Does your kid constantly demand you to engage them in some activity? Well, we’ve got just that for you. These 15 Flower Coloring pages are ideal for kids of all age groups to have some fun with colors. From cute flowers to realistic ones and even complex Mandala floral designs, we have collected some unique images that a regular coloring book doesn’t offer.

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Just give them some coloring tools like crayons, pencils or brush pens and let them have some fun while transforming these plain images into a riot of colors.

15 Simple & Best Flower Coloring Pages:

Read along to pick your favorite flower pictures to color:

1. Sunflower Coloring Page:

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Sunflowers are one of the most beautiful flowers on earth! They are golden yellow, bright and always spreading happiness. So, in this easy flowering coloring page, choose realistic colors like bright yellow for the petals, brown for the center and shades of green for the stalk. The image is suitable for preschoolers and kindergarten kids. We recommend using pencils and crayons, considering the age group.

2. Flower Mandala Coloring Page:

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This slightly complex flower coloring sheet is suitable for kids older than 8 years and teens. The beautiful image features 5 layers of petals with intricate detailing. So, go ahead and use a pack of colorful thin tip pens or pencils to fill the white spaces. Thin tip paint brushes also work well for experienced artists. You can fill the background with black for the image to appear strikingly attractive.

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3. Rose Flower Coloring Page:

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A rose is an eternally beautiful flower that enthrals us with its delicate looks. Here is a beautiful flower coloring page that features twin roses with thorns and leaves. You can go for any color of your choice like yellow, pink, red etc. to do the flowers. Use some blending techniques using pencils, crayons etc., for a realistic touch. The leaves can be in green, and the thorns in brown. This page is suitable for children aged above 6 years and works well as a greeting card too!

4. Spring Flower Coloring Page:

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Unleash your creativity with this lovely flower coloring page. The image features some beautiful spring flowers of different shapes and sizes. So, go ahead and pick a combination of light and dark colors to breathe life into this flower spring color image. This page is suitable for children aged above 8 years. Create an ombre effect using watercolors or pastel colors to indicate the new emerging life.

5. May Flower Coloring Page:

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This floral coloring page is a treat to the eyes, as it features outlines of different types of mayflower beautifully arranged in a pot. So, you have to make more color choices to transform this image into a piece of art. Using pencils, crayons or watercolors, mix and match the shades to make it colorful. Keep the pot in a neutral color for the flowers to take center stage. We recommend this coloring page for kids older than 8 years.

6. Wildflower Coloring Page:

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Here is a simple outline of flowers for coloring that works well for kids older than 6 years. The easy floral image features wildflowers which usually come in some bright shades like violet, red, yellow etc. So, go ahead, make a choice and color them neatly. Using a paintbrush, high the background in an earthy tone like brown. Watercolors and pastels work wonderfully for this image!

7. Hibiscus Flower Coloring Page:

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This hibiscus flower design coloring page gives us major tropical vibes. The big image allows thicker strokes of coloring, so children aged above 6 years can take it up. Color pencils, crayons, watercolors and brush pens will help you create a smooth image. Pick red, yellow or dark pink for the flower and green for the leaves. Touch the center part with a hint of yellow or red to indicate the pollen.

8. Daisy Coloring Page:

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Daisies are usually in white and yellow. But, considering the image’s white background, you can opt for white mixed with violet or pink to create a gorgeous shade for the petals. Keep the center part in yellow, blue or brown, and the leaves stem in green. Use watercolors or oil pastels to mix your colors. Image is recommended for children aged above 8 years.

9. Lotus Flower Coloring Page:

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Here is an easy flower pattern coloring page for children aged between 5-9 years. The image doesn’t require a lot of precision, and some quick hand movements will do good. Go for watercolors, sketches, crayons, pencils etc., to color the image. You can stick to shades like pink, red, yellow for the petals, green for the leaves and light blue with hints of white for the background.

10. Lily Flower Coloring Page:

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The challenging part with coloring a Lilly is to create the shading on petals. Lillies feature shaded petals in yellow, red, pink, white, orange, violet etc. So, use watercolors, pencils or crayons and pick the lighter shade for the outline and a darker one for the rest of the area. Yellow or brown work well for stamens. Use a brown or black color to add some dots to the petals for a realistic look.

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11. Flower Pot Coloring Page:

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Here is a flower coloring page for kids aged above 6 years. The bold outlines of this image make it easy for beginners who struggle with colors coming out of the borders. Using pencils or crayons, you can draw thick strokes to cover the white surface. Shades of red, yellow, pink, orange, violet or a combination of them will look great.

12. Flower Bouquet Coloring Page:

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This lovely flower coloring page can be used as a gift for family and friends. Children aged above 7 years can color this image in attractive colors, write a message and gift it to your loved ones. The bouquet of flowers is best done with pencils, crayons or brush pens to avoid smudging in compact spaces. Just color the details neatly using two or more colors for each flower.

13. Realistic Flower Coloring Page:

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This realistic flower coloring page is suitable for teens and adults who have some experience in coloring. The flower images have a lot of detailing, so using pencils or watercolors can give them better visibility. Use blending and shading techniques for a real-like feel. The leaves, stems and even the fuzz is best done in shades of green and brown. Coloring this image demands your time and patience. So, go slow and enjoy the process!

14. Flower Vase Coloring Page:

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Here is a lovely flower coloring page which features a lovely vase with flowers. Use crayons, watercolors, pencils etc. to color the flowers with shades of your choice. A combination of light and dark shades is highly recommended for an impressive look. Color the vase in black, brown or metallic shades. The image is ideal for children aged above 7 years.

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15. Hawaiin Flowers Coloring Page:

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This beautiful arrangement of Hawaiian flowers lets you unleash your love for colors. The floral coloring sheet is suitable for children aged between 7-10 years. Opt for bright and vibrant colors like pink, red, yellow, violet, purple, indigo etc., for a colorful look. Stems and leaves are best done in green with shades of brown. Use color pencils, crayons etc., to do this image.

Those are some of the best flower coloring pages for kids and adults. These lovely coloring sheets are the best way to while away your time and be productive at the same time. Experiment with various tools and techniques to create life-like floral designs that are worthy of going into a picture frame!


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