluebell Halliwell:

Sacha Gervasi and Geri Halliwell have given their daughter the name of bluebell flower.

47. Poppy Honey Rosie Oliver:

Popular Chef Jamie Oliver named his eldest daughter Poppy.

48. Daisy Boo Pamela Oliver:

Daisy is Jamie’s second daughter’s name; the flower is often seen as a symbol of innocence.

49. Petal Blossom Rainbow Oliver:

Jamie Oliver is a true lover of all things flower’s, so he named his third daughter Petal, the most important part of flowers.

50. Willow Smith:

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith picked the name of a tree instead of a flower to name their daughter.

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Floral Baby Names Mixed With Plants & Trees:

There are several types of names in relation to nature around us that can be easily adopted. While there are many flowers and plants names to choose from, there are also several beautiful names that one can choose that are a mixture of plants and trees; such names give the quality of both the plants to the baby-making the name even more special. Here are some examples,

51. Ivy:

The name that has old English origins is considered a sign of fidelity and was commonly exchanged between ancient Greeks.

52. Lily-Rose:

The name means both the flowers Lily and Rose.

Naming a kid is not a task as easy as it seems because even if you don’t think of it as a big deal, it’s they who have got to live with that name all their life. So, for all those confused souls or anyone out there who cannot seem to put their finger down on the kind of name they would like to give their child then, this list of flower names for babies is a very good option to choose from, because you don’t name a baby every day to make it special.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

1. Can I Use Flower Names For Baby Boys As Well?

Yes, several flower names can be used for boys, and some can be used for all genders irrespective of being of any sex.

2. Can I Use Any Flower Name To Name, My Child?

Yes, you can choose any name to give a name to your baby, but giving a name with meaning and origin will make them feel special and learn more about the name.

3. Can I Use Flower Baby Names As Nicknames?

Poppy is one common name as well as a nickname that people often use to address a little loved one, so yes, you can use flower baby names as nicknames or real names.

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